The Work of Sujit Choudhry, Changing the World

Having worked in more than 30 countries over the past 20 years, Sujit Choudhry has made a name for himself as one of the world’s most leading experts in constitutional law. Choudhry has created several programs , published articles, written books, and has been published around the world. As the Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, Sujit Choudhry gives necessary information to the people whom need it most by an extended network of experts in constitutional law.

The eccentricities that make each country as profoundly different as the next must be plainly apparent in the structure of their constitutions. Sujit Choudhry Studies those things that differ in these crucial documents and proceeds to press for greater regulation and standards for constitutional development.

Each situation differs from the next and in the 17 case studies of countries going through constitutional development Sujit Choudhry examines those differences in depth. Because of both the broad analysis and detailed case studies of the subject at hand the findings of of Sujit Choudhry should be especially appealing to those studying federalism.

Sujit Choudhry is utilizing the unique details of each case to examine the effects of territorial disputes on constitutional development. To design a document that has the sole purpose of delivering peace to a war torn area is not an easy feat. However, the years of dedicated experience to his profession has prepared Sujit Choudhry for the immensely challenging task of devising acceptable resolutions to centuries old disputes.

It would seem that Sujit Choudhry is defining the reasons why territorial disputes are paramount in understanding the successes and failures of constitutional transitions.

Sujit Choudhry is making strides to move toward a more unified civilization of humankind. There are few people as well versed in constitutional law in as Sujit Choudhry. Because of the invaluable lessons that each constitutional construct provides, the work of Sujit Choudhry is also invaluable. One can only hope that his continued efforts toward peace will benefit mankind.

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Jason Colodne Translated His Previous Professional Experiences Into Success With His Colbeck Capital Management Firm:

Jason Colodne is an investment professional who has garnered acclaim for his role in the co-founding of New York-based investment management firm Colbeck Capital Management. His many years working in the industry have helped him to build an impressive base of knowledge and experience that has been instrumental in allowing him to consistently cultivate success. Jason Colodne attained his formal education from his studies at the University of Pennsylvania. He graduated from the prestigious institution in 1994 with his BA in the fields of finance and history. After completing his college degree, Jason went on to pursue his professional career.

The past experience of Jason Colodne is impressive and includes time spent with internationally recognized investment and financial industry firms, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. He was at Goldman Sachs from 1998 until 2004. During his time with Goldman Sachs, Jason worked in the areas of Hybrid Lending and Proprietary Distressed Investment. He served as the firm’s head in these areas. His next professional stop was as the Managing Director with Morgan Stanley where he served as the firm’s Strategic Finance head. He worked at Morgan Stanley from 2004 until 2007. His time with Morgan Stanley saw Jason Colodne play a critical role in operating the strategic lending department within the Morgan Stanley business model. He enjoyed a great deal of success during this time in building the firm’s infrastructure in areas such as accounting, management of the portfolio and areas such as deal execution and sourcing. Visit his facebook page to learn more about his platform.

It was shortly after leaving Morgan Stanley in 2007 that Jason Colodne began work toward establishing his own firm. In 2009, he co-founded Colbeck Capital Management alongside his trusted business partner Jason Beckman. Jason Beckman has served as the ideal business partner and co-founder due to his own extensive knowledge and experience. His past experience saw him work in the area of distressed debt with Deutsche Bank where he held the title of Senior VP. The work he did there has translated perfectly to his role as the co-founder at Colbeck Capital Management alongside Jason Colodne.

With Colbeck Capital Management, Jason Colodne heads up a firm that has a strong reputation for the professional advisory services that it provides in the area of investment. From the management of portfolios to consultation and financial planning services, Colbeck Capital Management has established a strong reputation for service and excellence under the expert guidance and leadership of its co-founders Jason Colodne and Jason Beckman. The two co-founders continue to lead the firm on a steady path of growth.

Jason Colodne truly has a diverse background and diverse interests. He has also worked in the world of film and has several impressive film credits as a producer and co-producer. He served as the executive producer on the films Earth to Echo, Beyond the Lights, Act of Valor and Paranoia and he was the c-executive producer on the film Brick Mansions in 2014. This is yet another interesting wrinkle to the fascinating career that Jason Colodne has enjoyed over the course of his professional life. Check out:

TJ Maloney’s journey to the Top of the Corporate World and His Ability to Lead Lincolnshire Management

The journey to the top is not a straight-forward path, nor is it an easy one. For you to be successful in any field you must be ready to give it your all and not give up. Success comes when preparation, diligence, sacrifice and persistence meets opportunity. TJ Maloney is an excellent example of a diligent individual who persevered through life’s ups and downs and worked hard to get to the top of the corporate world. TJ Maloney leads one of the biggest investment firms in America. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Lincolnshire Management. Other than being the CEO, TJ Maloney is also the firm’s Chairman and a member of the investment committee. This means that he is actively involved with the portfolio companies.

TJ Maloney is a holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College. He also holds a Juris Doctor from the Fordham Law School. His expertise in numerous fields has helped him to navigate through the world of investing. After graduation, TJ Maloney did not just sit and wait for opportunities to come to him; he went out into the field and fought for a seat at the table. TJ Maloney started by working in law firms specializing in mergers and acquisitions of other firms. It was until 1993 that he joined Lincolnshire Management.

Lincolnshire Management is an American company that deals with acquisitions and investments. The company has been operational for over 30 years and boasts over 70 huge investments in a wide variety of avenues and industries. The company’s headquarters are located in New York, but also operates in other parts of the country. Apart from New York, Lincolnshire Management also has offices in California, Chicago and Atlanta.

Other than having a successful tenure in law firms in New York and now at Lincolnshire Management, TJ Maloney has in the past been actively involved in the running of high profile organizations. One of these organizations the Boston College Wall Street Council. TJ Maloney was once the Chairman of the council. TJ Maloney’s expertise and experience have also helped in guiding the Board of Trustees of Fordham University.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong – Inspiring E-commerce Entrepreneur and Businessman Based in China

Richard Liu Qiangdong is known for his business vision and acumen with which he helped grow to the considerable e-commerce company it has become in the last decade. It is an inspiring story for millions of entrepreneurs across the globe who are looking to transform their vision into reality.

Richard Liu Qiangdong doesn’t come from a wealthy or elite family and has seen hardships when he was young. It is what gave the birth in him of desire to rise above mediocrity, and he went on to pursue studies seriously to build his career on a solid foundation. Richard Liu Qiangdong studied MBA and Sociology before he went on to join a company called Japan Life, a Japanese company that mainly dealt with nutrition and wellness products. Surprisingly, he got the job for his programming skills, a skill that he developed in his free time while studying in school.

He went on to be promoted at the position of director of computers at Japan Life but left the job soon after as he wanted to fulfill his passion for business. He started a restaurant with whatever savings he had managed to collect at his job, but the restaurant failed miserably, leaving him with no money and piles of debts. Later on, he managed to get some funds and invested it in buying a four square meter shop in Beijing. The shop was the beginning of the success that was about to come his way. The shop went on to be a huge success, and in a very short period, he managed to open a few other stores in different cities of the country. He wanted to make a chain of retail stores such as Walmart and BestBuy in the United States at the time. However, the success of the physical stores didn’t last long and faced many challenges, mostly financial, when the SARS epidemic took over the entire China.

Richard Liu Qiangdong was not about to give in to the challenges, so while he did close all the physical stores in operations, he started the e-commerce site simultaneously. It gained considerable success in due course, and the revenue started to flow in at a consistent pace with time.

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Founder Omeed Malik

Omeed Malik is the current founder and CEO of the merchant bank Farvahar Partners and he is also an executive. He is from New Jersey and holds a bachelor’s degree from Colgate University and a law degree from Emory Law School.

He started off as a spokesperson for Representative Donald Payne and then he worked under Weil, Gotshal, & Manges in New York as a lawyer. He then worked for Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he was in charge of leading the manager program and running the prime brokerage business. In 2018, he launched an advisory firm for investment managers and hedge funds.

Reports have said that Malik got fired from Bank of America for inappropriate conduct but he actually had just decided to leave so that he can work on launching his firm. Malik filed a $100 million claim against Bank of America on the basis of retaliation, discrimination, breach of contract and defamation. He also mentioned that his boss did not have the proper licensing to supervise employees in the United States or conduct business. Bank of America settled the case by paying Malik an eight-figure sum.

Farvahar Partners has become widely successful and Omeed Malik performs seminars to teach people about merchant bank investments. In an interview with Fox News earlier this year, Malik gives insight on the investments that take place during his company. He discusses “shadow markets” and that hedge funds and PE firms invest in the same asset classes in the market.

H explains the importance of or recognizing The Securities and Exchange Commission agency when creating successful operations in the market. Malik states that his company was created by recognizing the trends occurring within the hedge fund business, doing his own research, and dictating the future of business.

Omeed Malik is an inspiring businessman who did not let challenges destroy his future.

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The Major Contributions of DonataMeirelles to the HIV and AIDS Research

DonataMeirelles is a renowned fashion consultant and socialite in the fashion industry. She is known for her philanthropic efforts to the industry. She is the former style director of Vogue Brazil. She has been an advocate and supporter of AIDS education and research for a long time. She has attended annual events and engages her online followers for the same cause. The aim was to support the fight against HIV and AIDS. She has a broad audience of around 463,000 followers who have contributed to increased awareness and funding.

Eight years ago, Donata Meirelles was introduced by a friend to AmfAR. Since then, she has been moved by the relentless pursuit and cause of the cure for AIDS at the organization. The American Foundation for AIDS research organization was founded in 1983. It was initially meant to reduce the stigma linked to HIV and AIDS diagnoses as well as enhance funding for its mission.

The global nonprofit organization is committed to supporting treatment education, AIDS research, and HIV prevention. In addition, it is dedicated to advocacy for public policies related to AIDS all around the world. Currently, the organization is aimed at ensuring upcoming innovative research as well as development in organizations. The main activity is offering fellowships and grants. It has provided above 3,300 grants to research institutions globally.

The foundation is also involved in the investment of over $400 million in various research ventures. The common target is effective to cure of AIDS and related opportunistic illnesses. Fortunately, the organization has recorded unmatched success in boosting prevention and treatment aspects.

DonataMeirelles is an active supporter of AmfAR’s initiatives and charity events. The goal of these funding events is to find out a scientific cure for AIDS. She hopes that the goal of coming up with a treatment for AIDS by 2020 will be accomplished.

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Juenesse Global Marks 10th Anniversary with Expo Next 2019 World Tour

With a decade of experience and operations in creating innovative products, Jeunesse Global is set to host the Jeunesse Expo Next 2019 World Tour. The World Tour will mark a historical celebration of the firm’s tenth anniversary.

The primary mission behind the World Tour will be engaging with the next generation of the Juenesse Family while meditating on future steps which will bring success to the firm and the lives of the customers.

The event will have much to offer such as being addressed by the Chief Visionary Officer, Lewis Scott, on the plans of elevating the firm in 2020. Among the guest hosts for the event are the firm’s global leaders and business leaders. They will also share their strategies on transforming the lives of people and the business environment. 

Participants in the event will also have a once in a lifetime opportunity to join the master classes. This will include taking a front row seat to some of your best products, social media strategies, and the financial rewards plan.

You will also go through the journey by founding members, Randy Ray, and Wendy Lewis, on how they transformed the firm from humble beginnings to a global force. They will also reveal your stake in the growth of the firm. 

Additionally, you will have the chance to make new connections with people from different teams and countries. You can further exchanges ideas, concepts, and skills in bettering your lives through Jeunesse Global.

The achievements of the Jeunesse Family will be highlighted, and you can draw how the achievements have shaped the culture of the world around us. The event will finally mark the tenth anniversary of successful operations across the globe by Juenesse Global.

Jeunesse Global is a direct selling company which features skincare products, supplements, and nutritional products inclusive of the Youth Enhancement System. It has full services backed with multilingual customer service with thirty-two operational officers in over 140 countries.

Through the Youth Enhancement System, it carefully combines powerful benefits to fit into a synergistic system of supplements and skincare products. Some of the products manufactured at the firm include luminesce, reserve, finite, AM essentials, Instantly Ageless, Zen Bodi, PM essentials and Nevo.


How Serge Belamant Created Blockchain Technology

Every sector in the world has a particular person or group that stands out. Almost everyone tends to remember the names of the people who have made a significant impact in their area of expertise. For instance, when it comes to cryptocurrency, the individuals credited for this innovation include Vitalik Buterin and Satoshi Nakamoto. Their innovation grabbed the attention of different investors across the world, making it a popular form of currency exchange on online platforms today. And just like the founders of cryptocurrency, Serge Belamant is also credited for the creation of the Blockchain Technology. He may not be a household name like famous inventors, Satoshi, or Vitalik, but his contribution to technology is just as significant as Facebook or Instagram.

Serge Belamant was born in Tulle in 1953. He lived in this place until he was 14 where he and his family immigrated to South Africa. It was in South Africa that he was able to learn how to speak fluent English. The immigration from Tulle to South Africa opened his mind, and it was at this stage, he realized that he was capable of more than he knew. This realization made it possible for him to succeed in not only his studies but other co-curricular activities as well. Some of the activities he was good at were rugby, athletics, and chess.

After he completed high school, he joined Witwatersrand university and studied computer systems, information systems, and engineering. But, after studying computers every day, he started taking an interest in information systems. His growing passion for information systems is what led him to discontinue his studies and eventually pursue it while studying under a different organization. Upon completing his course, Serge Belamant immediately began to work in different computer industries. Some of his responsibilities included the development of software and applications that enable banks to make withdrawals and deposits for their customers efficiently.

This was when the idea of blockchain technology was born. Using blockchain technology, financial service institutions have been able to come up with different innovations that make service delivery even more efficient. Serge Belamant may not be popular, but his creation is undoubtedly an innovation changing the world. AS A GLOBAL MARKETING PLATFORM is the largest online Chinese retailer and also the country’s largest company on the internet in terms of the revenue it generates. has an annual customer base of over 300 million of which all are active, over 550 warehouses, with over 80% of its total orders placed over the mobile phone. net revenue in the year 2018 was at US$67.2 billion. sets a high standard by being committed to authenticity, quality, and having a diverse range of products from cosmetics, electronics to fresh food. Its delivery of goods to consumers on the same day or the next one is unmatched by any other company worldwide. offers all sizes of businesses, a more natural way to procure the supplies they need. improves the efficiency of procurement by 50% and alternatively brings down the cost by 15%. helps over seven million business clients in procurement. Unlike past procurement where everything was covered and required one to have a relationship with the provider of the goods, offers a platform where businesses can access different ranges of goods in a clear manner. works with big companies whose number is over 5,000. also works with more than 80% of the Fortune 500 companies in China. They include Volvo, Siemens, Bosch, and Southwest Cement. also partners with Rockit Global Limited and Zespri, companies that deal with horticultural crops from New Zealand, to bring kiwifruits to the Chinese market. The partnership with is a significant success with sales to over 300 million consumers with an 80% growth of New Zealand’s food sales on platform.

For imported wine lovers, offers a variety of Hungarian wines due to the partnership between Grand Tokaj of Hungary and The partnership marks Grand Tokaj first entry into the Chinese market. The wines were well received with sales of 1000 bottles of the wine within 10 hours of the brand launch in China.

With a 99% nationwide coverage of Chinas total population and the quality services with partnerships, bridges the gap existing between global brands and the Chinese market.’s: Twitter.

Paul Mampilly left Wall Street to help the average investors

Paul Mampilly is a market researcher and investment analyst who left Wall Street with a great name due to the impressive track record he made for two decades. Although Wall Street was exciting, he felt that there was something wrong with working there for his entire career life. His opinion is that Wall Street does not help everyone but only a small group of people who are already rich. To make an impact in the lives of the people who have no access to Wall Street, he started a financial publication known as Profits Unlimited. The main goal was to train ordinary Americans how to invest their money wisely.

Apart from offering the average investors helpful investment tips, Mampilly is also interested in informing the people about the process of market research and investment analysis. People need to learn the art of making their own investments without looking for advice from anyone. Individuals need to be in a position to know where they need to make investments and expect a good paycheck.

Paul Mampilly believes that those who think that financial advice is bad and only creates numerous scam schemes are wrong. Financial advice is not meant to be some get-rich-quick scheme. There are many other benefits that individuals can get apart from making a lot of money. Some of the things that Paul Mampilly is happy with are the peace of mind and the good lifestyle that comes with getting financial security. In his career as an investment adviser, he has seen people who consider themselves successful because the advice he offered helped them to free up their time such that they could engage in other activities. Clearly, it is not a must that you must make millions in order to consider financial advice helpful. Getting that break from going to work every day is very important.

The ultimate goal of Paul Mampilly is to see the people get financial independence that can allow them to live happier lives. The main reason that many people make the wrong investment decisions is not that they are stupid or ignorant but due to lack of the right information to execute profitable investments.

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