Todd Levine Esq.: A Hero Of Jurisprudence

A lawyer’s job is much more than multi-tasking. It is a balance of analytics, law, articulation, and research. It is a type of career, where one will be up around the clock, seeking a mystery clue that would solve a case. A clue that would prove a point. Todd Levine is that kind of an attorney. He is the type of lawyer, a mystery writer, would hire. He gets the facts, knows the strategies, and sets up the chess board.

Todd Levine has unparalleled experience. His expertise gives you genuine confidence. He is vested in litigation, not just to employ the law, but to use caution and caring for both sides of a dispute. This kind of character trait has made him a great negotiator, and arbiter. For these few reasons, and many others Kluger Kaplan is happy to have him as an award winning partner! As the British would say ” jolly good choice!” Yes, Todd Levine is a master of apologetics, in The Greek sense. He vigorously defends business disputes with integrity- not equivocation. Moreover, it is noteworthy to mention, Todd Levine has handled a plethora of cases which involve art, entertainment,real estate, sports, and finance. Remember, Levine is part of Kluger Kaplan a firm which has been honored by the Best Lawyers of America. That is the golden globe type of prestige for lawyers! Additionally, Kluger Kaplan is the cream of the crop for lawyers,furthermore; it operates a foundation to help the community.

Lastly, remember Todd Levine is more than a skilled lawyer. He has a tremendous interest in the arts. He is an accomplished musician on guitar and piano. This love of the arts has enabled him to solve complex cases in sports and entertainment. There is an old idea which says: One is better at an occupation, when one loves what one is doing! That is Mr. Levine! Mr. Levine earned his J.D. in Law from the Florida Levin School of Law. He holds a B.A.B.S. degree in Finance from the University of Miami. Hats off to Todd Levine, a hero of jurisprudence!

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How Kisling Nestico & Redick is Giving Back to the Ohio Community

Kisling, Nestico & Redick is a top-tier law firm that provides legal services to clients involved in personal injury and wrongful death cases. KNR is renowned for its community outreach programs in and around the state of Ohio.

The law firm started in 2005 by three attorneys; Rob Nestico, Robert Redick, and Gary Kisling. Back then, the lawyers were could only afford to hire three paralegals. Fast forward to 2019 and the firm has grown massively to employ close to 30 attorneys, 100 support staff. Kisling, Nestico & Redick has offices in 11 different locations throughout the state of Ohio.

This law firm stands out for having passionate and genuinely dedicated personal injury lawyers on their payroll. These qualified attorneys are responsible for multi-million dollar settlements for their esteemed clientele.

In a deliberate attempt to reduce the incidences of road carnage on Ohio roads, KNR set up the “Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship.”

This scholarship ties in with the firm’s objective of combatting distracted driving. The winners of the Scholarship get to walk away with a whopping $5,000 to be used as tuition for higher learning purposes.

Here are the prerequisites for one to qualify for the Don’t Drink and Drive Scholarship

• One must be a US citizen

• The applicant must be a continuing student in an American accredited college

• The contender must have a GPA of 3.0 and above

• The applicants must be persons of good character

The winners are the ones who develop a smart plan to dissuade drivers from getting distracted while on the roads. Applications must be forwarded before the 31st of March.

In line with their charity and goodwill to the less fortunate in Ohio, Kisling Nestico & Redick recently took 12 children on a shopping spree. The kids were to pick all the clothes they wanted just in time for the incoming summer season. The total shopping spree amounted to $3,000. KNR always have similar charity events lined because they care for kids.

KNR has been donating finances to provide lunch for needy kids in Parma City Schools. Recently, Kisling Nestico & Redick dished out $1,200 worth of food supplies to students from the Greenbriar Middle School.

Jeremy Goldstein And Charitable Vino

Jeremy Goldstein is a prominent attorney in the state of New York. Jeremy Goldstein is one such individual that understands the importance of looking out for everyone within the community. As such, Jeremy Goldstein, a great lawyer, has looked into the idea of helping those who suffer from mental instability by offering a dinner that would have proceeds go to the fountain house.


Learning of Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein will focus on whatever he does because he realized this is how one gets the best results and minimizes mental issues as well. Since you are no longer trying to cram tasks or key aspects in your communication into a time when you are working on a task, you no longer have to mentally run back and forth and divide your attention between your communication and tangible end product.


Having a dedicated time to respond to your emails and calls also helps in terms of efficiency. Since you are able to concentrate solely on these tasks, it helps you execute them in time.


The idea is to set up a system where one is able to benefit from all aspects with streamlined effort.


Jeremy Goldstein has learned about the usefulness of this system and set of activities over the course of his career. Focus is what matters, focus coupled with systems that are directed at higher purposes. This will go a long way in life and in your career as well, it will add significant value and be of great importance.


Have a Prioritized To-do List


Another action that helps you focus more at work is to have a to-do list for each working day.


But this to-do list doesn’t just have to comprise of multiple items that you need to take care of on a daily basis. It has to list them in an order of priority.


It’s because doing so helps you get to the items in terms of their urgency. This ensures that you are not just working for the sake of working. It allows you to actually perform work that would make a difference in your overall goals for the day, week and subsequent month.


Another tip that helps in terms of to-do lists is to make sure that you are connecting tasks that are associated with each other.


For instance, if you have to go to a lengthy meeting and also have to install updates on your work computer, you could simply schedule the updates at the same hour as your meeting. This way, your computer could get up to date while you attend the meeting – knocking two items off of your list at the same time.


By now, you should be a stone cold professional.


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Finding A Lawyer With Jeremy Goldstein

In the law industry, there are so many branches throughout the entire system. From lawyers to judges, they all play a critical role in how the law is governed and enforced. In many ways, it is easy to see why professionals in this field are some of the most benefited professionals in terms of financial and other favorable support.

In turn, it is also understandable to know the fact that it takes years of law school, commitment, and financial support on the side of the professional, in order to become such a distinguished member of the law industry.

Having said that, a great example of one of the most important professionals in the law industry can be seen in Jeremy Goldstein.

Having quickly grown a reputable career, Jeremy Goldstein has also managed to create ways for other professionals to follow in his steps. Examples such as this are what have made Jeremy Goldstein somewhat of a pioneer in the industry. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase

In fact, in his name alone, professionals in the law industry know exactly who Jeremy Goldstein because of what he has accomplished as a law expert. Furthermore, all of this is evidence of the amount of ambition Jeremy Goldstein has carried with him throughout his career.

Nonetheless, here is more on Jeremy Goldstein and how he has even influenced the ways people are looking for lawyers such as him.

Jeremy Goldstein & The Search For Successful Lawyers

Because of his prominence in the industry, Jeremy Goldstein has swayed the opinion of what is considered successful as a law expert.

In other words, by placing another lawyer or law expert besides Jeremy Goldstein, it shows that there is plenty more room for improvement on behalf of other professionals besides Jeremy Goldstein.

That is not to say that Jeremy Goldstein is the pinnacle of success in the industry, but he is pretty close to it. We can see this in an article on looking for a lawyer, in which we really get a sense of how much Jeremy has swayed public opinion.

The article, which basically explains how people have had to turn to online methods for finding lawyers, also explains it is still challenging to find the perfect lawyer for any given case.

Because of this, we are left to wonder how much of this new method has been a direct result of Jeremy Goldstein’s impact on the law industry itself.

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