Walmart’s Selection of Purina Beneful dog food and Prices

If you are in need of Purina Beneful dog food find yourself a big selection at a Walmart near you, or go to for a bigger selection. Prices may vary depending on the size and type of the brand. 15.5 lb bags of dry food are priced at $13.98. This price is included with Beneful Healthy weight, Originals, Healthy Puppy and IncrediBites designed for smaller sized dogs. Find yourself 40lb dry food bags for $33.98 a piece which includes all types of Beneful variations.


Looking for Beneful Medleys? Walmart carries a 27 pack for the low price of $14.98 or 18.5 cents each. These medleys are good for mixing into dry or wet food and includes 9 of 3 different flavors which are Tuscan style, Romana style and Mediterranean style. Walmart also carries Beneful Originals dry food with real salmon in 31.1 lb bags for $26.98 and the 15.5 lb bags. Beneful Chopped blends wet dog food bring you 3 pairs of mashed up flavors including, (lamb, brown rice, carrots, tomato and spinach), (Chicken, carrots, peas and wild rice) and (beef, carrots, peas and barley) all for $10.58 or pay $1.77 per tub. Get yourself a 27 pack of IncrediBites for $14.94 or 3-3 oz cans for $1.77 each.


Are these prices too steep for you? Don’t worry, every Wednesday staring at 12:01 PT Walmart rolls back their prices on online and in-store items. Walmart even offers their ‘Saving Showcase’ which entitles shoppers to clearances, special buys, and more roll back opportunities. However you may visit a number of different websites to print out free coupons, I will mention a few of them in the bullets down below.

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