Luke Lazarus Brings Realism to Startups

 Impressive Record

Luke Lazarus has helped dozens of smaller companies that were experiencing struggle to rise out of their slump and move toward the direction of success thru the work of his consulting company Luke Lazarus Consulting Australia.

In order for Lazarus to maintain his excellent profile image, he needs to be direct and straight with the startups he works with. On his part, he puts his reputation at the service of those he is consulting with and if possible speaks on their behalf to secure funding if all the conditions show themselves.

Being Thorough and Honest

This kind of honest brutality is part of what it takes to rise from the level of mediocre values to values that bring about substantial change and transformation.

Being straightforward and realistic is not a privilege in his work but a necessity. The privilege is having the opportunity to have an influence on future leaders of great future businesses, which is a privilege Luke Lazarus has gained by over 20 years as a professional serial entrepreneur and successful business leader.

Lacking What it Takes

If a startup is experienced as lacking the grit, knowledge or skills it takes to succeed Luke Lazarus is direct with them, so they have a realistic picture of what success means in a competitive environment where only 10% of new startups go on to succeed, while the remaining 90% of startups fall back and whose products never make it to market.

On the encouraging side Lazarus knows the caliber of most startups have intelligence and talent, but the higher skills of finance, establishing a brand, and seeking out and preparing to meet venture capitalist who is seeking ready to go startups very few possess.

A venture capitalist comes into a startup presentation seeking specific qualities and habits already builtin the leader and team, with its marketing, story, and plans for three or more years down the road already set or at least planned thoroughly.

Finding Funding

Venture capitalist, at least the successful one, have met and processed possibly hundreds of startups and in their experience have critical eyes that see what works and what has not worked. They may have made some unfortunate decisions where they learned and with a sense of maturity, they now invest in startups that show only what they are looking to invest in.

Luke Lazarus is familiar with what it takes to get to the point of this level of seeking investment money from a venture capitalist. Lazarus doesn’t hide the truth from his startup teams but reveals the weak spots and challenges them to make changes that will give them a chance to succeed in the future.

Connecting with Customer Values

Lazarus understands the challenges of attempting to start a business without funding and drills his startups to get to that point where they can present their story to an investor. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler and Luke Lazarus | Medium

Lazarus knows if he can bring startups to that point in their presentation, whether they get finding or not, they will have a firm hold on their essential story and will be able to make a moral connection with the customer and be able to identify with their values.

Lazarus approach is to keep the values of the customer foremost in mind and help the customer get to those values thru their story and service.

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Fortress Investment Group Is Investing In The Future Of Wi-Fi

The investment that Fortress Investment Group offered their investors through a partnership with iPass it totally secured. A leader in global connectivity options throughout the world, iPass was given $20 million in funding through the deal. Of this funding, half of it could be accessed immediately by the company. The Chief Executive Officer and President of iPass, Gary Griffiths, plans on being able to focus on growing the revenue of the company in order to bring them closer to becoming profitable. The security for the loan from Fortress Investment Group includes patents from product families of the company like Veri-Fi and SmartConnect. The deal was brokered by Riley Financial, a company that operates in capital markets, auction and liquidation, valuation and appraisal, and principal investments. The investment bank has experience arranging these kinds of deals between high profile companies. See more on Wikipedia.

Through iPass, businesses and consumers are able to access the largest Wi-Fi network on the planet. This network includes millions of different hotspots around the globe which allows their customers to enjoy Wi-Fi that is always on. There are plans to add millions of hotspots which made Fortress Investment Group confident in its choice to invest in the future of the tech company. iPass Unlimited is working on becoming a business that is cloud-based and according to research done by a third party, their goal of adding 340 million hotspots to their service is completely reasonable. Fortress Investment Group is joining companies like Microsoft who have invested in iPass in the past.

Fortress Investment Group has been proving time and time again that the firm is on the cutting-edge of investment opportunities. The company went private after a $3.3 billion purchase by SoftBank and the company has been adapting to its new role since the end of 2017. Fortress Investment Group has always been known for leading the industry with innovations and this trend is continuing even as a subsidiary of SoftBank. In addition to the investment in iPass, they have also been investing in high-speed rail projects that have the potential to expand to different parts of the United States. Read:

Betterworks Provides the Software Solutions to Achieve Greater Productivity

It helps companies to know how their business performs at any stage of operation. With the right data and the ability to interpret it, companies can become more productive and profitable. Betterworks is the software tool that can help companies to organize their entire flow of systems while keeping track of all the important data points. The software offers a continuous performance management solution.

The world of workplace data is immense. Being able to understand and report this data is a near impossible task. Betterworks simplifies the process by enabling businesses to set clear goals that are measurable. The owners founded the company in 2013. Companies can benefit when they transition from having annual reviews to a state of continual performance reviews. Everyone in the company can expect their work to align with the company’s top priorities. Assignments become cross-functional and strategies can change rapidly with a company’s needs.

Betterworks has a lot of features that keep company teams on track with their mission. The software also integrates easily with Salesforce, Slack, Jira and other platforms. One of its greatest assets is its scalability. With Betterworks, managers can assign individual objectives, measure progress, and provide people with the feedback they need to improve or continue excelling.

Betterworks places strategic focus on providing insights with respect to productivity. Managers, at a glance, can tell which employees are struggling and which ones are succeeding. This makes it easier for managers to coach and develop employees to improve their skills. It provides a win-win for everyone involved.

Jeunesse Global is Gaining Ground as a Multiple Award Winning Company

Jeunesse Global has been getting a lot of well-deserved exposure lately. The company has earned 24 awards for communication and has also won awards for being a top place to work in direct selling. Jeunesse Global focuses on distributing and direct selling of health and wellness products. The Lake Mary, Florida based company is also active in the community and promotes many worthwhile causes. Wendy Lewis, a co-founder of the company is also known as a top female influencer in direct sales and marketing. Coming up on its 10-year anniversary, the company seeks to expand to all new heights and continue promoting its new products. 


The business model Jeunesse Global operates under helps not only the company but those who promote it as well. Individual distributors can purchase products at a discount and resell them. They’re also incentivized for building their own teams of distributors. This model allows for reduced costs and increased profits to both the independent distributors and the organization. People from across the globe have taken advantage of the special opportunity offered by Jeunesse Global. More information regarding their offerings can be located by visiting them online at You’ll find information on the compensation plan and videos that highlight testimonials of their success stories.

Jeunesse Global offers products such as dietary supplements, skin care, cosmetics, and more. Touching on nearly every aspect possible through health and wellness products, the company provides a one-stop shop for its customers. The Youth Enhancement System is a kit that includes many different products. A new hair care system called RVL is included in the Y.E.S. kit and has already won multiple awards. The package allows distributors to share their products and provides customers with significant savings over buying individual items. More information and testimonials regarding the items that Jeunesse Global offers can be found by visiting

Getting started with Jeunesse Global is as easy as visiting their website and completing the online registration information. You’ll also find a supportive community that offers tips and tricks to be successful both as a consumer and as a distributor. With so many good things happening with the company, it’s a good idea to check out Jeunesse Global, today!

TJ Maloney’s journey to the Top of the Corporate World and His Ability to Lead Lincolnshire Management

The journey to the top is not a straight-forward path, nor is it an easy one. For you to be successful in any field you must be ready to give it your all and not give up. Success comes when preparation, diligence, sacrifice and persistence meets opportunity. TJ Maloney is an excellent example of a diligent individual who persevered through life’s ups and downs and worked hard to get to the top of the corporate world. TJ Maloney leads one of the biggest investment firms in America. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Lincolnshire Management. Other than being the CEO, TJ Maloney is also the firm’s Chairman and a member of the investment committee. This means that he is actively involved with the portfolio companies.

TJ Maloney is a holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College. He also holds a Juris Doctor from the Fordham Law School. His expertise in numerous fields has helped him to navigate through the world of investing. After graduation, TJ Maloney did not just sit and wait for opportunities to come to him; he went out into the field and fought for a seat at the table. TJ Maloney started by working in law firms specializing in mergers and acquisitions of other firms. It was until 1993 that he joined Lincolnshire Management.

Lincolnshire Management is an American company that deals with acquisitions and investments. The company has been operational for over 30 years and boasts over 70 huge investments in a wide variety of avenues and industries. The company’s headquarters are located in New York, but also operates in other parts of the country. Apart from New York, Lincolnshire Management also has offices in California, Chicago and Atlanta.

Other than having a successful tenure in law firms in New York and now at Lincolnshire Management, TJ Maloney has in the past been actively involved in the running of high profile organizations. One of these organizations the Boston College Wall Street Council. TJ Maloney was once the Chairman of the council. TJ Maloney’s expertise and experience have also helped in guiding the Board of Trustees of Fordham University.

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Organo Gold and Coffee Adoration

Coffee isn’t a laughing matter for many people. Organo Gold acknowledges that. Organo Gold is a Ferndale, Washington power player in the coffee sector. Bernardo Chua is the consummate professional who directs matters for Organo Gold.

Organo Gold is an esteemed business that’s always trying to move coffee in a direction that makes complete sense. It has adept team members who give people terrific coffee approaches. It has proficient team members who pay a lot of attention to the coffee trajectory as well. Organo Gold isn’t the kind of business that will ever settle for mediocrity. It strives for “gold.”

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Chinese Tech Giant Propogates Surveillance Technology

LA based game company, Riot Games, is the well known developer of League of Legends, a massive multiplayer game enjoyed by many. Unbeknowest to those avid fans, however, is that Riot Games is owned by a chinese tech giant, known as Tencent. Tencent is know facing criticism in its role in perpetuating video game addiction. Despite being hands-off with regards to Riot in the past, Tencent now needs to involve itself in the affairs of the company.

As of recently, the Chinese version of League of Legends has seen some updates that conform to China’s strict policies regarding media. These updates allow companies to track the amount of time spent in-game and kick teenagers for surpassing certain quotas, a means of combating and regulating the video game addiction mentioned earlier in the article. This decision, however, has been met with backlash, as many believe that Westerners participating in the creation of such invasive technology is a slippery slope that can only lead to worse things. To know more about the company click here.

While access to the incredibly larger market that is China serves as incentive for many companies to partake in the surveillance of Chinese policy, many companies, like Riot Games, do not have a choice, given the sheer amount of companies and games owned by similar Chinese tech giants. Tencent, in particular, has stakes in leading games such as Clash of Clans and Fortnite. Its own game, Honor of Kings, is one of the highest grossing games of 2018. Many agree that such a technology has more complicated uses than simply the monitoring of video games and to participate in its inception is something that could reap dire consequences.

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Learn How Nitin Khanna Grow This Cannabi Company

Those who have some notions about the figure of Nitin Khanna may know him because of his technological contributions. As an active entrepreneur, Nitin Khanna also entered a new business sector: the cannabis industry.

Why Did Nitin Start In this Industry?

Nitin Khanna is an Indian entrepreneur established in Portland, Oregon, who shares a lot of knowledge about tech businesses. When cannabis was recently legalized, Nitin was prepared in the right spot to enter a market with little or no competition.

This opportunity gave birth to Cura Cannabis Solutions (also known as CuraCann), an organization that produces hemp oils and CBD across the US.

Several partnerships influenced the development of this new business founded by Khanna: cannabis associations of Oregon, Los Angeles, California (CCIA), and the National Cannabis Industry Association.

About Cura Cannabis Solutions Company

You can find any information on the official website describing the benefits of their CBD-based products.

Pain Relief:

  • Pain Relief: CBD and hemp oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which is more than 50 states in the US have legalized its production as a clinical supplement. Even though the primary effect of CBD is the reduction of pain, there are many positive side effects attached to it.

Positive Side Effects:

  • Positive Side Effects: CBD can also work as an antioxidant, anti-cancer, or antidepressant medicament. Its pain management capability makes it perfect for any situation, ranging from headaches to physical injuries.

How Nitin Khanna Grew The Company

Nitin started Cura Cannabis Solutions in 1998 along with other technological-related initiatives. By that time, the Indian-born businessman was managing the trade with EDS to buy Saber Corporation, a business established in the PC component and electronics industry.

What Nitin Khanna did was exciting multiple initial companies he created so he could focus more time and resources on his primary projects, MergerTech and Curacann.

Today, Nitin is a success story that many entrepreneurs study to inspire and learn about his path. Nitin worked as an active investor in his cannabis company.

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Academy of Art University Helps Students to Realize Their Potential in the Art and Design Industry

Academy of Art University students are having a day of their lives presenting their creations to a world made up of industry leaders from top global companies, alumni, and the general public. The institutions organize Annual Spring Show that is bringing the world to the students rather than students taking their work to the world. The attendees will witness the work of the students and offer creative as well as artistic career opportunities to them.

Annual Spring Show marks the only day in the students’ lives where the world comes to them to explore and experience their creations. Students from more than 40 areas of art as well as design will showcase their best work. Annual Spring Show is also an opportunity for the institution’s graduating class which is made up of designers, strategists, problem-solvers, communicators, technologists, filmmakers, photographers, architects, entrepreneurs and artists to showcase their finest innovative creations. They also get to meet with the industry professionals face-to-face and talk about their career possibilities.

Academy of Art University recognizes the importance of networking in the career lives of students. Schools and departments at the university including School of Interior Architecture & Design, School of Advertising, and School of Animation & Visual Effects have put focus on creating opportunities for networking to help students to lead noble careers after school. Networking is one of the ways of getting connected to employment and career development opportunities.

Innovate design and talent takes a center stage at Annual Spring Show with students from various departments presenting their creations to special industry guests, alumni, and student’s families, friends, and peers. No wonder the institution is oozing talented professionals to the workforce.

Started in 1929, Academy of Art University has been dedicated to transforming aspiring artists and designers to industry professionals. It has been training talented students in the Bay area and it is a self-proclaimed largest private art learning institution in the US which produces graduates who enjoy careers in architectural design, motion pictures, fashion, game design and much more.

Academy of Art University has earned a reputation across the world as a world-class institution of higher learning which puts focus on development of the next generation of art and design professionals. It boasts competent and trained instructors who have flourishing careers in the creatives and active in disciplines they teach.

Smita Shah Teaches Women in the Society Important Lessons in Life Out of Experience

Smita Shah is a successful engineer and entrepreneur and she has been instrumental in educating people on how to get on top of male-dominated industries. She also involves herself with professional female empowerment activities. Despite being an engineer and entrepreneur, she has earned a very influential position in the community.


If you would ask Smita Shah about who is, she describes herself as a lifelong nerd. She loved math and science growing up. She was grouped together with boys to solve math problems which had defeated most of her classmates. Her math skills came in handy later in her life in social events.


The successful entrepreneur embarked on a new path in 1998 when she started SPAAN Tech, Inc., a leading engineering firm in the country. The firm has been growing gradually handling complex engineering projects. While she has achieved a lot with her company, she has not seated back. Instead, she has been working to uplift other women to follow her path to success in the male-dominated professions.


According to Smita Shah, the major problem women are dealing with in the workplace today is self-image. She believes that there are not enough female role models in the world of business. Women cannot imagine themselves rising above challenges to become successful. However, there is good news. There is a paradigm shift in the recent past for the advantage of women. Women are becoming stronger and more successful with time. While there are many challenges facing women at the workplace, it is up to CEOs and female entrepreneurs to prove that they are strong enough to become highly successful. Learn more:


No woman should give up on the path to becoming a businesswoman. Smita Shah goes on to point out that there are more than 100 million female-owned businesses showing that women are getting empowered each passing day and they are excelling. While not everyone can excel in the business world, the women who are dedicated to succeeding.


Believing in yourself is a prerequisite for becoming successful in life. Develop a good self-image to overcome the recurring challenges and use the challenges as an opportunity to become a better leader. Smita Shah advises to accept yourself and give yourself the credit you accord your employees. Additionally, women need to examine their abilities thoroughly to engage yourself on a deeper level and acquire some rare positive traits that will make you outstanding.


The tech entrepreneur also suggests people exert a strong presence in the workplace. First impressions are very important in helping you to win. Take credit for the things you’ve achieved. After you have set and achieved short-term goals take credit. Smita Shah advises women in the workplace to command respect while adhering to positive cultural practices in society. Additionally, successful people in the business world tend to be good time managers.

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