Maarten de Jeu on Why Commercial Real Estate is an Attractive Investment Opportunity

Maarten de Jeu has spent the majority of his career consulting Fortune 100 companies and enterprising individuals looking to diversify their investments or take their business to international markets. Whether he’s handling long-term or short-term investments, he has an informed opinion of what it takes to get a return worth the effort, which is why he thinks more investors ought to consider commercial real estate as an investment worth their time.


Commercial real estate is becoming more of an accessible investment opportunity in recent years, changing the kinds of people who can invest. But this is still considered an expensive venture, one that may require several investors to pool their resources together in order to acquire a property. But unlike residential properties, commercial real estate, like offices, apartment buildings, industrial parks, manufacturing sites, etc, have benefits that can bring investors together.


De Jeu notes that some of the advantages of commercial real estate are that it’s something of a steady investment. Stock market volatility isn’t really much of a factor to consider. Property values are instead impacted by things like its condition and the value of surrounding property. But investors can jump right in without turning to a financial advisor, meaning there are no management fees or any other to consider when eyeing a property.


In order to keep commercial property values, or to restore one to such condition, de Jeu notes that it will take the capital. Luckily, this is an area where there is some protection from inflation, keeping costs down. While stocks may or may not appreciate in value over time, their value will be impacted by market inflation. That can be hard to predict, but commercial property investors by; ass this because they appreciate faster than stocks, at a lower rate of risk, over the same stretch of time. Investors also hold the option to boost rent at fixed intervals, passing off the cost of maintenance and renovation on to tenants rather than investors taking on the risk.


No matter the type of investment, de Jeu says that investors will always have a need to keep cash on hand. While the long-term investment of increased property value may be the ultimate goal. rent can be a source of revenue to cover the costs of owning property. But an even bigger advantage may come in the form of tax deductions and incentives. Depreciation can be deducted from the overall value when filing by accounting for maintenance and repairs. Learn more:


For Maarten de Jeu, the benefits that come with owning commercial property makes it an ideal fit for investors looking to diversify their portfolio while accessing returns on their investment in the short term and the long term.


About Maarten de Jeu:


Maarten de Jeu holds an MBA from the University of Oxford, which he used to get his start at Aviva PLC as their Director of Strategy & Corporate Development. Working with wealthy individuals and large corporations, helping them break ground in new markets, provided de Jeu with the experience and skill to found the SVM Business Advisory, helping smaller businesses establish a sure international footing from their headquarters in Chicago.

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The Finality of GPB Global Resources

In March Gazprombank, the third largest asset lender in Russia, announced that it has sold its stake in the Petrozamora joint venture in Venezuela. The major stakeholder of the venture in the Venezualen oil firm PDVSA. Up till this time Gazpromban has owned 40 percent of PDVSA. This 40 percent was in turn sold to a group of investors who have no ties whatsoever with Gazprombank. Gazprombank did this by selling its 17% stake in GPB Global Resources B.V. owned 40% of Petrozamora. They had already sold 83% of it in 2016. TPDVSA and Gazprombank first formed a partnership.

In 2013 Gazprombank joined forces with GPB Global Resources B.V., Petrozamora and PDVSA to invest $1 billion to finance the investment program and operations of Petrozamora JV. The Russian-based Gazprombank, the owner of GPB Global Resources B.V., decided to get out of their Venezuelan interests after the U.S. imposed sanctions on it. These sanctions were imposed in an effort to block the corrupt current Venezuelan leader Maduro from access to Venezuela’s oil revenue. This is also why VTB, the second largest bank in Russia has begun the process of in getting out of its stake in the Venezuelan bank, EvrofinanceMosnarbank. To know more about the company click here.

The U.S. first instigated its sanctions in January 28. This has not discouraged Roseneft, Russia’s leading oil company, which has continued to do strong business in the country. Most of this business is done with PDVSA. However, it does have investments in various other projects. It has been noted that they have lost $9 billion just in Venezuela since 2010. However, since that time it has gained much more. It currently maintains five projects throughout the country. The Russian banks Gazprombak and VTB are certainly not the only international companies to get out of Venezuela at this time.

Many companies all over the world are leaving it in a mass exodus in the face of the new sanctions. For a while PDVSA denied the rumour that Gazprombank was abandoning, but then the sale deal was finalized with the still anonymous group of investors. As a result of this, Gazprombank, owner of GPB Global Resources B.V., has successfully rid itself of all Venezuela-based investment projects.

The Right School: Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University is located off New Montgomery St. in San Francisco, CA. The exceptional school is home of some of the world’s amazing artists. They offer different area of studies as well as online courses for a student’s convenience. The opportunity to blend online and on-site classes makes getting a good education in the Art field a breeze. The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929, and is family owned. The institute can boast that they are the largest private art and design university in the nation.


Sam Bear is a first-year student at AAU. Sam did an amazing job in offering us all an insight into his life as a student at the Academy of Art University. Choosing the right school can be a daunting feat to accomplish. Picking the school that is a great fit is key to thriving. Bear provides the awareness that is needed to confirm the Academy of Art University is a great fit for a student who is into the art world and wants it as their career.


Sam shares him waking up, hanging with his friends, the places he frequents, and his classes. The University provides state of the art studios, lounges, classrooms, equipment, and libraries. He states within his blog and video that he is glad he made the choice to attend AAU and he does not regret it at all. From the good vibes and student culture it is safe to say that the Academy of Art University is a great choice.

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Luke Lazarus Launches Startup Business Consultancy

 Beginning Again

Any business that starts today has thousands of choices to make before they reach the promised land of success; that is, many years of proper preparation, contact, connections, and development must guide them while preparing for their career.

For those who enter the business world without the proper preparation or attempting to do what they haven’t the talent of skill only those who have witnesses the sad consequences of those who leave the business world altogether in the first five years can acknowledge.

Luke Lazarus, a twenty year business veteran and consultant to many business startups, began his journey and his dream in Perth as a young boy.

Beginnings in Perth

What happens when a person has a desire so strong that they entertain it day and night, year in and year out, in season and out of season, ends up with a thorough knowledge of their definite purpose in life.

While spending that much time in defining a goal in life is important customers as well as Venture Capitalist want to see change and feel connected to a business.

Customers are not concerned about how the story came about, but they are concerned whether the story spoke to them and they felt attracted to the business story.

First Successes

Luke Lazarus began putting his business ideas in notebooks he kept, which he would share with his friends. At one time that is known, he developed a business plan; he had into a successful business at eight years old.

He wasn’t able to run off and begin a business many years later, but when he finished his schooling abd training, it only took him eight years to launch and execute four successful businesses after graduate school from Melbourne.

Many Businesses

His first four businesses were a great step forward for Luke Lazarus, but he wanted more in life and after selling. all of his four businesses for an undisclosed amount he developed yet another brilliant idea which would lead his business career in a different way.

In 2013 he launched Luke Lazarus Consultancy Australia, which would take him across Australia helping hundreds of startup businesses achieve their latent dreams of success.

Luke Lazarus became the perfect consultant for startups businesses because of his two decades of successful business experience, his many years of management, financial, marketing, and negotiating experience, which new startups have not had hte chance to develop.

Living the Consultancy Life

Business Consultants are a needed part of the Australian Business world where Luke Lazarus focuses his consultancy work.

First, a business consultancy is the first person a startup business will contact when they experience a problem they are unable to figure out on their own and need second pair of eyes as well as a second set of hands to make professional recommendations for their needed solution.

Luke Lazarus has helped hundreds of business startups from 2013-today. He has experienced the growing success stories of companies that turned the business world towards them and receive investment and opportunities to launch their products and services to success.

Interested in learning more about Luke Lazarus Consultancy Australia? Follow this link.

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Education and Experience of Professional Investor TJ Maloney

When it comes to creating a new company, many entrepreneurs need financial backing from an investment firm. Thankfully, TJ Maloney and his company, Lincolnshire Management, have come a long way in the two decades that they have been in business. TJ Maloney is the CEO and current chairman of the investment firm, and the company has backed hundreds of viable companies since their inception many years ago. Because of the extensive amount of work that this expert has done, it is no wonder that a lot of experts have chosen to work with this expert in a way that works for them.

TJ Maloney has an extensive history within the investment industry. Before creating Lincolnshire Management, he worked in the investment field in New York City. He even attended and graduated Columbia University to receive his MBA in business and finance. By working with so many entrepreneurs, he has been able to see the good in the companies that are looking for financial aid and investments. This is why he has truly helped so many when it comes to receiving the money that they both need and want for themselves. TJ Maloney has the experience behind him to help companies and business owners thrive in a market that they feel isn’t right for them.

Lincolnshire Management has been in business for over two decades and continues to take on the many different projects coming their way. Their creative approach enables them to effortlessly work with entrepreneurs and get them the help that is needed right now. By working with an expert like TJ Maloney and his company, you can feel completely confident in receiving assistance for the business that you are looking to create for yourself. There are so many benefits and reasons for choosing this company as well as professional investor TJ Maloney.

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Turning OSI Group Into A Global Business

Who knew that a small butcher shop in Illinois would turn out to be part of a larger market today? Otto & Sons had such humble beginnings and as a result, they are sitting in a very dominant spot. Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of the company now known as OSI Group has done a remarkable job of making sure that this has stayed successful. They are now sitting in 16 countries distributing food at a massive scale. When a country looks to better its food handling and demand, they reach out to this company for help. It’s good to know that there are companies out there that can work for more than one economy. Learn about Sheldon Lavin at

Sheldon Lavin received the Global Visionary Award that honors people who work hard to pursue their dreams and accomplish them. India’s Vision Academy has been honoring people with this award for five years. OSI-Vista Processed Foods is part of the OSI Group and has currently eight locations in India. They have been in partnership with the country for food processing once 1995. Sheldon Lavin used to work in finance and has now used his previous experience to lift the company to where it is today.

OSI Group recently struck a huge dal to help with the growing demand for the Impossible Burger. This is a plant-based food for people who do not want to eat meat. So far there have been several restaurants that have tackled this option and have seen profits soar as a result of it. Sheldon Lavin was responsible for making this happen which helps with providing jobs and equipment to meet this demand. It also means that OSI Group will see profits from this as well. The choices being made in what venture to be part of seems to be the right ones thus far. This company has lasted decades in the food production business and will not be slowing down anytime soon. As long as other companies are needing their help in distributing good quality and fresh meats along with other product, there will be a great sense of respect.



Brian and Karen Salle show two sides of entrepreneurship

Brian and Karen Salle is a North Carolina couple that has redefined the term “power couple.” Both have separate distinct businesses and their own success that that has made them prominent in their community.

Brian Salle

Brian Salle sees beauty in design and has a business that carries out that theme by creating websites, logos, and branding elements for businesses. The Salle Group creates websites, but goes further for its customers. It builds responsive sites with modern logos, mobile apps and graphics to help businesses capture modern-minded customers.

Brian Salle believes all websites should follow the rules of good design, but should also be unique to the business it represents. He said his job is to combine the two.

Karen Salle

Karen Salle, a broker for her company Blackpoint at Linville Falls, is heavily involved in big projects. One was bringing high-speed internet access to Southern Avery County. The venture was the result of a combination of efforts from the telecommunications company Skyline/SkyBest, Blackpoint at Linville Falls Homeowner’s Association (HOA) and the real estate firm.

Salle said the project allowed 40 homes in the community to have internet access, but also served businesses and residents from Linville all the way to the county line.

Brian Salle has many business interests and experiences. He is knowledgeable in yacht management, restaurant franchises, information technology and owns a cattle ranch along with a Christmas tree farm.

Karen Salle made her career in real estate, starting from the ground up more than 20 years ago. She has worked in many development projects, the marketing that goes with them, and in pre-construction sales.

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Smita Shah Connects Her Childhood to the Present Day

There have been countless studies on the differences between women and men in the workplace. While the studies have shown little gap in the way of work efficiency, there are startling differences in how the quality of work is seen. Women on average make a lower amount of money than men in the same position. Additionally, there are sectors with a void in the presence of women. While a greater number of women have advanced up society, there is still plenty of work to be done. Smita Shah is a business owner who took her fight directly to the male industrial field. She recounts her story and future expectations for women in a recent Gazette Day article.


Smita Shah has found that what happens during the childhood of a woman is likely to influence how they think of the rest of their life. She hears stories all the time of suppression and rejection of getting into male-focused hobbies. While this is countered by her own personal experiences. Smita Shah describes her childhood as a period when she was allowed to mentally explore whatever she wanted. The one thing that captured her mind the most was numbers had an infinite amount of uses. She couldn’t fathom how formulas made everything connect together in such a logical manner. Her parents had no problems with their daughter absorbing her time into this passion. Learn more:


While this may have resulted in being a social outcast during grade school, her talents were second to none in college. Smita Shah was winning high recognition at numerous math competitions. At the same time, she was becoming increasingly recognized for her talents on campus. Her story is a clear example of how women can compete on an equal footing with men when given the proper opportunity. However, peers and business leaders could have never expected what came next. Smita Shah founded SPAAN Tech, Inc, as an engineering firm to stake her claim in the industry. She was not just all talk, but someone who lived by their core convictions.


Smita Shah spends a good portion of this discussion giving her fellow women a series of tips to follow when first entering the workforce. The first step occurs even before taking your first step into the office. Learning to believe in yourself and knowing your limits is simple to keep yourself from burning out on the job. Gaining status in the workplace is not about speed, but instead about high quality over a period of time. A new worker should focus on doing work correctly and building a sense of trust with coworkers. Secondly, always be in a state of showing your presence. It is essential that a woman takes control over their work and claim credit where it’s due.


The workplace is not friendly even to those involved for years, but Smita Shah is hoping to make the process easier for her fellow women. The tips have had a positive influence in bringing in even more women.

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Maarten de Jeu: A Strong Supporter of the Farrell Fellows Internship Program

Chicago is one of the most populated cities in the United States, and it is also one of the most visited ones because of its iconic skyline and numerous popular landmarks. MSI (Museum of Science and Industry), regarded as the biggest science museum in the west, has become a favorite to local and foreign visitors because of its large collection of exhibits. People are visiting the museum to learn more about the evolution of technology and industry, and during the summer months, people would notice the sheer number of interns working inside the museum.

Internship Program at the MSI

MSI hosts the Farrell Fellows internship, a program taking place every summer. Maarten de Jeu, an entrepreneur and managing director of SVM Business Advisory, is a strong supporter of the program. The first time he knew about it is when he worked as a co-chairman for an exhibit inside the MSI called Science Spins. He learned that the Farrell Fellows internship invites teenagers from Chicago to work as an intern at the museum for five weeks. During this period, they will be trained in different subjects. Maarten de Jeu said that this program will help the teenagers in the city to deal with reality, helping them to achieve their goals in life.

What is being taught to the teenagers who
participate at the Farrell Fellows internship?

Teenagers who join the Farrell Fellows internship are being trained to learn various skills. In five weeks, the participants become an expert in each skill set, and they are also encouraged by the museum to speak with the visitors and present the exhibits. The teenagers are also going out to community libraries and demonstrating the exhibits that can be found inside the MSI. Maarten de Jeu, as a co-chairman for Science Spins, stated that this initiative by MSI will help the children to become more inclined with science. Here are some of the skills that the interns are learning through the Farrell Fellows internship:

Science Skills

The teenagers who are a part of the Farrell Fellows internship are trained to understand the basic concepts of science. This is an important part of their learning process because most of the exhibits inside the MSI cannot be explained without a basic understanding of scientific principles. Learn more:

Public Speaking Skills

The participants of the Farrell Fellows internship are given the chance to speak in public. The MSI will let them demonstrate the exhibits inside the museum to practice speaking in public. This will hone their communication and socialization skills, which can be helpful when they are finally out in the real world and looking for a job.

Leadership Skills

The Farrell Fellows internship will also make sure that the participants will learn the basics of how to become an effective leader.

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There is now an easy to organize those emails and subscriptions and permanently delete the ones that you do not want. is easy to use and makes a long term difference in the time you have to spend. can delete once and for all subscriptions that the user does not want. That is not all that does. There might be subscriptions or emails that people do indeed want to keep, but they want them in a way that is easy to keep track off. By simply creating as many folders as the user wants, emails can be organized into whatever categories that are desired. After those folders have been set up, the user just swipes the emails into those folders. 

There might even be emails from subscriptions that the user wants to hear even more from. Those feeds can be given to the user at whatever time of the day that they want them. They can even be grouped together in whatever way suits the customer. Since people do not just check emails at the office, users can operate using any Android or iOS device. It uses the same simple to use swiping that ,any other apps use. By swiping one way, they can be deleted, swiping the other way puts them into the folders that the user has set up. It is a great new way to finally organize those cluttered inboxes.