Upwork Hacks the To-Do List

One of the most popular recent blogs on Upwork’s is the article titled, “10 Powerful Tips for Sailing Through Your to Do List”. The article describes a variety of ways to hack your to-do list to reduce stress and help you get more things crossed off that never ending to-do list.

A simple hack that many people forget is giving time attributes to all of your tasks. By knowing what time you will start each task, how long they will take and what time of day you will work on it you can start to force yourself to plan how you will accomplish a task. This prevents you from simply thinking about how you will get it done and will force you to get a realistic view of how much you can accomplish within a specific time frame.

Another way to hack your to do list is to delegate. By using an app like ClickUp, you can assign tasks to different members of your team without worrying about it slipping through the cracks. The whole process only takes a few seconds and will help you stay organized.

Upwork also suggests taking the time to Zoom in and out. Because the majority of people have a to-do list that can seem ceaseless, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with how much we have to do. However, by using the Zoom-in and out strategy, you can create small wins. The strategy is simple. You simply break up the big tasks into smaller sub tasks which allows you to feel like you are accomplishing more while building your momentum. It also makes the task seem more manageable and less overwhelming.

Another suggestion is to batch your tasks. This idea originally began in the factories with a process called batch processing which simply puts all the similar jobs together. It works the same with you. For example, if you have ten phone calls to make, it will be easier to maintain your momentum by doing the phone calls all in a row.

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