EOS Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm Review

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) Organic Lip Balms Strawberry Sorbet is one of several flavors. The strawberry sorbet flavor has a nice, fruity fragrance that creates a luxurious experience for the user. In addition, the cosmetic product is safe to use and has a sweet taste. The product’s texture is smooth and the lip balm stays on the lips for long time. The egg shaped container is cute and makes it easier to find when thrown in your bag. Other EOS flavors include Pomegranate Raspberry, Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, Blueberry-Acai, Lemon Drop,Medicated Tangerine, and Honeysuckle Dew.

EOS lip balms contain natural flavors and scents. The Strawberry Sorbet flavor does not contain any harmful preservatives such as parabens. The product also does not contain petroleum since the ingredient is not absorbent. Shea butter and vitamin E are used instead to provide a silky feeling to lips and to penetrate lips so that the area is protected from the inside.

The lip gloss company is environmentally conscious and strives to avoid leaving carbon footprints during the manufacturing process. EOS also claims to be chemical-free which makes it a better lip balm option than others for individuals who have sensitive skin.