OSI Group Adds Meatless Burgers to Its Product Processing Line

OSI Group began butchering and selling meats in the United States in 1909 as a small marketplace. Over the years, the family-owned business grew and began processing beef patties, sausages, chicken, bacon, pork, dough, and sauces. The company’s specialty is the famous McDonald’s hamburger patties which gained popularity among Americans in the 1950s. Recently, OSI added meatless burgers to its production product line to help Impossible Foods meet its customers’ demand.

Impossible Foods manufactures and distributes a healthier choice of meatless burger to consumers looking for alternative food items. OSI Group will work with the company until the end of this year in several of its processing plants. The partnership agreement entailed further processing services into 2020 with no expiration date. The Silicon Valley-based company produces patties and dairy products from natural plants. Impossible began its production in 2011 and continues to grow nationally to the point of forming a partnership with OSI.

OSI Group is thankful for the opportunity of adding a healthy food to its meat processing production. Impossible Foods is among other companies including Burger King, Subway, Pizza Hut, and McDonald’s relying on OSI processing services. McDonald’s is a longtime partner for almost 60 years and continues to use its services at restaurants in the US, UK, Europe, Asia, and India.

Otto Kolschowsky found the family business and years later named it after his two sons, Otto & Sons. When the company expanded further into global markets, the name and ownership changed to OSI Industries. Another name change came about in the mid-1970s after the Otto family built a plant in Utah and expanded to Germany. Prior to starting a meat market, he came to the US as a German immigrant. To open a business in his home country was a great accomplishment.

Today, OSI Group is the parent company of OSI Industries and OSI Food Solutions in Austria, UK, Germany, Poland, and Hungary. Sheldon Lavin serves as CEO and has a history with the largest international meat processor for nearly 50 years. What inspired Impossible Foods to OSI processing services is the company’s long history of producing quality meats and food items.

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OSI Group is known to be one of the leading food producers worldwide and operating in 17 countries. Its origin is from small beginnings, and it has risen to be one of the leading business corporates. Its transition and ability to survive the world war years up the current state is an indication of how resilient the operators have been. With the ever-changing world economy, the group has also been up to speed and keeps in touch with the modern business trends.

The history of OSI arises from the immigrants to America in early the 20th century. One Germany immigrant by the name Otto Kolschowsky was among the many Germany immigrants in Chicago. Since the town hosted the majority of the Germans and it is a point of entry for more immigrants, Otto Kolschowsky opened a butcher shop basically to serve the ever-increasing population. Over time, the shop became a success, and it expanded from retail to wholesale as world war one was coming to an end.

In the late 1920s, the shop changed its name to Otto and Sons after taking into consideration the family storyline. The meat business continued to thrive during the Second World War, and it was one of the major success stories in the American community. A guy by name Ray Roc through the McDonald business advised the franchising business model and gave the family an opportunity to be the main beef supplier to McDonald’s. This idea helped the business and gave it an opportunity to continue growing. This brought about a business agreement between Ray Roc and Otto and Sons where McDonald’s kept on growing while the beef suppliers kept making more profit by supplying meat.

The business friendship between the two businesses made Otto and Sons continue delivering consistent and affordable products which were consumer driven. Otto and Sons continued to be the main suppliers of McDonald’s after ensuring improved technological advancements to suit the growing demands from McDonald’s. This led to major developments particularly in the 1970s like establishing a plant in Chicago West. These were also the same years that Otto and Sons changed their names to OSI Group. With the rapid growth of the OSI Group, McDonald’s demands kept going up also. This led to OSI Group opening up a facility in Utah to keep up with such demands.
The symbiotic relationship continued when McDonald moved internationally. This is where a tactical plan was hatched of diversification to other meat products. An investment consultant was then employed to ensure a smooth change of leadership and continuing growth.


OSI Food Solutions & Its Path To Greatness

Professional foodservices play a vital role in today’s society. These services do a great job of distributing food products to food retailors that are located around the world. Most of the food products that are in supermarkets come from foodservice providers. The United States just so happens to be home for one of the absolute best, and it’s known as OSI Food Solutions. This particular company controls a huge percentage of the market thanks to its large size. In the United States along, the company has factories in Wisconsin, in Illinois, in California, in Utah and in Iowa. When it comes to worldwide facilities and factories, OSI has plants in:

• Hungary

• Brazil

• China

• Japan

• Canada

• Ukraine

• India

• And more

Production lines play an intricate role in food services because they can make a company become more productive and efficient. At OSI’s Spain location, the company has spent a whopping $17 million for a new high-capacity production line. Thanks to this production line, the company has been able to double its processed-chicken production from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons annually.

In addition to Spain’s location, OSI Food Solutions’ Hungary plant has increased its production in a dramatic way. The company spent $25 million on a high-capacity production line, which tripled the plant’s production output. At this point in time, OSI Food Solutions’ plant in Hungary processes more than 22,000 tons on an annual basis. These are just two of the recent changes that has delivered great results and OSI Food Solutions is looking to further expand in the future. With the increase in production, OSI Food Solutions will be needing many more staff members. If you’re interested in joining the team, there are a number of open positions that are waiting to be filled, including general mechanics, administrative support, forklift operators and many more.

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The Role of OSI Food Solutions in Production of Safe and Healthy Food Products

OSI Group usually partners with some of the leading retail food brands and foodservice providers in the world. OSI Group is famous for the value-added food products it supplies across the world. Its reach and resources are unparalleled, especially in the United States. OSI Food Solutions is involved in sourcing, processing and distributing quality processed food products that maximize the opportunity and suit the operation of its clients. The entrepreneurial agility and passion of OSI Food Solutions have been effective in enhancing customer collaborations. If you are a food supplier, you can depend on the innovative ways, and fresh techniques to improve the quality of food you need to deliver to the coming generation.

OSI Food Solutions is committed to making custom foods based on customers’ specifications. The company’s supply chain expertise is not only trustworthy but also efficient. The company has gained a larger customer base in the world due to its global flavor knowledge and unique culinary skills. The company also uses its design facilities and innovative research to bring customers’ meal and menu ideas to life. OSI Food Solutions has an extensive network that enhances sustainability through quality assurance practices and unsurpassed food safety. The company has managed to serve its global customers effectively through core values such as integrity, teambuilding spirit, innovative solutions, continual improvement and partnering relationships.

OSI Food Solutions has not been able to make its chicken production capacity double. This has enabled the company to increase its job opportunities, especially for the young people. The company now produces over 45,000 tons of beef, pork, and chicken. Over 17 million pounds is what OSI Food Solutions has invested with an aim to increase its profits. The company has invested in a 22,000 square feet building to accommodate the speculated growth. OSI Food Solutions has been in existence since 1909 and it’s a company worth $6.1 billion. Among the 100 companies that produce American food, OSI Food Solutions has been rated top.

The Globe of Honor and Sword of Honor are some of the prestigious awards OSI Food Solutions has earned from the British Safety Council. This is due to the safe food procedures, policies, and systems the company has developed. This is meant to ensure the environmental practices, safety and health of the processed foods are improved and sustained. Only 61 organizations received Sword of Honor award in 2016 and OSI Food Solutions was one of them. OSI Food Solutions enjoys over 60 facilities in more than 16 countries today.

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OSI Group: From Family Business To Global Corporation

It is not easy to run a company that is responsible for serving as a food supplier and key partner to countless businesses that are operating within the incredibly competitive food and beverages industry but somehow international food supplier giant the OSI Group manages to do it successfully. Today the OSI Group is a company that has offices and employees in countries that are located all around the world. The company has a business presence in both the United States where it was founded, a presence in Europe as well as in East Asia.

The OSI Group employs an incredibly capable and skilled executive leadership team in addition to 20,000 employees in its offices and facilities all around the world. However while the company that is known as OSI Group has thousands of employees and a positive global reputation this large multinational corporation actually has quite humble origins. The company was founded more than 100 years ago in the mid-western state of Illinois by a man named Otto Kolschowsky. The company began as a standard meat market and was subsequently named Otto and Sons indicating its status as a family business. Decades later Otto and Sons would still be in business during the 1950s when it would land a key business relationship with the soon to be renowned restaurant entrepreneur Ray Kroc. Known for its high quality meat Ray Kroc would go on to choose Otto and Sons to be a supplier of hamburger patties for his new company McDonald’s. As many people no doubt know McDonald’s would go on to become an incredibly successful fast food restaurant and its Chief Executive Officer Ray Kroc would go on to be known as a pioneer in the fast food business.

Otto and Sons arguably played an integral role in the success of McDonald’s and was a valuable partner that enabled the company to become what it is today. Today OSI Group, which might be seen as the business offspring of sorts of Otto and Sons, has continued to be a vital partner to players in the restaurant and food services industries. OSI Group has grown from being a reliable family business to a sprawling organization that is composed of executives and employees who work together to deliver food processing solutions to a wide variety of clients. The OSI Group, which is currently led by its sitting Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin, has even been recognized for its groundbreaking work in the food processing industry by being named one of the top 100 Food Companies in the United States.

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