From Behind the Scenes Desiree Perez Helps Create Stars Of Entertainment

Desiree Perez

Everyone recognizes the famous stars of the entertainment world, and yet it is the people behind the scenes who help make their careers possible. Desiree Perez, chief operating officer for Roc Nation, is one of the most successful agents who manages artists’ careers.

One of Perez’ most famous clients is Jaz-Z who has worked with Perez for over twenty years. Perez not only helped him in his career as an entertainer, she also helped Jay-Z become a success in business. He recently hosted a dinner in New York City to celebrate and thank those who have helped make his career possible. Desiree Perez was among those whom Jay-Z honored.

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez helps manage tour campaigns, negotiating contracts with different venues and marketing the tours so that as many tickets as possible are sold. She also markets upcoming albums, getting the best deal for artists who can often be taken advantage of by recording companies.

The artists whom Perez helps further their careers are constantly in the public eye, just where she works to put them. Perez herself prefers to stay behind the scenes and gets her satisfaction from seeing the artists she guides and supports reach ever higher career goals.