Neurocore Will Lower The Stress and Anxiety

In the Greater Detroit Area in Michigan, Neurocore has become a national authority that has nine brain performance centers. These centers are where allied Neuroscience is studied. Neurocore is a brain treatment center that was founded in 2004 by Timothy Royer. Timothy Royer is a Psy D. that provides leadership in clinical and program development. Neurocore centers specialize in helping children and adults improve concentration, sleep, and to manage stress. This is done with brain-based assessments, that are data driven, and by using training programs. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

The doctors at Neurocore believe that a great way to have the brain in a relaxed-stress free state is by putting it in “the zone”. “The zone is described as the state of mind that someone may be in when they are doing something that is repetitive and will never forget how to do it. It’s like riding a bike. Once one learns how to ride a bike, they are never going to forget how to do it. This is referred to as a muscle memory. It gets to the point where someone can be in more of a relaxed state and it is also a good stress reliever. They are letting their subconscious take over.

Stress impacts ones physical and mental health if it is not relieved right away. A good, long night of sleep will help those stress levels stay at a minimum. The brain must be in a comfortable state to sleep well and alleviate stress.


There are so many different types of music that can be listened to and games being played can be mentally stimulating. This stimulation practice helps with good memory habits. Good organization skills are also good for the memory.

Neurocore engages in studies having to do with anxiety. Anxiety is found in so many adults and children as well. Anxiety walks hand in hand with stress. Somethings the stress that people encounter can cause them to have anxiety as well. A good way to deal with anxiety without taking medication for it is exercise. Meditation is also good. The two can be tied together well with yoga. Read more about Neurocore at