Why Victoria Doramus is a source of inspiration in the society

Victoria Doramus is a successful career woman and an inspiration to people struggling with addiction across the world. Doramus who is a big name in the media, kickstarted her career at Mindshare immediately after she received her BA in mass communication and journalism.

Since then Victoria has worked with countless other companies such as Stilla cosmetics, creative arts agency and has even served as personal assistant to Pete Berg, a famous film director. Besides her main work as a consumer trend specialist in fashion, design, and lifestyle, Victoria Doramus has also completed articles for various publications such as Trend Central, the Huffington Post, the Casandra report and Jane Buckingham among many others.

An art and history lover

Apart from her work in the media, Victoria Doramus also has a deep interest in art and history. Her love for art and history has even seen her enroll in a program which explores the history and development of art in the western world. The program explores the beginning of art in ancient Greek and its transformation to modern art.

Victoria Doramus’s dark phase

Despite her successful career, there was a phase in her life, where she fell into addiction. However, she stands as an inspiration to millions across the world, because despite not knowing what she was facing, Doramus went to rehab and found her way back to a life of soberness. Even though it was not easy as she fell in and out of addiction several times, and even hit rock bottom severally, she never gave up on herself. It is during her recovery period that she started giving back to the community. This gave her energy and a sense of fulfillment, factors that continue to motivate her to become better with each wake.

Recovery and philanthropy

As a recovered addict, Victoria Doramus works hand in hand with the Amy Winehouse Foundation, a charity organization that directs its focus on alcohol and drugs misuse prevention. The organization usually directs its attention to the young people as they are the most affected ones, by offering education and support to those affected. Other charitable causes that Victoria Doramus partakes in include the Room to read organization, women’s prison association, and best friend’s animal’s society.