Mark Okada Retires from Highland Capital Management


Highland Capital Management’s co-founder Mark Okada retires and will maintain an advisory role on a temporary basis. His company is a major hedge fund that operates a portfolio of multi-billion dollar assets. He and the current president, James Dondero, formed their company in 1993. James Dondero will continue to manage the firm and assume Mark Okada’s duties.

Highland Capital is a major business success that manages hedge funds, mutual funds, and structured investments. It operates on a global basis by investing in public equities and markets with a focus on fixed incomes. Add high-yield bonds and leveraged loans to the company’s portfolio.

Highland Capital Management is grateful for the years of service and leadership provided by Mark Akada. The company manages offices in Seoul, Dallas, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Singapore.

Highland Capital Management also believes in giving back to its community. The company volunteers, involves itself on advisory boards, and provides funding for a number of non-profits on both a national and local level.

They support those organizations it believes can have a major impact in society through their work. Civic institutions, particularly, in the Dallas community receive a great deal of support. Get Additional Information Here.

These institutions place a great deal of focus on research and education. Highland Capital Management also offers support for those organizations that respond to health, veteran issues, military matters, and first responders. To date, Highland Capital has committed more than $40 million to organizations and causes around the world. Mark Okada had a definite hand in helping shape the destiny of his company.

The professionals who served under him will continue to provide the services that have made the company a force around the world. Mark Okada has already set things in motion by handing off the responsibilities that relate to credit research. Highland Capital’s team members qualify to step into their new roles. See This Page for additional information.


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Mark Okada, Co-Founder Of Highland Capital Management, Steps Down


Twenty-six years is a lot of time to put into anything. This is the duration of time that Mark Okada had put into Highland Capital Management when he finally decided that he had done enough to help bring the firm to the place that it is in today.

Highland provides a number of industry leading benefits to promote employee success and wellbeing, and has been recognized by Pensions & Investments as one of the Best Places to Work in Money Management.

James Dondero and Mark Okada had an idea that they wanted to build out an investment firm that was unlike the others all the way back in 1993. They decided to name their firm Highland Capital Management, and the pair set out to change the way that we think about investing. They both have knowledge in credit markets, and they decided to put that knowledge to work to find investments that others were not paying as much attention to. This was the investing principle behind Highland Capital.

It’s been over the twenty-six years that the two have been at the helm of this thing they have seen enormous growth in it and have continued to steer it in the right direction regardless of how the market itself was doing. For that Mark Okada deserves a lot of praise, and he has been receiving it from his co-founder and others in the company. See This Article to learn more.

To avoid too much disruption, Okada has been training senior officials within Highland Capital Management to take over where he left off. He has shown them some of the things that he is responsible for and how they can use their own insights to continue to find profitable opportunities for the firm. It has been a display of leadership that you don’t necessarily see from other leaders in other industries.

Highland Capital Management may be without a leader that it has relied on for a long time now, but they are not looking back, they are only moving forward. They applaud the work that Okada helped them with, and at the same time, they are pleased to take on new challenges going forward. Click Here for more information.


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