CEO and Philanthropist Andy Wirth


Andy Wirth has always been linked to the mountain resort, and the extensive hotel industry. The current CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings brings to his job an enormous advantage. He has 25 years the hotel business experience. Andy has mastered the art of management, and employee motivation. It is the key to retaining employees, and customers at large. He makes Squaw Valley the top attraction destination for tourists in winter.
Andy was born in West Germany, and took the decision to join Colorado State University to gain knowledge in business. It is while in Colorado that he developed an interest for the hotel industry. After graduation, Andy decided to pursue his education in Scotland. While at Edinburgh University, he took jobs that were instrumental to gaining experience that later proved vital. He worked for the Rock Mountains National Park as a ranger. Additionally, he took jobs at San Pedro Park as a wilderness ranger.
The Squaw Valley Ski has been under the control of the Cushing family for nearly seventy years. It is until Andy’s appointment in 2010 that all changed. He was named CEO, and took over from Nancy Cushing who had spent sixteen years at the helm of the company. It was only after a year, in his reign, that Squaw Valley was ranked among the top twenty favored destinations in the skiing industry. To add to his projects, Andy oversaw the merging with Alpine Meadows Ski Resort. Now, customers can use a single ticket for admission to any of the resorts.
According to GeoPlay International, Andy became the new chairman of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority in June 2015. His courageous work and dedication have been applauded on the international stage. In 2013, he was involved in an accident, which led to a 52 days stay in the hospital. The incident made him even more famous, and months later, was appointed to the Reno-Sparks Convention.
Andy continues to contribute to bettering the environment through his philanthropic work. He majors in contributing to community service and environmental preservation. It is a call that he answered to, since his days in Rock Mountains National Park. Andy believes in the active part of philanthropy, and continues to touch the lives of many members of the Lake Tahoe community.

Report rejects Olympic Valley incorporation


California’s Olympic Valley has been one of the best known regions for winter sports since hosting the 1960 Winter Olympics, but now faces a battle between those who wish to incorporate the area and those opposed to the plan. Olympic Valley was recently the subject of a study into the projected success of incorporating the area, which the Sierra Sun reports showed the area would not be capable of supporting itself if the incorporation goes ahead. The study was released by officials from Placer County, which supplies the majority of services and officials for Olympic Valley and would be forced to charge the incorporated Olympic Valley area for these services in the future.

The news that the study by the Rosenow Spevacek Group had declared the incorporation of the town unworkable at this time is good news for many local businesspeople who have opposed the plan. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings CEO Andy Wirth has been a voice of opposition from his role as one of the top executives in the area. Wirth is not opposed to expanding the area and making it a better area for business, but feels it should be done in the correct way. The noted philanthropist has recently been working to improve and update Reno Airport in a bid to increase the number of visitors arriving n Olympic Valley.

The report into the options open to Olympic Valley included the collection of a transient occupancy tax, which would generate the only source of income open to the area. The study revealed the area would not be able to support itself with this tax alone and would quickly face a large deficit.