The Goals of Barbara Stokes

I had just finished reading a couple of articles about a woman named Barbara Stokes. I had realized after reading those articles, a couple of observations. Read this article at

Number one, Mrs. Stokes is, in her own right, a savvy businesswoman, with a long history in her hometown. Second, Barbra Stokes loves to meet the needs of the community. She is, what I would call a servant for the people. She thinks less about herself and more about meeting the needs others. I will go ahead and do a brief of each observation.


Barbara Stokes hails from Huntsville, AL. Before her mark as a successful Entrepreneur, she had gone to school to pursue engineering and physics. She then started working in those fields for awhile and then decided to run her own business. This involved contracts with the government regarding commercial and housing development. Her business, being around for years, has led her to different projects, where there were strong contributions to disaster relief. For instance, Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC, where Barbara Stokes is the CEO, was involved in humanitarian efforts during the Hurricane Harvey disaster. It brought about temporary housing for many residents affected. Barbara Stokes is indeed a force to be reckoned with. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Affiliatedork.