Jason Colodne Demonstrates Rare Talent

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Finance is often characterized as a complex industry. The field attracts brilliant minds. One of these is Jason Colodne. His work not only demonstrates high achievement, but also a profound pioneering spirit. What Colodne brings to finance is a successful strategy that can be applied to a variety of different financial endeavors. However, Colodne, the investment banker, is merely the tip of the iceberg as demonstrated by his talents. As you read on, you will become aware of how special is Mr. Colodne’s impact upon the masses, as well as, an overall value that is difficult to measure.

People like Jason Colodne make us realize how much the world of finance impacts our daily lives. When looking over Mr. Colodne’s skills, one is amidst to see all his impacts clearly. That is, unless you are a financial professional yourself. Even then, one is not likely to fully appreciate the influence that Colodne has on a daily basis without operating at an executive level in finance. Here is a list of some of Jason Colodne’s skills:

  • distressed company turnarounds
  • establishing infrastructures
  • deal sourcing and execution
  • credit investing
  • proprietary distressed securities investing
  • restructuring committees
  • loan closing and administration
  • credit trading
  • comprehensive managerial oversight
  • establishing internal processes and procedures
  • loan documentation and execution

Some of these skills, like establishing infrastructures, restructuring committees, and turning around distressed companies, clearly indicate a propensity to impact change on a grand scale. Others, like deal sourcing and execution, make it clear that he knows how to finish a job. However, Mr. Colodne’s need to oversee all operations with a hands-on approach demonstrates that the other skills are just as important. He simply does not let chance determine the outcomes of business dealings. Rather, Colodne supports operations by being attentive to things like loan documentation, internal processes and administrative closings.

How all of these skills tie together can be hard for people outside the field to grasp. To get an overview of the types of financial activities in which Jason Colodne operates, consider his broader activities:

  • strategic finance
  • portfolio management
  • investigative diligence
  • supportive accounting strategies
  • overall execution and oversight

One can sum up Mr. Colodne’s approach to business as strategic oversight. His managerial style is highly diligent when it comes to knowing what goes on in his company and its teams. The term “strategy” must be used as a descriptive qualifier, as this is where Mr. Colodne demonstrates, not only a high aptitude, but also an ability to innovate where needed.

Jason Colodne’s success is not one that is entirely derived by a follow the leader approach or maintaining the status quo. If this were the case, then Mr. Colodne could not have led so many companies so successfully in such a variety of different areas.

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Smita Shah Connects Her Childhood to the Present Day

There have been countless studies on the differences between women and men in the workplace. While the studies have shown little gap in the way of work efficiency, there are startling differences in how the quality of work is seen. Women on average make a lower amount of money than men in the same position. Additionally, there are sectors with a void in the presence of women. While a greater number of women have advanced up society, there is still plenty of work to be done. Smita Shah is a business owner who took her fight directly to the male industrial field. She recounts her story and future expectations for women in a recent Gazette Day article.


Smita Shah has found that what happens during the childhood of a woman is likely to influence how they think of the rest of their life. She hears stories all the time of suppression and rejection of getting into male-focused hobbies. While this is countered by her own personal experiences. Smita Shah describes her childhood as a period when she was allowed to mentally explore whatever she wanted. The one thing that captured her mind the most was numbers had an infinite amount of uses. She couldn’t fathom how formulas made everything connect together in such a logical manner. Her parents had no problems with their daughter absorbing her time into this passion. Learn more: https://www.thechicagonetwork.org/members/smita-shah/


While this may have resulted in being a social outcast during grade school, her talents were second to none in college. Smita Shah was winning high recognition at numerous math competitions. At the same time, she was becoming increasingly recognized for her talents on campus. Her story is a clear example of how women can compete on an equal footing with men when given the proper opportunity. However, peers and business leaders could have never expected what came next. Smita Shah founded SPAAN Tech, Inc, as an engineering firm to stake her claim in the industry. She was not just all talk, but someone who lived by their core convictions.


Smita Shah spends a good portion of this discussion giving her fellow women a series of tips to follow when first entering the workforce. The first step occurs even before taking your first step into the office. Learning to believe in yourself and knowing your limits is simple to keep yourself from burning out on the job. Gaining status in the workplace is not about speed, but instead about high quality over a period of time. A new worker should focus on doing work correctly and building a sense of trust with coworkers. Secondly, always be in a state of showing your presence. It is essential that a woman takes control over their work and claim credit where it’s due.


The workplace is not friendly even to those involved for years, but Smita Shah is hoping to make the process easier for her fellow women. The tips have had a positive influence in bringing in even more women.

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Bhanu Choudhrie: A Step Above the Rest

The impact Bhanu Choudhrie has made on the state of the business industry today is both remarkable and righteous. He knew that when he set out to build a career for himself, there would be a lot of important decisions down the line, but he never could have expected the level of responsibility that comes along with leading a group of investors. Bhanu Choudhrie says that many of the things you have to learn in life are simply done through experience, and if you do not have a negative experience to base your positive experiences off of, how can you possibly experience at all? Get the latest updates on his twitter for more information.

This is the reasoning he uses in his everyday life, as he believes that looking at failures as an opportunity to make yourself better is the simple and most decent way to go about constructing your life. When you reach roadblocks, think about how that roadblock will essentially make you better at unblocking roads in the long-run. When it comes to problems in your life, Bhanu Choudhrie believes that you are essentially battling for your mental health and well being. When you are faced daily with issues as astronomical as those presented in the field of business, it is only logical that much of the population of businessmen would have difficulties carrying all of this weight. When it comes to carrying the weight of others, however, there is hardly anyone in the world more generous than Bhanu Choudhrie.

He simply believes in working towards enforcing a reality he can be proud of. Knowing that he has an impact on the course of humanity’s future, he has always known that caution is absolutely necessary on an everyday basis. Every decision he makes has to be double and triple thought out, possibly even more so. Because of this, it is a lot of baggage to deal with, but for someone with a powerful mindset in to Bhanu Choudhrie’s, they will be able to confront all of the issues that come their way with honor and dignity. It is his respect for others that has always made him stand a step above the rest. Read: https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/article-1690283/Millionaire-Interview-Bhanu-Choudhrie.html

The Outstanding career of Marc Beer

Though Marc Beer started small in his profession, he has toiled hard to establish his name in his organization. He has grown from low ranks in the pharmaceutical industry to a profoundly recognizable leader in biotechnology. His inspiration in setting up the Renovia Company features a famous gynecologist that still proves his intuitiveness in finding solutions for his clients. Marc dislikes seeing people suffering from diseases that they cannot prevent without dedicating large amounts of money. With that, he regulates the costs in the medications he offers to make them affordable to all his clients. Besides, he dedicates funds to help those in poor backgrounds afford medicines for their conditions. His modest nature continues to draw other executives towards helping the sick through their expertise.

Marc Beer notes that convectional approaches should be a crucial part of every venture. He believes that all practitioners should not launch their ventures to earn profits while ignoring the needs of patients. Through his career experiences, he insists that doctors should focus on solving problems and giving the best on health and advise to sick people regardless of the amounts that they earn. Through humbleness, medical experts can increase their chances of creating a diverse and dynamic world. Besides, people can acquire a lot of knowledge about how to live quality lives by eating and staying healthy. He is always affected by the pain and suffering that most of his clients experience. He takes time to counsel them and offer them ways they can handle their situations. 

Being an expert in a field that calls for constant engagement with people under pressure due to diseases, Marc Beer continues to lift his spirit by remaining calm. He dedicates his money and time to help others for the sake of their families and children. He is a man with a sedate nature and with the quick positive response, his clients tend to have, he never gives up. He keeps walking through the journey to make more discoveries. His Renovia Company has helped him in lifting his name and acquiring an honor in the industry. He has earned rewards for his remarkable contributions to the globe. Learn more: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=1285777&privcapId=47636573 

Marc Beer also targets to be of an extraordinary impact to people in the globe. He believes that people that live far from his ventures must also be given a chance to access his products. Through his evolutional mindset, he launched a digital health platform to enable his customer’s access medications online. Everyone that contacts his team via their online platform can access the products and services they request. Besides, clients can talk to specialists and purchase medications safely. His steps have eased the harsh journeys that people have to travel to buy medicines from trusted dealers.

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Glenn Schlossberg Is The Clothing Entrepreneur Who Uses Time Off To Help Him With His Productivity

Executive leader and philanthropist Glenn Schlossberg is known for his role in founding Jump Design Group. He continues to maintain the firm’s CEO position that he has served in throughout the company’s history. His distinguished tenure as CEO at Jump Design Group has seen the firm grown and flourish. Glenn Schlossberg is known for his tireless work ethic. This is the kind of work ethic that is characteristic of executive leaders who have achieved the kind of success that Glenn Schlossberg has. What might come as a surprise to some is the fact that the CEO also likes to take time to himself for purposes of recreation. Glenn Schlossberg is known to advocate for the benefits that can be achieved by making sure to treat one’s self to the benefits of time away from the grind of work. He finds that doing so is a great way to refresh and come back stronger and ready to tackle whatever the business world will come up with.

According to realtyhop.com, in today’s middle-market clothing sector, Glenn Schlossberg has established himself as a figure of great respect and admiration. Due to this, it does come off as a bit of a surprise that he is also an individual who takes regular vacations. The truth is that Glenn feels that this helps him with his creativity. Since his ability to be creative is so important in the industry he operates in, he is happy to take advantage of any advantage he can gain from taking time off and recharging.

Glenn Schlossberg has always been a generous individual and due to this, philanthropy has always been close to his heart. He is an entrepreneur that loves to use his own personal fortunes to help others. Donating to cancer research is one of the areas that he has become passionate about. Glenn Schlossberg recently helped to generate a $1 million donation that was given to the Joel Finkelstein Cancer Foundation. This is just one of a number of organizations that Glenn proudly assists through his charitable donations.  For more info about Aaron you can visit his twitter account.


Ashley Lightspeed’ Career at Lightsped Ventures

Early Influences at Home

When Ashley Lightspeed was growing up she admired her dad and dreamed of being like him. She was always observant of his architectural skills and admired his dedication and commitment to detail. Asley enjoyed sitting at a table accessible thru the garage, where she would sit quietly and sketch out her drawings and sketches. Ashley got into a habit of developing prototypes like her dad. She was not far off from what she would be doing years later. As a consequence of her studies abroad first at Duke University and later at Copenhagen, Ashley began gravitating toward using the principle fo prototyping but applying to some business ideas she had. She realized that the prototyping was a way of getting inside the details of business without it being off the ground yet. Prototyping was a key that opened many new features of the business world for her. See Related Article at Forbes

Beginning a Consulting Career

After her higher education had finished Ashley Lightspeed found herself involved with a company called Bain and its was there she fell into a consulting career. Ashley didn’t stop at Bain, but she got a hankering to discover what lay dormant in Silicon Valley for her career. In Silicon Valley, she began to work at a company called Thumbtack as a Category Manager. Ashley learned a lot about how to acquire new customers and she grew rapidly at that office.

Flourishing and Growing

Since she was working in the Weddings & Events categories at Thumbtack it was there that the flourished at that time. Throughout these early years of her professional career she often used prototyping as a means of carrying out her work; for example, in gaining feedback from customers or to replicate or expand on an idea that she wanted to develop. One excellent way Ashley learned to use prototyping was to use it for product improvements. Finally, Ashley Lightspeed has some original ideas on prototyping as it can be integrated into an entrepreneurs toolkit, which can be used to learn your mistakes fast, but at the same time replicate an idea even faster.

Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/20888573-ashley-brasier

Max Salk – the versatile, open-minded, and adaptable lad

People with a wide variety of skills reap the most from the continuous evolution by the world to be more competitive. Traditional jobs are gradually losing their appeal as the modern man seeks gratification by pursuing many activities void from a mold. The increasing number of school dropouts coupled with the exposure due to internet access has been the leading factors to this paradigm shift. Max Salk is among the people affected by this shift. Max’s adventurous mindsets him out to attain his dreams through various professions.

Max Salk was born and raised in Illinois before moving to New York. Max education took him to the Urbana-Champaign campus of the reputable University of Illinois. In the university, Max Salk studied history and finance. He currently is a landscape photographer and investment analyst in New York. Salk began his passion for bourse while in college and started trading. He also studied in Rotterdam, where he realized his love for photography. A picture he took while strolling around the harbor in Rotterdam featured on his website and was the first photo he put up there.

His love for the markets led him to PPM America, a hedge fund in Chicago. At the firm, Max Salk thrived in research and advisory role dealing primarily with the market. Salk moved to his current job in Blackstone after working at PPM America for three years. At Blackstone, Max serves as the VP and a research analyst dealing with US credit. He also pursues photography showcasing his adventures through his website and his Instagram account.

In a recent interview, Max Salk talks of how he achieved his accomplishments. He asserts that taking up photography in addition to his work in trading was not easy, and he had doubts, but that was a typical experience to him. Salk claims that his passion for his work was critical in motivating him to strive for success. He also said that focussing from a young age was vital for his journey, especially with the many distractions today. Though a few hobbies here and there cannot do anyone any harm as seen by Max Salk being a music listener and a sports fan. Max defies the traditional system by being versatile, open-minded, and adaptable; and these attributes have led to his prosperity.


The Work of Sujit Choudhry, Changing the World

Having worked in more than 30 countries over the past 20 years, Sujit Choudhry has made a name for himself as one of the world’s most leading experts in constitutional law. Choudhry has created several programs , published articles, written books, and has been published around the world. As the Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, Sujit Choudhry gives necessary information to the people whom need it most by an extended network of experts in constitutional law.

The eccentricities that make each country as profoundly different as the next must be plainly apparent in the structure of their constitutions. Sujit Choudhry Studies those things that differ in these crucial documents and proceeds to press for greater regulation and standards for constitutional development.

Each situation differs from the next and in the 17 case studies of countries going through constitutional development Sujit Choudhry examines those differences in depth. Because of both the broad analysis and detailed case studies of the subject at hand the findings of of Sujit Choudhry should be especially appealing to those studying federalism.

Sujit Choudhry is utilizing the unique details of each case to examine the effects of territorial disputes on constitutional development. To design a document that has the sole purpose of delivering peace to a war torn area is not an easy feat. However, the years of dedicated experience to his profession has prepared Sujit Choudhry for the immensely challenging task of devising acceptable resolutions to centuries old disputes.

It would seem that Sujit Choudhry is defining the reasons why territorial disputes are paramount in understanding the successes and failures of constitutional transitions.

Sujit Choudhry is making strides to move toward a more unified civilization of humankind. There are few people as well versed in constitutional law in as Sujit Choudhry. Because of the invaluable lessons that each constitutional construct provides, the work of Sujit Choudhry is also invaluable. One can only hope that his continued efforts toward peace will benefit mankind.

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Maurício Mendonça Godoy – Heading EBR’s Win with Petrobras


Brazil’s Petrobras named the ‘Best Supplier Award’ recipient for 2018 in April of 2019. Maurício Mendonça Godoy, at the head of Estaleiros do Brazil (EBR), helped to make the distinction possible. After a lengthy career in petroleum, Estaleiros do Brazil, a company whose industry is shipbuilding, approached him for a position in their company.


He spent his young adult life earning a variety of advanced degrees which paid off. Maurício Mendonça Godoy, employed by Brazil-based Setal, a leader in the petroleum industry, he worked his way up to become Chief Operating Officer. After years as COO at Setal, he left to become the CEO of SOG Óleo e Gás SA and then, at the same time, he became CEO of Toyo Setal.

In 2015, Estaleiros do Brasil Ltda (EBR) approached Maurício Mendonça Godoy to join them. he accepted the challenging role as President and works closely with the oil industries in the Libra and Buzios oil fields. While at Toyo Steal, he helped to develop AVEVA Plant application that helps design and manage plant engineering. The purpose is to use object-centered technology in oil production. It helps to put all facets of production in one place, substantially reducing man-hours required. Join Linkedin to see Mauricio Mendoca Godoy’s full profile.


Thanks to Maurício Mendonça Godoy’s education and degrees in engineering, business administration and petroleum, he has led EBR to the heights of the industry, earning the distinguished Best Supplier Award in Engineering, awarded by a leading Brazilian petrochemical company, Petrobras.

Maurício Mendonça Godoy’s knowledge of engineering helped EBR to begin development on new, state-of-the-art ships with innovative new methods of storage and transportation of petroleum products. Though he works for others, he keeps his entrepreneurial spirit alive, which gives him the ability to think of new methods of handling transport in the field.


With Maurício Mendonça Godoy at the helm of EBR, there is no doubt that his innovative and creative methods of influencing the Brazilian petrochemical industry, engineering at EBR, and his overall knowledge of business administration, will lead EBR to even more accolades. Serving customers, helping the environment, and improving manufacturing will all give EBR the ability to continue to work toward a positive future.

Source: https://pt.everybodywiki.com/Maur%C3%ADcio_Mendon%C3%A7a_Godoy

Jason Colodne Translated His Previous Professional Experiences Into Success With His Colbeck Capital Management Firm

jason colodne and jason beckman

Jason Colodne is an investment professional who has garnered acclaim for his role in the co-founding of New York-based investment management firm Colbeck Capital Management. His many years working in the industry have helped him to build an impressive base of knowledge and experience that has been instrumental in allowing him to consistently cultivate success. Jason Colodne attained his formal education from his studies at the University of Pennsylvania. He graduated from the prestigious institution in 1994 with his BA in history. After completing his college degree, Jason went on to pursue his professional career.

The past experience of Jason Colodne is impressive and includes time spent with internationally recognized investment and financial industry firms, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. He was at Goldman Sachs from 1998 until 2004. During his time with Goldman Sachs, Jason worked in the areas of Hybrid Lending and Proprietary Distressed Investment. He served as the firm’s head in these areas. His next professional stop was as the Managing Director with Morgan Stanley where he served as the firm’s Strategic Finance head. He worked at Morgan Stanley from 2004 until 2007. His time with Morgan Stanley saw Jason Colodne play a critical role in operating the strategic lending department within the Morgan Stanley business model. He enjoyed a great deal of success during this time in building the firm’s infrastructure in areas such as accounting, management of the portfolio and areas such as deal execution and sourcing. Visit his facebook page to learn more about his platform.

It was shortly after leaving Morgan Stanley in 2007 that Jason Colodne began work toward establishing his own firm. In 2009, he co-founded Colbeck Capital Management alongside his trusted business partner Jason Beckman. Jason Beckman has served as the ideal business partner and co-founder due to his own extensive knowledge and experience. His past experience saw him work in the area of distressed debt with Deutsche Bank where he held the title of Senior VP. The work he did there has translated perfectly to his role as the co-founder at Colbeck Capital Management alongside Jason Colodne.

With Colbeck Capital Management, Jason Colodne heads up a firm that has a strong reputation for the professional advisory services that it provides in the area of investment. From the management of portfolios to consultation and financial planning services, Colbeck Capital Management has established a strong reputation for service and excellence under the expert guidance and leadership of its co-founders Jason Colodne and Jason Beckman. The two co-founders continue to lead the firm on a steady path of growth.