Caster Thiel Appointed as President Europe at EUSA Pharma

USA Pharma is a renowned biopharmaceutical firm which is focused on oncology and rare disease. The firm recently made headlines following the appointment of its leadership team. This saw the appointment of Caster Thiel as President in Europe.

The appointment also saw Darell Cohen land the head of clinical development. The move is seen to strengthen the leadership at the pharmaceutical firm with the new appointees each having extensive experience in the field. Caster Thiel will be in charge of the growth of the commercial infrastructure based in Europe and across the world.

Caster Thiel has a broad portfolio including close to three decades of commercial experience to EUSA. This has made him gain various international roles in the biopharmaceutical field. Recently, Caster Thiel was the CEO of Abeona Therapeutics firm based in the US with specialization in gene therapy.

In addition, Caster Thiel also served for a couple of years as the Chief Commercial Officer based at the Alexion Pharmaceuticals. He spearheaded the firm’s EMEA, Australasia, and Asia Pacific organizations.

Before landing the role as head of Europeat Amgen, he controlled the firms’ European oncology franchise. At the beginning of his career, he served in the pharmaceutical industry based at Hoffman La-Roche.

Caster Thiel is a holder of a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Germany.

As the former GM of Insadong East Europe, Caster Thiel was in charge of the launch of various successful pharma products. It is through his extensive industrial experience that he has managed to launch successful product launches.

Caster Thiel has an intense devotion towards the strong ethics and belief of humanity at the workplace. He was proven beyond doubt through his leadership skills as a front runner in the pharmaceutical industry.

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What You Can Learn From Twitter and Shervin Pishevar

Was Shervin Pishevar picking on the technology giants during his last Twitter rampage? He may have just been pointing out the facts, but when Shervin Pishevar tweets, people tend to listen because he has made many wise gambles before. He currently invests his seed money in outer space programs, but in the past, he backed Airbnb, the house-sharing company, and Warbly Parker, a business that revolutionized eyewear. Was he calling out the big players and challenging them, or was it just a casual comment? You be the judge.

He tweeted about their business practices that might actually be their demise. Large companies, such as Microsoft and Google, have the financial means to buy out any smaller company or innovation that they feel poses a threat to them. This method certainly keeps them in charge, but it also takes away any competition. How will progress be made if new things are never allowed to enter the market place? This buying power hurts the stock market too. As mentioned, Pishevar made money by buying new and young businesses, but if these new businesses never even get to hit the stock market because they are all bought out, what will investors invest their money in? Are we reading too much in Shervin Pishevar tweets, or should we be taking a seasoned investor’s warnings and take action?

One tweet that covered these major technology players’ behaviors likened them to monopolies. Many years ago in the United States, one phone company ran all the lines in America. The federal government had to step in and break it apart. Shervin Pishevar gives us the impression that several of these companies are doing the same thing, but who is going to step in a break them up?

Shervin Pishevar uses Twitter effectively to bring up topics that most people might just prefer to ignore. He is not afraid to think aloud, which makes us all stop and think. We have to ask ourselves; in a few years, will we all wish we had heeded his Twitter warnings as he blasts off into space and builds more innovation up there?

Isabel dos Santos´Career

Isabel dos Santos is known as the wealthiest woman of African descent. She is a wealthy woman with an estimated net worth of 2.4 billion dollars. Indeed, Isabel is on a very short list of billionaire women of African lineage. But, she has worked hard to be a billionaire at 45 years of age.

And over the years Isabel has worked with a very diverse group of individuals in many different business milieux. Whether it is a group of key stakeholders that Isabel dos Santos works directly with in the business world or its with the nation of Angola, she has built a large amount of wealth over the years.

Isabel may have been born in Baku, Azerbaijan, but she understands the emerging role of women in the business world. She has spoken to many colleges about her successes and provided advice to students at prestigious, Yale University. Isabel’s father, the former President of Angola who ruled from 1979 to 2017, has helped open a lot of doors for her. Indeed, José Eduardo dos Santos met Isabel’s mother, Tatiana Kukanova in the Soviet-controlled, Russia in the early 1970s (AliveNewspaper).

The fact that Isabel had a mother who was not originally from Africa, but from Russia is something that Isabel could take pride in knowing. To have a mother who was under Communist rule in Russia, to a world that has mostly abandoned communism and embraced a free market system.

Isabel dos Santos became a billionaire. She has been involved in business sectors like energy, telecommunications, banking, energy, finance and also diamonds.

Concerning Isabel’s educational resume, she attended Cobham Hall in the United Kingdom. Cobham Hall was an all-girls school. After finishing up at Cobham, Isabel went on to attend King’s College, a well-known university in London. Isabel met her future husband, Sindika Dokolo at King’s College.

In 2002, Sindika Dokolo and Isabel dos Santos were married. They have three children together. Concerning Isabel’s husband, Sindika Dokolo, his city of birth is Kinshasa, Zaire. Dokolo is the owner of one of the most important art collections concerning African contemporary art. Additionally, Dokolo’s collection is noted to include 3 thousand pieces.

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The Code Of Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stokes is a maker of good things when it comes to the relief of disasters such as Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Katrina. It is in the best interest of Barbara Stokes to do this because the way she makes this happen is through a business model called Green Structure Homes of Alabama. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

This company is dedicated to the thorough relief of those who have been caught up in the disasters that have not only destroyed homes but have taken the lives of millions of people as well. Despite the flaws that were in the laws of the government the company that Barbara Stokes owned was free to execute the mission without the hands of legislation in the way.


When Katrina hit it was bad but it could have been mitigated to a large degree if the government did not need to ask the Pentagon for permission to send in the military. Because of this halt that ended up lasting for four days, millions of people were murdered by mother nature in the hurricane of Katrina. More lives would have been taken but the Green Structure Homes of Alabama came to the rescue in their attempts to lessen the catastrophe of the natural disaster. On top of the time efficiency Barbara Stokes demonstrated during that time of duress the company also using materials that would prove to be helpful in lessening the damage of future weather conditions. In both of these respects the company option would be the better source to rely on over the government albeit they recently changed their unhelpful code.

Lincolnshire Management, Inc. Sells Holley Performance Products

Lincolnshire Management, Inc has sold Holly Performance Products to a company affiliated to Sentinel Capital Partners who partnered with Driven Performance Brands with Holley. However, the terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Established in 1903, Holly is a leading designer, producer, and market of branded goods. The company serves the stable and increasing performance automotive aftermarket. With more than 100 years of experience, product knowledge, and performance skills, the company is a foundation brand that seems to be tantamount with American performance car tradition. Additionally, the firm has formed a stable of industry-leading, complementary brands such as Hooker, Edge, NOS, Weiand, Superchips and many more.

The company has been serving the lifestyle market, and its goal is to bring more value and excitement to enthusiasts’ cars to drive their automotive passion.

T.J Maloney, CEO, and chairman of Lincolnshire Management points out that the company prides in its brand strength, state-of-the-art product portfolio, and best management team. The combination of these things represents a compelling investment opportunity.

Holley is one of the iconic brands with proven abilities to drive innovation via focused product creation and cultivate authentic connections with enthusiast clients within the industry. The management has done a great job circumnavigating changes in technology and client preference. For this reason, the company has tripled its profits and quadruple incomes during the investment duration.

Lincolnshire Management has exhibited excellent knowledge of the market, products, and clients since its inception.

About Lincolnshire Management, Inc

Lincolnshire Management was formed in 1986 and serves as a private company that focuses on investing and acquiring developing middle-sized companies in various industries. Based in New York, the company invests in the purchase of private firms, recapitalizations, corporate divestitures, management buyouts and development equity for private and public firms. Lincolnshire Management, Inc manages more than $ 1.7 billion of private equity finances.

See Lincolnshire Management’s profile here Adds Chickens to the Products Customers Can Buy

As part of its commitment to reduce waste and pollution, is helping farmers in some of the poorest parts of China. By improving the ways in which farmers raise and sell chickens, is continuing its pledge to help the environment.’s help also means that farmers can lift themselves out of poverty. It has been labelled the ‘Running Chicken’ program. is already an industry leader and innovator in the world of retail and e-commerce. The company has also been at the forefront of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and new ways to process and deliver orders. can deliver to 99% of China, and it can deliver many of its products within one day. It is now adding chickens to the range of products that it offers its over 300 million customers. started the process by offering interest free loans to farmers. is also making sure that the farmers are following ethical and sustainable methods in raising the chickens. The ability of the chickens to spend 50% of their time outdoors also means that customers are able to buy better quality chickens. Chickens raised on farms helped by are lower in fat and bad cholesterol.

Customers are able to keep track of the chickens that they buy. On every package there is a QR code. This enables the customer to see every aspect of the chicken’s life from farm to table. has already been a part of efforts to keep fisheries sustainable, and it is part of the promise made to only work with environmentally conscious partners.

Helping change the economic situation for Chinese farmers is nothing new for Since 2012, the company has set up over 200 malls in various parts of the country that allow customer to buy locally sourced food from their own communities.


Discover Cosmetic Designer, Doe Deere

The phenomenal female entrepreneur, Doe Deere has always been best suited for creating colors. Some might call her a color engineer. She is one of the first cosmetic designers in the industry to take a chance with the matte formula. She wasn’t afraid to take a business risk that a lot of her colleagues were afraid to take. The matte formula is a buttery smooth texture that is exhilarating on the skin and easy to blend with other colors. She has patented her cosmetics with the superior matte formula that’s made Lime Crime one of the industry’s top selling cosmetics.

She has created a completely vegan line of cosmetics that has allowed her to support the safety and well being of animals. As an adamant animal lover, Deere has made it her business to save stray cats in the greater DTLA area by providing them with veterinary assistance, housing, food, and socializing training. Her project has saved thousands of local area cats. Many big name cosmetic brands have also adopted the vegan moniker. She says; her cosmetics and other business ventures will always remain cruelty-free products. Learn more about the matte formula by visiting the exclusive Lime Crime website today.

There was a wave of false super-foil cosmetics being sold overseas. Doe Deere came up with a plausible solution along with her Global Marketing manager. They quickly decided that an e-commerce market could reduce the amount of false cosmetics being sold under the Lime Crime name. Today, she has been able to sell thousands of authentic products in China. She is proud to now be a part of the international cosmetic industry. She also caught the attention of the Tenegram equity group as an independently sold cosmetic brand that’s very successful. Their new manager, Stacy Panagakis says; she will continue the Lime Crime logo.

The LC cosmetic brand is a list of lipstick and eye-shadow products with amazing hues and shades. Their products are completely waterproof and smudge-proof which makes their eye-liner a must have for girls and guys alike. You’re invited to visit the Lime Crime website for exclusive purchasing offers today.

How OSI Group McDonalds Succeeded

OSI Group McDonalds is the most successful partnership is America’s food industry. It’s possible that OSI Group McDonalds would’ve failed if one company didn’t hold up its end of the partnership. Looking back, OSI Group McDonalds owe their success to each other. Furthermore, the world would look different if OSI Group McDonalds never teamed up.

By now, everyone knows McDonald’s, even in small, underdeveloped countries. Shockingly, even in the U.S., few people know about OSI Group. OSI Group is the supplier beyond many of the country’s biggest restaurant chains and frozen food companies. If OSI isn’t directly involved, it’s involved through one of its subsidiaries.

OSI started as a local butcher shop owned by Otto Kolschowsky. While many companies suffered during the World Wars, Otto’s little butcher shop grew into a regional success. After the First World War, he expanded into the wholesale market and moved operations from Oak Park, Chicago to Maywood, Chicago.

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By the end of the Second World War, Otto cemented his business as a vital part of the American Midwest. He also changed the business’s name to Otto & Sons, as he began introducing his sons to the family business. After taking over, Arthur and Harry continued realizing their father’s vision for the company.

They differed from their father when Ray Kroc came to them with a new restaurant idea. He wanted them to supply his restaurant with high-quality, fresh ground beef. He demanded more meat products than they could provide; they began looking for ways to produce higher quantities.

As McDonald’s worked its way through hundreds of suppliers, Otto & Sons built a factory in West Chicago and implemented cryogenic freezing technology. That plant began producing frozen ground beef patties only for McDonald’s product line.

In 1975, the brothers transformed the company into OSI Industries and named Sheldon Lavin CEO. The brothers retired, and Lavin continued growing the company. OSI operated as two halves: one producing products for McDonald’s while the other deals with other clients.

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OSI Industries, A Great Success Story

OSI Industries has risen from its humble beginning as a small Illinois-based meat enterprise to a large corporate organization. Today, the company is still a growing presence in the heavily competitive and evolving 21st-century business arena. From the west of Chicago in Oak Park, way back in 1901, OSI has grown and developed to cover the more substantial part of the United States and beyond.

The company has plants spread about in Chicago, Utah, California, Wisconsin and, West Chicago where its central processing plant is located. Besides the heavy presence in the US, the company has overseen operational bases serving Europe, Asia Pacific and, the Americas. OSI Industries has operations in 17 countries across the world, with a total of 65 ultra-modern processing plants manned by more than 20,000 workers.

OSI Industries specializes in the processing of custom food. Some of the notable high-end products include breads, value-added dough Item, cookies, fresh dough, pot roast, steak , pulled pork and chicken chili, soups and sauces, beef, pork, poultry, hot dogs, flavored sausages, genoa salami, pre-cooked strips, bacon bits and, bacon chips among many others. Everything OSI Industries develops is made to the expectations of the customer’s individualized and unique taste. The products encompass all operational requirements and are flexible. They range from lunches, outdoor packages to desserts. The company has employed a raft of measures and strategies to ensure that every product delights the intended customer.

OSI Industries has maintained its position as a global market leader due to the use and adoption of state-of-the-art technology in its production process. Another strong pillar of the company is its valuable partnerships with stakeholders, mainly the producers at the base of the supply chain. There are important strategies that ensure that the suppliers deliver quality products. The primary approach involves sharing of technical resources with the producers on the ground. The exchange of technology and information up and down the food chain has helped maintain high-end products for the ever-growing customer base. OSI Industries has also put a lot of emphasis on sustainability and environmental health in line with healthy food production.


One of the best healthcare services companies in the United States is InnovaCare. It is one of the numerous companies which are in this industry. The company provides services in Puerto Rico, and it is known for the provision of managed healthcare services. This is one of the companies which are changing the healthcare management services all over the country by implementing innovative solutions to medical challenges. InnovaCare provides Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans. The company takes into consideration, the needs of every patient and ensures that none of them is denied a chance to get reliable medical services. The role of this company is promoting better service delivery and a cost-effective way.




InnovaCare is a company that wants to see their clients get the best. The plans that they offer are designed to meet the highest quality while at the same considering the availability and affordability to the clients. The management of the company is also determined in promoting transparency in their work. The team will readily provide anything that a client may need an explanation on. They recognize the client as the most important person to them, and they try as much as possible to accord him or her incomparable services. See for more information.




InnovaCare cares about the relationship they have with their clients, and that is why they are leaving nothing to chance in the delivery of services ( They are committed to going all the way in showing the customer that they really care about his or her needs. The role of the company in the medical industry cannot be ignored. This company is changing the industry a step at a time and making it easier for more people to afford medical services unlike it was in the past. InnovaCare has changed Puerto Rico, and the people here are getting good deals just as on the mainland.




The leadership of InnovaCare has played a key role in the growth of the company since the current CEO Rick Shinto joined in 2012, the company has taken another direction in its growth, it has moved from a small company tone of the major players in the region, see Shinto is assisted by CAO Penelope Kokkkinides who joined the company in 2015. Both of them have a rich history in the healthcare industry. They have a combined experience of about 50 years. With this experience, they are about to change the industry for the better going forward.