Inspiring And Thriving Rocketship Education System For High-Quality Learning

If there is a school that has made an impact on the society in America, it is the Rocketship Education. Preston Smith who is the CEO of the revealed that parent involvement in school operations had been the driving motive that has made them achieve a systematic learning style that is adopted in all its campuses. Their main objective is to deliver education involving the parents closely so that they can contribute to decision making thus ensuring the best outcome for their children. The system makes sure that the interest of the all the children including those with disabilities is the priority through involving parents in vital decision-making processes.

One of the roles played by the parents is their involvement in interviewing new teachers when they are hiring. Rocketship Education management team usually takes five or six families for training on how to interview the teachers and then they would later come to the panel to interview recruits who will be added to the teaching staff every time they need to hire new teachers. The system has proven positive outcome since it was started in the year 2007 where Smith reported that there is no single day that parents and the staff erupted in arguments or any misunderstanding.

Rocketship Education says that they came up with the system to help families and parents create confidence in using their power to demand their rights despite any political pressure. This makes the parents build a strong organization that can hold the leaders accountable if they fail to deliver high-quality education to their children. It is a course that must take root to ensure high-quality education is provided in all public schools. Rocketship Education offers only the elementary education and thus urge the parents to take the responsibilities they have in exercising their power to ensure that their children are provided with the best education at the middle and high schools levels. Everything cannot be left to the government to decide on what is best for the children; this is why Rocketship Education prepares the parents to engage in the efforts of scaling the size of the problem in the education system to ensure high-quality education is a must for every student so that their future may be bright