EOS Lip Balm Review: Millions Sold Each Month And Counting

Let’s be honest, folks. EOS founders Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra knew that lip balm is used by just about everybody in the universe. Women, especially, buy up the balm, and that is why the genius creation of a sphere-shaped lip balm was borne. It was unique, the flavors were extremely addictive, and the formula was infused with organic ingredients and never tested on animals.

In a recent EOS lip balm review by PremierGazette, you learn of interesting marketing strategies that went into the brand’s design. Consumers were used to lip balm in a tube, but EOS stands out from the rest with its ball-shaped, colorful containers that make an adorable clicking sound when you close the lid. The balm pot is super easy to find at the bottom of your bag, too.

Some thought EOS was merely a fad, but today, the popular lip balm pots are available at drugstores everywhere and really sell themselves. The EOS lip balm review explained that the brand is conscious about the planet and only produces pure balm items of healthy, non-toxic ingredients. The empty pots can also be recycled.

EOS is always moving forward with new lip balm formulas. Not only are the products all-natural but hydrating and deeply moisturizing. The EOS lip balm review shows us how the company is always trying new things. Variety is the answer, and EOS now features more than 35 new products. It’s a lip balm that touches the senses, and fans worldwide can’t get enough.