The Major Contributions of DonataMeirelles to the HIV and AIDS Research

DonataMeirelles is a renowned fashion consultant and socialite in the fashion industry. She is known for her philanthropic efforts to the industry. She is the former style director of Vogue Brazil. She has been an advocate and supporter of AIDS education and research for a long time. She has attended annual events and engages her online followers for the same cause. The aim was to support the fight against HIV and AIDS. She has a broad audience of around 463,000 followers who have contributed to increased awareness and funding.

Eight years ago, Donata Meirelles was introduced by a friend to AmfAR. Since then, she has been moved by the relentless pursuit and cause of the cure for AIDS at the organization. The American Foundation for AIDS research organization was founded in 1983. It was initially meant to reduce the stigma linked to HIV and AIDS diagnoses as well as enhance funding for its mission.

The global nonprofit organization is committed to supporting treatment education, AIDS research, and HIV prevention. In addition, it is dedicated to advocacy for public policies related to AIDS all around the world. Currently, the organization is aimed at ensuring upcoming innovative research as well as development in organizations. The main activity is offering fellowships and grants. It has provided above 3,300 grants to research institutions globally.

The foundation is also involved in the investment of over $400 million in various research ventures. The common target is effective to cure of AIDS and related opportunistic illnesses. Fortunately, the organization has recorded unmatched success in boosting prevention and treatment aspects.

DonataMeirelles is an active supporter of AmfAR’s initiatives and charity events. The goal of these funding events is to find out a scientific cure for AIDS. She hopes that the goal of coming up with a treatment for AIDS by 2020 will be accomplished.

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Isabel dos Santos and the Unity of Africa

Isabel dos Santos was able to inspire and motivate thousands of people during a United Nations debate that was held in New York. People know her for being the wealthiest woman in Africa and for being a woman who is compassionate, dedicated, and hard working (Dailyfoxreport).


 She was able to share her story and her experience being the daughter of the previous President of Angola as well as the economic development and empowerment of the society of Africa particularly women. According to her, women have the power to transform society because of their abilities, beliefs, leadership, and talents. The goal of Isabel dos Santos is to become a source of inspiration among the youth and women in Africa. She encourages them to speak and to pursue their ambitions in life because nothing is impossible especially if you believe in your own capabilities. 


In addition to this, Dos Santos is one of the most successful businesswomen across the world. She remains driven and she is willing to share her entrepreneurial spirit among other women. She strongly believes in the ability of other people to greatly contribute, make an influence on the youth, and develop the growth of Africa. Achieving your ambitions is possible by accessing the same education as men, having the same job opportunities, and more. Dos Santos wants to help other women gain the confidence that they need in order for them to change their perspective, see the importance of education, and do well in their own careers. 


This devoted philanthropist  has a positive vision for Africa. She sees a country that will adapt to change, encourage steady growth, and the economic freedom of women. Isabel dos Santos wants other women to educate themselves about entrepreneurship so that they can engage in several businesses and learn how to effectively innovate and create strategic solutions. She is a passionate entrepreneur and a good leader which is why she wants to build more jobs, provide adequate training, and break the negative stigma in Africa. Women are also capable of financial stability and a strong influence in the economy of other countries.

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The Different Lives That Stream Energy Has Changed

During the hurricane, funds were contributed all over to help the people affected. One of the companies that contributed towards the help of the people was Stream Energy. Through the funds, Stream Energy was of great help. Also, because of the partnership with Hope Supply Company, it was able to eliminate the number of homeless people. Most companies didn’t do anything during the hurricane; they just watched as people were dying, pets and loss of homes.

However, that was not the case with Stream Energy because they were the first to offer the residents the rescue they needed. The funds that the company used was from the energy business. It was not the first time that the company was showing their philanthropy side. To offer funds to the people that needed it the most, they started a charity foundation to provide their philanthropist work all over Texas and the world.

Through the foundation, they offer their help through the use of local charities. Through the fund’s people going through hard times, layoffs, scandals, and reduced profit have a place they can get the help they need.

To offer the best to the people, they have created a relationship with the Red Cross and habitat. The simple business models that the company has put in place is what has helped with the philanthropic activities. The services that they offer their customers are different services that compromise of both residential services and corporate.

The associates at the company that has received different success, for Stream Energy to show their appreciation they offer a commission on each sale. Also, they are given the opportunity of choosing causes. Eliminating homelessness is one cause that they are passionate about. That’s why the employees at the company know that’s the company’s mission, and they work towards helping people too. The help that they received from Hope made thing easy for then in tackling the issue of homelessness in Dallas. It helped in supplying most of the meals to the homeless people. The other thing is that they helped during the Splash for Hope event, that they used to entertain the homeless children at the water park.