Ricardo Tosto

In crisis after opening of investigation of the operation Lava Jato, contractors warn the risk of bankruptcy in series. The 23 companies mentioned in the Alberto Youssef scheme are barred from bidding for the state-owned company.


In addition to Alumini Engenharia, which had judicial recovery approved on Tuesday, three other companies that provide services to Petrobras are in the process of bankruptcy, according to columnist Monica Bergamo. The same happened last year with Fidens, Jaraguá Equipamentos and Iesa Óleo e Gás.


“The crisis is very serious and will have a cascade effect if Petrobras does not change the treatment in the payment of the additives,” says Ricardo Tosto, an attorney with Alumini.


With credit difficulties, the big four, Odebrecht, OAS, Camargo Corrêa and Andrade Gutierrez could use the sale of assets to cover the rhombus.


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