ViSalus Is Creating A Culture Of Giving


A culture of simplicity is not your typical corporate atmosphere. Confusion, technical jargon and to be of red tape is what corporate America has become. At ViSalus this is not the standard way of doing things. Since 2005 they have sought to integrate simplicity into the business world in both L.A. and Italy.


We are challenged to become the best possible version of ourselves. ViSalus believes that in keeping their product, presentation and format simple more people will act on becoming healthier. Stronger, simpler, healthier lives can be attained through personal growth and a little help.


ViSalus has had significant success with their business plan. They serve more 15 countries and have a net revenue of over 2 billion in sales. They have set the example of leadership as well. They embrace leadership that is authentic, transparent, and that operates with integrity. Their goals are simple and so is their mission.


ViSalus seek philanthropic opportunities. When someone is in need they seek to answer that call. Whether it is cleaning up an environment or helping with temporary housing after natural disaster, or providing more than 5 million meals to people in need they go above and beyond what is expected of them.


ViSalus believes that they should leave every community better off than they found it. They donate time and money to many organizations and food banks. They help to educate people on ways that they can live a more fulfilling, prosperous life. ViSalus believes that good health and good nutrition can be attained for everyone through their good works. Refer to This Article for more information.


The company holds six basic values near and dear. Of these includes be inspired and help to inspire others. They also feel that they should build trust between themselves, their clients, and the people they help. Always be willing to be a good teacher and student to learn from others and to teach others what you know. Visit This Page for related information.


Challenge yourself to reach beyond your comfort zone. It is in this way that resourcefulness will come into play and remarkable things will get done. Finally, they believe that things should be kept simple. Simple plans, simple products, and simple presentation helps to attract people and support a culture of giving and charity.


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