Handybook: The New Way to Find Home Services

In 2012, Harvard Business School students Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua met as roommates and turned into business partners. The men spent plenty of time talking about entrepreneurial ideas and start up companies. While living in their messy dorm room, they began throwing around the idea of what came to be Handy. The main thing that the pair found was difficult about finding reliable service for one’s home was being able to find someone that can be trusted and who offers a fair price. Haggling prices and looking for recommendations and reviews is a hassle for homeowners. Hanrahan and Dua wanted to come up with a simple solutions for those who do not want to spend hours looking for help around their house.

Hanrahan and Dua found a few technical engineers as well as home helping freelancers from various cleaning services in their area. The entrepreneurial pair raised money for their seed capital and started their business.

Handybook offers home services, but its main focus is house cleaning. This was a good starting point for the pair because it is a service that every home needs at some point.

Handybook is an app that that lets clients order services for their home such as a home cleaner, plumber or a handyman. With just a click, homeowners can have help on the way.

Handybook is similar to Uber, in that it is an online center that does the financial transactions as well as the scheduling for the homeowner and the service provider. Handybook is a very fast growing business based in the New York area. They employ thousands of freelance home help. Handybook currently is active in 13 cities. They plan to grow and open additional offices in Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; and two in California: San Francisco and L.A.

The benefit of Handybook to customers is the convenience of using the app. Rather than looking for help around the house online or through referrals, customers can just turn to the app. A price quote can be obtained by entering a zip code, the job needed to be done, and the start time of the job.

Customers can know that they are getting reliable work because Handybook runs a screening process for all of their freelancers. Handybook also provides a full money back guarantee to the customer if the work done is unacceptable. In order for Handybook to get only the best freelancers, they also treat their employees right. They provide people who work for them with dependable pay as well as a working schedule to suit individual needs. Freelancers are not only able to choose their schedule, but they can also pick and choose which jobs they would like to pursue, depending on the pay rate.

Working for Handybook is legitimate work, in that the income is reported to the government. This helps the freelancers increase their credit score and properly report their taxes.