FreedomPop Service

I just recently switched phone carriers, phone service and home internet service. I have tried every single mainstream mobile network provider and home internet service only to find that I was paying way too much for way too little. I was then approached with the option to switch to the FreedomPop mobile and internet service.

After hearing a great review of FreedomPop from a friend who was trying to save money and recommended this company to me, I was very optimistic and excited for my new services. I was going to be saving money not only with my mobile services expense but also my home internet expense. I was also surprised that such an independent company was receiving so much attention above mainstream mobile companies and also providing a capable service to their customers.

I was paying 200 dollars per month for my phone service that included calls, unlimited texting, unlimited data plan and an installment payment on my mobile device. After switching my service to FreedomPop, I am on paying a monthly payment of $45 for my FreedomPop phone service! It is amazing the amount of money I have saved by switching. Did I mention that this price included my internet services also? This is also saving me money each month given the fact that I was paying $75 for a standard internet speed with no enhancements or high speed.

The price point made me feel great as a consumer, the actual services and speeds were a different story. I do not have anything negative to say about those things but I do have to say that they weren’t as quality as more mainstream companies. You do get what you pay for in terms of call quality and signal range. Like most cellular companies, there are going to be dropped calls and there are going to be places in which you won’t have the best of cellular service. As far as internet speed, I was very happy with that in regard to other companies I had used but I did feel that the WiFi signals could definitely use some improvement. In any time I have contacted their customer service line they were polite and eager to assist.

I am currently keeping my FreedomPop service and stand behind my positive FreedomPop review. I would recommend this to anyone who is trying to save money on their cellular and internet service expenses.

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