Perry Mandera Insights on Being a Successful Entrepreneur

Perry Mandera, the founder of Custom companies, has served in various positions in the logistics and transport sector. Perry Mandera’s career began when he was working in the Marines serving customers in the shipping sector. His experience working in the logistics sector helped him develop a sense of direction and lead him to develop his company. Perry Mandera showed a drive towards service, and this was reflected once he returned to the civil life as he ventured into politics where he was elected as a Republican Ward Committeeman in Chicago. Perry Mandera believes in giving back to the community through charitable works, whenever possible he donates resources and his time to support the needy in the society.

Setting Your Priorities Right

He says that the key to achieving your own goals as a business person is setting your priorities right. He starts and ends his day by communicating through phone calls and mail to his customers. Perry Mandera believes in listing all the events of the day according to the most relevant events to the least relevant. Perry can bring his ideas to life easily as he is surrounded by individuals who have been with him throughout his career. He consults with them, and they have been critical from the inception of his ideas to execution. In the ever-changing technological world, he says that he struggles to stay abreast with the most recent changes in technology. In logistics and transport, the changes make work here more interesting.

Bringing His Ideas to Life

Perry Mandera strives to be perfect at all times; he puts forward the best he can. He stresses the importance of training his employees to do what is right while avoiding being very dominant. He says that as an early entrepreneur what is important is to listen and do less while avoiding being impulsive. When people are young, they are very energetic and are prone to being impulsive thus missing on attain their set goals. Perry Mandera believes in time management, and that it is possible to sleep for less than eight hours a day as this can help an individual achieve more. As an entrepreneur Perry insists that the best way to have contended employed is complimenting them, always saying please and thank you. You might be surprised that the best ideas come from people you interact with daily.

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Adam Milstein: Why do Jews need unity?

Adam Milstein has a history of being one of the Jews who live outside the State of Israel who is committed to the welfare of the Jewish community. There have been many instances when people who come from Israel have been discriminated because of being Jews. There is a hate that is propagated by enemies of the State of Israel, and it is normally known as anti-Semitism. The hate against Jews has serious ramifications on the unity of the Jewish community. The community is in dire need of embracing unity as this is the only way through which they can ensure that nothing happens to them. Many enemies are looking for an opportunity to hurt the community, and therefore, Jews cannot afford to sleep and let the enemies have filed a day promoting the hate propaganda.

Adam Milstein is leading campaigns that seek to bring the Jews together. He has been using his finances to coordinate the activities of the Jewish people living in the United States and beyond. His main goal is to see unity between Jews. It does not matter where they are living; they should be supportive of one another in a way that will promote peace and unity in the world.

The Jewish community needs to stand strong and fight enemies who promote anti-Semitism under the guise of promoting peace in the Middle East. There are serious efforts by enemies of Israel to bring divisions among the Jews. This is a factor that should not be tolerated by the Jews since it could be the end game for the community. A lot has changed in the past few years that Adam Milstein has been promoting the unity of the Jews aggressively. He says that to him philanthropy and the campaigns he supports on the unity of Jews are his full-time job.

Adam Milstein is also an entrepreneur and advocates for business interests of Jews living in the United States. In the period he has been in the United States, he has risen to the position of a managing partner of one of the real estate companies in the country known as Hager Pacific Properties.

A Unique Look At An Important Issue

Poverty is a sensitive subject in the United States. There are many people dealing with problems that most can’t imagine. Simple luxuries such as a place to live, food to eat and transportation are taken for granted by many Americans. Studies and research have been done to better understand why poverty continues to be a grinding issue in the United States. However, numbers do not convey the emotion that goes with struggling to have life’s necessities. Doug Levitt set out on an interesting journey. He decided to get a look at property from up close. Doug rode the Greyhound bus for seven years and observed the occupants of this environment. Riding the bus was an interesting choice because it is common knowledge that people in America do not do so unless they have to. Those with the means will take more comfortable methods of travel to get where they need to be. The Greyhound bus is a collection of individuals that have a common problem. They span from all walks of life and represent every ethnic group. Doug Levitt was able to translate his experience into art. He has built a presentation of songs, photos and video that capture the experience he had over those years.

Doug Levitt was raised in Washington DC. He studied at the University of Cornell and eventually received an offer to take courses abroad. Doug traveled to Europe and studied at the London School of Economics. His time in Europe influenced his career decisions. Levitt decided that he wanted to take up music. He moved back to the United States and settled in Nashville Tennessee. He then proceeded to make the evolution into a singer-songwriter.

The Greyhound Diaries are a result of the moments that Doug Levitt were able to capture while traveling over 70,000 miles on the bus across the country. The work is daring and provides insight into the simple struggles of those living with less. Items such as the internet are limited to those who can’t afford service. It is a luxury that is taken for granted by most. However, someone living below the poverty line has to ration their wants and needs in every fashion.