Yeonmi Park’s New Book Promotes Freedom for North Korea

Her book is titled ‘In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom’. This is the amazing miracle story of her narrow escape with her mother from their native North Korea. She, along with her mother were running from sure sentencing to the slave labor death camps where her father had died. These cruel and inhumane prison labor camps were exploited by the corrupt dictator, Kim Jong Il and then more recently his son Kim Jong Un. Yeonmi Park tells the inspiring story on The Guardian of their desperate escape after once having a close-knit very loving family life amid an almost medieval brutish regime. She often went hungry and was taught by her parents that their “dear leader” could always know what she said, read, or wrote… even her very thoughts. When Yeonmi Park was just 13 years old, she escaped across the North Korean border to China in the dead of a freezing cold dark night. They were welcomed by Chinese border guards by sex trafficking them both to repugnant Chinese men who could obtain a domestic worker and sex slave no other way. She tells how she coped and still did not regret fleeing North Korea, and how she and her mother plotted to escape China into the West. They did eventually escape and now, still in her young 20s, Ms. Park has become a powerful human rights activist. At the recent Women In The World summit, she braved the spotlights, huge audience, and television cameras in an interview with Savannah Guthrie, co-anchor of The Today Show. When Ms. Guthrie asked Yeonmi Park if she had anything personal she would like to further share with their audience, Yeonmi thought for a moment then boldly stated, “Kim Jong Un doesn’t like me at all!” Probably few in that gathering could understand what a selfless act of bravery making such a simple statement was for Yeonmi Park.