Are Freedom Checks a Worthwhile Investment?

Investment is a risky venture and for a majority of people, they prefer taking their time to research and find out about the new investment opportunities before taking a dive into them. Freedom checks are one such investment that has raised eyebrows with a majority of people terming it as a fraud. However, Freedom Checks is a real-life investment opportunity. What exactly are freedom checks? These are dividend checks that people receive. A dividend check is a portion of money a company gives to its stock owners. However, for anyone to receive a dividend check he/she has to own a part of the company’s stock. It is important to note that this investment is completely legitimate as Congress enacted the investment in 1987. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.

Matt Badiali discovered the freedom checks when he was working for a popular financial expert on a certain project. The project saw him travel across the world meeting with various oil and mining companies CEOs. The project helped him advice the various CEOs he met on the various ways to stay advanced when it comes to technology, trends, and discoveries. It was during his travels that Matt Badiali discovered the mastered limited partnerships. The mastered limited partnership or the MLPs are an exclusive group of companies 568 of them that can issue the checks.

The mastered limited companies operating in the processing, production, transportation, and storage of oil and gas. These companies also discover new gas and oil wells, transport the oil and gas they find over massive pipeline networks, and they refine the discovered oil that comes from main oil and gas field production areas in the USA. However, for a company to qualify they must pay their investors at least 90% of the profits. The payments they make is what Matt Badiali refers to as the freedom payments.


These payments are made monthly or quarterly depending on the company. The quarterly or monthly payments made by the mastered limited companies are also referred to as distributions. As long as the mastered limited companies keep paying their profits to their investors then the companies get to operate on a tax-free basis. Matt Badiali narrows down the companies he recommends to his people based on whether or not the company controls millions of dollars and if it has a high demand. The second rule of his criteria is whether the company has consistent fat payments. The third criteria is if the company has a track record of making its investors rich. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.