Stratford Shield, a leader in Public Finance Investment

Stratford Shield started his career as a public servant before moving into private business. He started as the deputy director in the Ohio office of management and budget. Before veering into private practice, he was the president of the state controlling board. He is currently a director of Loop Capital Market. They are a Public Finance Investment banking group.

In his daily activities, he a firm believer of personalization of clients. As a small business, he feels the need to maintain a clientele who believes in his firm value. To be able to make smart decisions on which client he should be picking. At the same time, as a businessman, he feels the time is of the essence. One needs to chase clients that will eventually bring business.

As a business, delivering is their mantra. Clients should be satisfied. Solutions are the number one priority. He is also realistic about what can be achieved or not. He will explain to the clients and be honest about what may be achievable.

On his career path, he has picked several lessons. One is that he no longer gives a hoot to the negatives. Second is daring and going out of the comfort zone. To try and venture in the unknown. He likes thinking outside the box. He explained one of his clients, Ohio State University, was able to make $483 million. The CFO was looking for ways to raise money, and he allowed for the privatization of the parking lot. Lastly, the failures are there. But one should be able to pick up, dust and move on.

He is an avid reader. It makes him more reproductive and also creative. He is also able to keep up with the clients. His parting shot is that the future is in the consolidation of municipal business markets.


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