The Plight Of Refugees Becomes The Work Of Yeonmi Park

The number of refugees seeking the chance to escape the regimes of various governments around the world has recently grown to epidemic status, but an unlikely advocate has made her way around the world to explain just how difficult life is for refugees. Yeonmi Park is still in her early twenties, but has lived a life that many cannot imagine as she was forced to escape North Korea and the starvation she faced there. Park now gives speeches and discusses her defection from North Korea at conferences like the One Young World summit in Dublin, Ireland. Yeonmi Park has detailed her story in her memoir “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom” and in various articles in some of the best respected newspapers in the world. The story Park tells takes in her family’s fall from the upper echelons of the North Korean regime following the decision by her father to sell goods on the black market. Park explains her father was forced into the decision as his family was starving, but the discovery of his acts forced the family to join the general public in living under the harsh rules of the communist regime. The details of the journey to freedom undertaken by Yeonmi Park and her family are harrowing and have shaped the future she now sees as a campaigner for the rights of refugees and those taken by human traffickers. Yeonmi Park and her mother took years to pass through China and into Mongolia where they made their way to the South Korean embassy and begin their new lives as free people. Because of her decision to speak out on youtube against the North Korean regime Yeonmi Park has been subjected to criticism and ridicule by those who sympathize with the leaders of the communist country, reports. Park feels this shows just how worried the leaders of the regime are about the work she has undertaken to reveal the truth about life in North Korea and the problems facing those who remain in the country.