Grupo RBS Expands Into Digital Media

The Brazilian media giant, Grupo RBS has been going through a period of expansion in the last decade that has been pushed forward by the work of incoming Chairperson Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer. The new Chairperson is just the third in the history of the Brazilian media brand with all three coming from the Sirotsky family that remains in control of the brand. The growth and expansion of the Grupo RBS brand have been large and consistent over the course of its history with the Sirotsky family always looking to the latest technology to give its customers the best possible experience.

According to meioemensagem, juggling a major media conglomerate and all the factors that can affect it on a regular basis can be a major issue for many in the industry. However, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has been looking for new ways of pushing the work of the family forward with a growing list of digital companies that have widened the portfolio of the brand. Melzer was looking for ways of changing the direction Grupo RBS was moving in when he decided to create the eBricks Ventures brand that has taken the work of Grupo RBS and expanded upon it.

Under the leadership of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, the Grupo RBS brand has been divided into five different sectors to make it easy to understand. The division of the different areas of interest within the brand includes the area devoted to creating content for younger audiences that has become known as Kzuka. The Kzuka brand is devoted to working on new ways of producing and delivering digital content and programming across multiple platforms. Although the Grupo RBS brand has become eternally linked to the development of media content across various areas of technology, the work of the company is no longer solely located in this area. Instead, the largest wine retailing website in Brazil has been created from within RBS along with a logistics company that offers its services across Southern Brazil.

Bruce Levenson: An Industrialist with Strong Foundation in Media Operations

Bruce Levenson is a philanthropist and an American businessman. Mr. Levenson is a born-Jewish who grew up in Chevy. He has a number of professions, some of which being, journalism and law. He is a very ambitious person and has co-founded a company whose main focus was the oil industry and how they would take development there. At Tech Target, Mr. Bruce happens to be a founding member of the board of directors and has been there for long enough. In fact, the truth is that he served as a director in that company for more than a decade. During his tenure, the company realized quite some spinning in the development. Also, he has been an adviser to so many organizations, both public and private.

Why is Mr. Bruce termed as philanthropic?

If you ask many people, very least would they expect to see some wealthy and highly reputable persons being kind and gentle like this man. With examples, Bruce is a person with a big heart, and he loves helping the less fortunate. It is no doubt that so far, he has spent quite a fortune in helping people. For instance, he has served in such organizations as; Community Foundation of Washington D.C, Hoop Dreams Foundation and also in I Have a Dream Foundation. These are organizations serving various purposes in the society, and they target persons who have issues in their lives. There are just some of the organizations that he is actively involved in as a donor. There are many more that are not mentioned, including another that trains one that trains the inner city students to become tour guides at the museums.

About Bruce’s family

Bruce is married to Karen and between them they have three sons. Together with the wife, they spearhead some philanthropic works. They go motivating the young people in schools to also think about how they can be part of non-profit making organizations that will offer charitable services to those in the community. Bruce is also close to his mother-in-law. In March 2014, the Bruce family went for a trip to the U.S Holocaust Museum. This was in Washington D.C, and Irene the mother-in-law to Bruce accompanied them. This clearly depicts that there is some sort of bonding within the entire family. At least it serves as a sign that truly Bruce is sociable and one who loves people. His active participation in the aid organizations also calls for him to involve the family so that they give collective support to those that need them.

Some surprising moves that Bruce has ever made

Usually you do not announce to the entire world what you are up to. However, when you prospect to make some move and have calculated the move well, you can then leak what you are up to. Although Mr. Levenson has been the owner of the Hawks, he declared that he would sell it. What I believe is that for as long as he decided to do it by himself, then it must have been well-thought, irrespective of whatever the reason was.