Rally Driver -Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpins is a passionate rally driver and a senior director at T5 Participacoes Company. Rodrigo is a known icon among Brazilians for his achievement in rally competitions. His entire family comprises of sportspeople. His father was a basketball player, and his brother Michael Terpins is a successful rally driver who participates in rally competitions.




Rodrigo Tenpins’ Educational Background and Career Achievements




Rodrigo holds a business management degree from Sail Hilaire University where he acquired management skills that he applied at Lojas Marisa Company. He held a leadership position at Lojas Marisa clothing store for women in Brazil. Rodrigo terpins was elected the president of the store from 1991 to 2006 until he resigned and started his company, T5 Participacoes that he has been the senior director since 2008.




Besides being a successful businessman, he is a skilled race car driver who has won many championships by participating in Sertoes Rally and has won numerous times with his brother Michael Terpins. Check out creativetreets.com for more.





Rodrigo Terpins’ Mentors




Rodrigo Terpins has successful icons that have mentored him to the successful person that he is now. His father is his first mentor when it comes to sports. He was a basketball player who instilled in his children the passion for sports. Currently, he holds a presidential role at the Latin American Jewish Congress Board. Rodrigo’s brother and mentor is a race car driver who has won championships and competitions in Brazil.




Why sports?




Rodrigo is passionate about sports. The love for games was instilled in him at an early age by his father who was a basketball player. Having a father who is a role model is an ingredient that fuelled Rodrigo to become a successful rally car driver in Brazilian championships. He has beaten his opponents and graced with his brother Michael Terpins in winning championships.




Rodrigo has been a role model for young people who want to be successful in the business world and sports as well. His perseverance and drive to follow his passion have contributed to his success in his business and sports. Getting mentors to emulate is another critical factor that Rodrigo has used to succeed.