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Brazilian Law and Its Many Stringent Demands for all Within the Current System – More Than Meets the Eye

Let’s face the facts: Practicing law within Brazil only requires the most dedicated and skilled individuals all around. In fact, thousands come to Brazil just to practice law or even to study it from there. They come for the best international law markets and competitors as well as clients. You will not find the same anywhere else, not even in the U.S.’s largest legal databases and resources. As such, you can only expect that those who pass law school in every local and state examination are only some of the most certified, trained and prepared individuals.

If you see yourself in a position of this nature, it’s never too late to apply to a law school. This will be your first step to a whole new world. Once you pass entrance examinations, which vary from school to school, you will then engage in a thorough and rigorously demanding class load of up to 12 hours a day and must remain in your studies for four years to get the basic law degree. After that, you will then proceed to an more in-depth law school requiring eight years of dedicated study for further preparation. You must then pass further examinations to practice law for the area of Brazil in which you choose to reside.

Keep in mind the following. You are not required to be a Brazilian citizen to practice law within Brazil though you must retain certain legal resident requirements and must have lived in Brazil for a length of time to not require a visa or sponsorship for remaining in the country. Keep in mind that certain state bar associations exist everywhere, and it’s no different in Brazil.

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