Greg Blatt’s Business Growth

Greg Blatt is a successful businessman who has gained the respect of many people for his practices in business. Blatt attended Colgate University to get his Bachelor degree in English. He later went to Columbia Law School where he became a Doctor of Law. After he finished his first degree, he took on small jobs while he tried to find what it was that he wanted to do. Greg Blatt decided to attend law school, but he didn’t have a clear plan. After completing his schooling, he started working in law firms. He soon realized that he was not passionate about working in corporate law and finance. He was offered a job with Match Group.


Blatt is well-known for the work that he accomplished while working for Match Group. People have known him for the work that he does concerning online dating. After Match Group he worked for Tinder and IAC. Actually, Greg was Tinder´s CEO and Match Group allowed him the space to learn and grow, which eventually led to him being promoted to the Chief Executive Officer. After witnessing the success Match Group obtained under his leadership, other companies became interested in Blatt’s work. 


Thriving in business is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work. Greg Blatt makes sure that he makes time to do the work that is necessary for him to experience success. Setting a goal and being intentional with reaching the goal has allowed him success in business. He makes sure that he is focused and as productive as he can be. Blatt is also attentive to whatever is facing him at the time. He has found that avoiding obstacles will not lead him to the success of any kind. His law degree has given him the knowledge that he needs to maintain the legal side of the business. 


Many people believe that the number of meetings that they have determined their success. Greg Blatt succeeds off of free time. He uses the extra time that he has to do things that will matter and grow his businesses. Wasting time won’t lead to success in business or life in general. 


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