Barbara Stokes Launches Eight New Branches Through Green Structure Homes

Barbara Stokes is someone who has been able to help countless people all over the country by leading a company that provides disaster relief measures to people who are affected by natural calamities and who have lost their homes. Stokes stands as the CEO of Green Structure Homes and has partaken in numerous disaster relief ventures through the course of her career. She is highly renowned in her field and has an incredible amount of experience, which is why she has been able to efficiently lead the company and make it what it currently is. At her role as the CEO of the company, she oversees all of the operations that are being carried out by the company and also offers her insight into projects that are being run by government agencies in America. Follow Barbara Stokes on


One of the more recent upgrades to the company operations that Stokes helped implement was the formation of eight new branches of Green Structure Homes across the country. The opening of these eight new branches will open up a huge job market for those who are looking to get into the field of construction and engineering. These new branches were able to open up after the company entered into a contract with FEMA, granting them $28.5 million towards the setting up of new operations throughout the country. The new branches will bring in more jobs for the people living in these areas, thereby helping them improve their income.


Even though the field of engineering is primarily male-dominated, Barbara Stokes has been able to break the mold and stand as one of the foremost female CEOs in her field. She also has a number of high qualifications that have helped her through the course of her career. Stokes attended the Mercer University and attained a degree in biomedical engineering. She then went on to study numerous other facets of the engineering field and attained qualifications in subjects like Manufacturing, Technical Communication, Management, Thermodynamics and Corporate Structures.



Before working at Green Structure Homes, Stokes worked at Pisces Corporation. She was an important part of the company and contributed immensely to its overall growth. She also worked at Boeing at the beginning of her career and attained experience with government contracting which has helped her immensely as she stands as the CEO of Green Structure Homes. In addition to working at her career, Stokes is also actively involved with social initiatives in her community and in the state of Alabama. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.