Securus Technologies Making the Process of Administering Prisoners Easier

Securus Technologies has become an awesome company that has made life easier for many people like me that know others that are behind bars. The concept that this company has created where people can engage in video visitation through an app has made it incredibly easy to keep in touch with family and friends that are locked away on the other side.


It is a fairly simple process to enroll and sign up for an account with Securus Technologies. I think that the mobile app that allows people to set up a prepaid account and start video visitation is one of the most popular services that this company offers. I believe that there is also a great amount of interest in the investigative side of this software that Securus Technologies offers as well.


I have always used the Securus app for video visitation, but I have family members that are part of the Department of Corrections. They are always speaking on just how much they are impressed with the background information and investigative tools that Securus Technologies offers.


I definitely think that Securus Technologies is growing in a powerful way because this company has been able to build a brand that people are impressed with. It has become the type of company that people can really depend on when it comes to great technology that is being utilized for any type of communication with prisoners. There is also the concept of jail voicemail and on-site visitation through a kiosk as well. I think that Securus gives people a plethora of options when it comes to staying connected with family members. I also believe that this company provides a great amount of important things for the internal investigators that want to cut down on fraternization if they work in the prison.


Securus Technologies – Serving Correctional Agencies With Innovative Products And Services

Securus Technologies is a leading name in the field of prison communication and criminal justice technology sphere and has a broad range of products and services to help inmates and law enforcement agencies. One of the primary aims of the firm is to assist prisoners to stay connected with their friends and family outside, which is a great relief for people who are incarcerated. The company has so far served over a million customers, and its products and services reach out to over 120,000 inmates in the prisons in North America.



Securus Technologies is one of the leaders in the field, and it is further proven by the fact that it won the Gold Stevie Awards, one of the most prestigious awards in the corporate business sector, for the best customer service training team. The company won it in a highly fierce competition, beating over 2,300 competitors who filed their application for the Stevie Awards. Stevie Awards has held annually every year and is considered a benchmark in the corporate sector for excellence awards in various categories, and are also the organizer for other major awards like International Business Awards and American Business Awards.



Securus Technologies has helped many of the prisons and correctional agencies to secure their network and provide technological assistance for crime prevention. The firm is committed to upgrading its technology and bring new products and services combined with responsive customer service, which has helped the company to reign at the top of the crime prevention sector. The company’s CEO Rick Smith has helped the firm to grow manifolds in the last few years and has acquired some of the major players in the crime prevention space, making Securus Technologies an undisputed leader in the field of crime prevention. The Gold Stevie Awards for customer service training team has helped the company gain further credibility in its sector, showcasing its dedication towards its vast clientele.

Securus Corrects Inaccuracies in Global Tel Link’s (GTL) Press Release

Securus Technologies is a champion among the most capable providers of criminal and common justice advancement solutions in the United States. The association, through their fundamental objective, has worked to upgrade investigations, public safety and monitoring activities. As demonstrated by a current restorative discharge, the association has issued different changes to GTL in an open articulation.

As demonstrated by the association, GTL has official articulations which are erroneous and misleading thus, Securus Technologies attempting to get them remedied in the correct technique. Since Securus found these announcements clearly tricky to general society, they have hoped to have the issues changed in the most proper way. The essential target for the discharged official statement is to have the association overhaul cost of their improper statements.

GTL understands about the way the court techniques are outstandingly long. Really, the real approach will wind up wasting of dollars. Furthermore, it might take long to have the court case terminated. Along these lines, the Securus does everything conceivable to examine the legitimacy of the association to manage the legitimate issues affecting the association in the best ways. As to the best regale of the association, Securus is worried over the decision the association has presented over the defense if it has any sense concerning time and money. Subsequently of good financial practices, the association is particularly anxious to drop the court case and take after the best legitimate techniques to have their cases dropped.

Richard A. Smith, while reacting to the official explanation issued by GTL, said that he would be happy to notice that the association works to reinstitute their advancement concerning their GTL test before the season comes to end. Even though, it is extraordinary that the Securus association is working towards manageability in guaranteeing that the quandaries are dealt with in a dependable way.


Why Securus technologies has GTL at bay

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Securus Technologies is among the top firms in the United States that supplies criminal facilities in the area with technological equipment that help better facilities and services. Such equipment include devices for detainee communications, equipment for parolee tracking among many more. Recently, Securus technologies has found itself in a stalemate regarding its situation with GTL, another technological company, which seems to have stolen and innovated Securus’ idea and is not trying to get it patented.


The idea is about a video monitoring system during inmate visitations. In its efforts to get the idea patented, GTL has gone through courts and the PATB and finally came up with a press release concerning their progress on their matter not long ago. What surprised Securus is the amount of wrong information that the press release had. To counter this, Securus, later in June, also came up with a press release outlining all the corrections that were to be made in the GTL press release.


The corrections made by Securus are definitely legitimate considering the reputation that the company has built for itself. With a BBB accreditation, it is impossible to say that Securus technologies are in the wrong when it comes to this matter. The BBB accreditation was given to Securus around mid-May this year. This accreditation means that whatever Securus technologies puts down in print e.g. a press release, is formal and should be generally accepted. It is worth mentioning that the company received the highest form of rating, an A+. With such a resume, the company’s statements are expected to be honest and transparent. The company should also, in all its activities, be responsive, should ensure private matters stay that way and must in every way stick to all the promises it makes.


This only means that all the corrections that Securus technologies issued on the GTL press release meets all the above specifications. If this is so, then GTL are definitely going nowhere with their patenting attempts. Richard Smith, the companies CEO, even takes to defend the company by stating that some competitors tend to make unverified statements about them not knowing that they have been accredited with a BBB.