Genucel, The Fountain Of Youth, In A Bottle.

A good anti-aging regimen is essential at any age. If you’re a baby boomer, unfortunately, you missed out on good sunscreens early in your life to help stop the effects of sun damage. However, when it comes to your skins health, it’s never too late to start taking proper care of your skin.

Women of all ages, regardless of how long they’ve been taking care of their skin, can start incorporating face products by Genucel into their daily anti-aging skin care routine. Genucel will help keep your skin radiant all year long as you incorporate them with other proper skincare practices, such as, adequate intake of water, proper hygiene and proper nutrition to name just a few. Women are recommended to get as many as 9 cups of water daily. Adequate water intake is not only essential for proper body function, it helps give the skin a naturally glowing appearance and help retain elasticity. When your body is hydrated, help your body lock in moisture by using one of the Genucel hydrating products, which have ingredients such as, mineral oils, peptides, and b-vitamins.

EOS Lip Balm Review: Millions Sold Each Month And Counting

Let’s be honest, folks. EOS founders Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra knew that lip balm is used by just about everybody in the universe. Women, especially, buy up the balm, and that is why the genius creation of a sphere-shaped lip balm was borne. It was unique, the flavors were extremely addictive, and the formula was infused with organic ingredients and never tested on animals.

In a recent EOS lip balm review by PremierGazette, you learn of interesting marketing strategies that went into the brand’s design. Consumers were used to lip balm in a tube, but EOS stands out from the rest with its ball-shaped, colorful containers that make an adorable clicking sound when you close the lid. The balm pot is super easy to find at the bottom of your bag, too.

Some thought EOS was merely a fad, but today, the popular lip balm pots are available at drugstores everywhere and really sell themselves. The EOS lip balm review explained that the brand is conscious about the planet and only produces pure balm items of healthy, non-toxic ingredients. The empty pots can also be recycled.

EOS is always moving forward with new lip balm formulas. Not only are the products all-natural but hydrating and deeply moisturizing. The EOS lip balm review shows us how the company is always trying new things. Variety is the answer, and EOS now features more than 35 new products. It’s a lip balm that touches the senses, and fans worldwide can’t get enough.

Jeunesse Global is Gaining Ground as a Multiple Award Winning Company

Jeunesse Global has been getting a lot of well-deserved exposure lately. The company has earned 24 awards for communication and has also won awards for being a top place to work in direct selling. Jeunesse Global focuses on distributing and direct selling of health and wellness products. The Lake Mary, Florida based company is also active in the community and promotes many worthwhile causes. Wendy Lewis, a co-founder of the company is also known as a top female influencer in direct sales and marketing. Coming up on its 10-year anniversary, the company seeks to expand to all new heights and continue promoting its new products. 


The business model Jeunesse Global operates under helps not only the company but those who promote it as well. Individual distributors can purchase products at a discount and resell them. They’re also incentivized for building their own teams of distributors. This model allows for reduced costs and increased profits to both the independent distributors and the organization. People from across the globe have taken advantage of the special opportunity offered by Jeunesse Global. More information regarding their offerings can be located by visiting them online at You’ll find information on the compensation plan and videos that highlight testimonials of their success stories.

Jeunesse Global offers products such as dietary supplements, skin care, cosmetics, and more. Touching on nearly every aspect possible through health and wellness products, the company provides a one-stop shop for its customers. The Youth Enhancement System is a kit that includes many different products. A new hair care system called RVL is included in the Y.E.S. kit and has already won multiple awards. The package allows distributors to share their products and provides customers with significant savings over buying individual items. More information and testimonials regarding the items that Jeunesse Global offers can be found by visiting

Getting started with Jeunesse Global is as easy as visiting their website and completing the online registration information. You’ll also find a supportive community that offers tips and tricks to be successful both as a consumer and as a distributor. With so many good things happening with the company, it’s a good idea to check out Jeunesse Global, today!