Actor Writes Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn has been on the acting scene for well over 40 years. He has accomplished much, gaining him great amounts of fame. He has been an Academy Awards nominee on multiple occasions and has twice been voted Best Actor. His career has also seen him in the role of director for several movies that were highly acclaimed upon release. What is new, though, is his new status as an author.


The release of the novel “Bob Honey Who Just Do stuff,” is the first in what appears to be a long line of books from Sean Penn. Having been well-acquainted with writing, contributing both opinions articles and as a War Correspondent, writing is not new to Penn; but becoming a novelist is. When asked about what he see’s his future holding as far as his career, Penn is quick to say that he doesn’t see any acting roles in it. He states in an interview with Vogue that there is the possibility of his directing a certain film in the near future, but other than that he plans to put all of his creative energy towards his career as an author. He states that he finds this role much more fulfilling, and is happier doing it. His novel has been compared to past writers, such as the late Hunter S. Thompson.

Interestingly enough, Sean Penn is accustomed to putting his thoughts on paper through the use of a typewriter. As his ability to find ribbons for it dwindled, Penn has switched over to the use of diction, rather than penning his words the old-fashioned way. He finds that this form enables him to better dictate what he wants to say more so than would his writing. Having stated that he plans to continue as an author, Sean Penn claims to already have plans for another book.

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