Niranjan Shah, A Purpose-Driven Man

Niranjan Shah was among the 360 politicians, celebrities and other prominent personalities who graced the momentous event hosted by “The Clintons,” at The White House. The celebration deemed to be the most celebrated festivity in history based on the number of people who attended. The likes of Robert De Niro, Will Smith, Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor were among the celebrity guests. Both men and women dressed-up for the occasion.

Most of the invited guests brought their kids at the party. The White House staff was well-prepared to give at least 100 children a special dinner in a tent at the Rose Garden and joined their parents for a show at the Lincoln Memorial. The President formally started the dinner and went out of his way to greet everyone in each room and proposed a toast. The fancy dinner banquet served: Beluga caviar, lobster, chocolates and champagne among others.

To everyone’s delight, an after-party came unplanned. It paved the way to do an off-the-record fundraising. Corporate sponsors did not mind donating ample amount of money for a chance to be with celebrity guests. Everyone was thrilled to take part though it was not open to the public. Over 16 million was raised. The New Year celebration did not just show all the glitz and glamour, but it was fulfilled for a good cause.

Honorary guests like Niranjan Shah was proud to be a part of the historic event. Shah’s presence was definitely acknowledged by the President during the momentous fete. It is known to the President that Niranjan Shah’s great leadership as a founder and CEO of Globetrotters Engineering Corporation did not stop there, he extended help to impoverished villages in India as well as in some US communities. The New Year party at The White House was an experience he will forever treasure.

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Matt Fleeger and Investing Well

Matt Fleeger and another example of exposure therapy in VR is against several types of phobias. Those with a fear of swimming, or aquaphobia are so scared of going near the water that it is practically impossible for a therapist to encourage them to visit a swimming pool, a beach, or anywhere that could be categorized as a large body of water.

Similarly, those with a fear of flying, or aerophobia, Matt Fleeger would know, would never go to the lengths of purchasing an airplane ticket. If they even do so after going through some form of therapy, then there are high chances that they might end up dropping their plans at the last minute due to the fear taking over them.

That is where VR is so effective at implementing exposure therapy. It could have such individuals visit the places or have experiences that they are afraid of, without actually having to do that in the real world.

While the patients are using a VR headset and equipment, they still feel as though they are going through the experience in real time. It’s because their phobia doesn’t let them rationalize that their VR experience wouldn’t harm them. It practically has the same effect as their exposure to such an issue in the real world might have on them.

But due to it being a virtual experience, their mental health professional could monitor their responses while also executing the exposure therapy flawlessly, before bring the patient back from their experience.

This provides a great modality to implement exposure therapy without putting the patients at risk or utilizing a large amount of their financial resources. This way, whenever the patient actually goes forward with implementing exposure therapy in the real world or simply move towards doing the thing they had been afraid of previously, their experience with VR helps them.

Unwavering Support and Understanding Sets Herdsman Apart

Entrepreneur and successful businessman Paul Herdsman works as COO of a Jamaican based nearshore customer service company, Nice Global. In an in-depth article from, the business guru provides his experiences and knowledge that have catapulted him and his company to success.

Herdsman believes that his success is largely credited to his personnel that work with him at Nice Global. Because of that he always aims to provide unwavering support and understanding to his colleagues. He believes that this allows his employees to not have a limit on what they can offer and achieve at the company. He prides himself on the relationship that he has with his employees and believes that unlike most employers, he provides a strong relationship that enables growth and ensures employee retention.

In order to make sure employees are on board with Herdsman and Nice Global’s ideologies, the company provides employees with extensive training. Employees are cost-trained to ensure that all staff are fully equipped to provide optimum service and to prepare themselves to take on any growth opportunities within the company.

Herdsman started Nice Global in 2013. The company provides human resources, customer service, technical support services, inbound sales, data entry, and live chat services to its clients. Although these services are done through his company’s outsourcing programs, Nice Global utilizes Herdsman’s years of expertise and success in making sure that stellar service is delivered.

While Paul Herdsman Nice Global is a young company there are plans already underway for expansion. Hersdman and his team are looking at second location in Jamaica, as well as considering expansion into another country.

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Isabel dos Santos´Career

Isabel dos Santos is known as the wealthiest woman of African descent. She is a wealthy woman with an estimated net worth of 2.4 billion dollars. Indeed, Isabel is on a very short list of billionaire women of African lineage. But, she has worked hard to be a billionaire at 45 years of age.

And over the years Isabel has worked with a very diverse group of individuals in many different business milieux. Whether it is a group of key stakeholders that Isabel dos Santos works directly with in the business world or its with the nation of Angola, she has built a large amount of wealth over the years.

Isabel may have been born in Baku, Azerbaijan, but she understands the emerging role of women in the business world. She has spoken to many colleges about her successes and provided advice to students at prestigious, Yale University. Isabel’s father, the former President of Angola who ruled from 1979 to 2017, has helped open a lot of doors for her. Indeed, José Eduardo dos Santos met Isabel’s mother, Tatiana Kukanova in the Soviet-controlled, Russia in the early 1970s (AliveNewspaper).

The fact that Isabel had a mother who was not originally from Africa, but from Russia is something that Isabel could take pride in knowing. To have a mother who was under Communist rule in Russia, to a world that has mostly abandoned communism and embraced a free market system.

Isabel dos Santos became a billionaire. She has been involved in business sectors like energy, telecommunications, banking, energy, finance and also diamonds.

Concerning Isabel’s educational resume, she attended Cobham Hall in the United Kingdom. Cobham Hall was an all-girls school. After finishing up at Cobham, Isabel went on to attend King’s College, a well-known university in London. Isabel met her future husband, Sindika Dokolo at King’s College.

In 2002, Sindika Dokolo and Isabel dos Santos were married. They have three children together. Concerning Isabel’s husband, Sindika Dokolo, his city of birth is Kinshasa, Zaire. Dokolo is the owner of one of the most important art collections concerning African contemporary art. Additionally, Dokolo’s collection is noted to include 3 thousand pieces.

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Louis Chenevert Has Made United Technologies Corporation What It Is Today

Louis Chenevert is known as the man who lifted United Technologies Corporation (UTC) up to be the company it is today. He started his professional life by attending HEC Montréal, which is an affiliated Business School of University of Montreal. It was there that he obtained his Bachelor’s of Commerce Degree in Business Production Management. He went on to receive Honorary Doctorate from, both, HEC Montréal and Concordia University. After this, he worked for General Motors for 14 years as its Production General Manager. In this position, he helped to ensure that the company’s production department and inner workings went smoothly.

As Louis Chenevert continued to add to his skills and expertise, an opening appeared at Pratt & Whitney. The company’s work was focused in the aerospace manufacturing industry, and it desperately needed some stronger leadership. Chenevert started out by working in the company’s Canadian branch, and he managed to help Pratt & Whitney get through a tough financial time. Just six years after coming aboard with the company, he was elected its President. The work he did during this time and after began to catch the attention of some of the leadership at United Technologies Corporation (UTC), which Pratt & Whitney was a subsidiary of. Chenevert quickly became the Chairman of UTC and then worked his way up to become its CEO.

Louis Chenevert helped to usher in a new era for UTC, and it was through his leadership and knack for innovation that the company’s bottom line improved dramatically. He was a large part of the creation of the Geared Turbo Fan Engine, which helped to reduce fuel consumption by 20%, reduced noise levels by 50%, and could, be built at a much lower cost. He was also responsible and at the head of the acquisition of Goodrich aerospace, which was known to be the largest acquisition ever at the time that it happened. It was a deal worth $18 billion, and it changed the direction that UTC would take for years to come.

Louis Chenevert will always be remembered as the innovative genius who made UTC what it is today.