Sharon Prince Grace Farms

Sharon Prince is someone who wants to end the domestic abuse of women and to end child trafficking. Prince has spearheaded efforts to create a place known as Gracie Farms in New Canaan, CT.

The Grace Farms Foundation, which is a private entity, works by trying to enhance the lives of people through nature, arts, justice, community and faith. And Gracie Farms opened in 2015 to individuals as well as not-for-profit organizations.

Sharon Prince received contributions from many donors to create Grace Farms. And SANAA, which is a Japanese architectural firm that has received numerous awards, was picked to create Gracie Farms. The building sits on many acres of land in CT. And it is noted for its one-story form with a plethora of glass — it is like no other building design.

And Gracie Farms provides a right mix of different activities that visitors can partake in as well. There are a plethora of workshops that address the issues of domestic violence and as well as trying to end the trafficking of children domestically and internationally.

Gracie Farms provides a place for positivity as well as Sunday church services and other events that focus on themes like justice, community as well as faith. There are also many opportunities for performing arts to occur at Gracie Farms.

Prince was also given recognition with Architecture Honor Award that she received in 2017. The AIA is responsible for presenting award. The American Institute of Architects is a prestigious organization. Indeed, Grace Farms has won a plethora of awards for its sustainability and environmental efforts. Prince and the designer of Grace Farms contributed to the breathtaking architecture as well as its direct benefits on society for the better.

Because of her efforts, in 2017, Sharon Prince Grace Farms was given the Abolitionist Award, and also an award called Lives of Commitment.

Regarding her education, Sharon graduated with an MBA from the University of Tulsa’s business school. She also earned a bachelor’s degree from the U of T (University of Tulsa).

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TJ Maloney’s journey to the Top of the Corporate World and His Ability to Lead Lincolnshire Management

The journey to the top is not a straight-forward path, nor is it an easy one. For you to be successful in any field you must be ready to give it your all and not give up. Success comes when preparation, diligence, sacrifice and persistence meets opportunity. TJ Maloney is an excellent example of a diligent individual who persevered through life’s ups and downs and worked hard to get to the top of the corporate world. TJ Maloney leads one of the biggest investment firms in America. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Lincolnshire Management. Other than being the CEO, TJ Maloney is also the firm’s Chairman and a member of the investment committee. This means that he is actively involved with the portfolio companies.

TJ Maloney is a holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College. He also holds a Juris Doctor from the Fordham Law School. His expertise in numerous fields has helped him to navigate through the world of investing. After graduation, TJ Maloney did not just sit and wait for opportunities to come to him; he went out into the field and fought for a seat at the table. TJ Maloney started by working in law firms specializing in mergers and acquisitions of other firms. It was until 1993 that he joined Lincolnshire Management.

Lincolnshire Management is an American company that deals with acquisitions and investments. The company has been operational for over 30 years and boasts over 70 huge investments in a wide variety of avenues and industries. The company’s headquarters are located in New York, but also operates in other parts of the country. Apart from New York, Lincolnshire Management also has offices in California, Chicago and Atlanta.

Other than having a successful tenure in law firms in New York and now at Lincolnshire Management, TJ Maloney has in the past been actively involved in the running of high profile organizations. One of these organizations the Boston College Wall Street Council. TJ Maloney was once the Chairman of the council. TJ Maloney’s expertise and experience have also helped in guiding the Board of Trustees of Fordham University.

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Carsten Thiel Getting On-board With EUSA Pharma

EUSA Pharma, rare disease and oncology biopharma firm, recently decided to add members to their senior leadership team by adding Carsten Thiel as the President of the Europe Division.

The decision came as the company has spent the past couple of years building a business that has been strong enough that they feel its the time to expand their commercialization throughout Europe. Additionally, they hired Dr. Darrel P. Cohen as the Head of Clinical Development at the same time, meaning that he’ll be overseeing projects and research on potential new products years before they even launch.

At EUSA Pharma, Dr. Carsten Thiel has a unique role. Expanding a company through commercial ventures isn’t the easiest job to take, but he was chosen based on his past. All together, Thiel has been working in the commercial business for 27 years, working at different companies such as Alexion, where he helped lead to expanding their business in their EMEA, Asia Pacific, and Australasia regions of the world.

Additionally, he worked at Amgen where he first leads the European oncology franchise of the company, later moving on to becoming the Head of Europe. The final role he took before moving on to EUSA Pharma was when he lead Abeona Therapeutics, a gene therapy specialist company, as its CEO. In the statement Thiel gave when joining EUSA Pharma, he stated that one of the reasons he decided to join the company was his ability to view the large portfolio EUSA Pharma has managed to build in the short time they have been active as a business.

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The Serene Yet Spectacular Retreat- Grace Farms

Grace Farms is a community center located at New Canaan in Connecticut. It was founded by Sharon Prince wife of Bridgewater Associates Hedge Fund Executive, Robert P Prince in the year 2009. The community center is run by the Grace Farms Foundation a non-profit organization that is also tax-exempt. It is open to all members of the public, local, national and international.

Sharon Prince is the founder, chair and, president of the organization called the Grace Farms Foundation. She attended the University of Tulsa and has earned a BS/BA degree and an MBA degree. The Grace Farms Foundation runs programs focused on art, architecture, nature, faith, social justice and community-centered programs. The foundation has helped fight human trafficking, child exploitation and violence against women on local, national and international levels. She is on the board of a charity called Next Generation Nepal. The charity works to reunite victims of child exploitation with their families.

Grace Farms is a spectacular and modern community center. It was designed by the Japanese Architecture firm Sanaa. The center includes a part-time ecumenical chapel, gym, community garden and nature center. The foundation is funded by many well-to-do donors. People of all faiths and those who do not have faith are welcomed. The entire concept is based on the Christian faith but the foundation does not aim to convert visitors. The main buildings called The Snake has no front door. The building is designed in a winding pattern to give spectacular views of meadows and forests. The object of the design is to make the building sync with nature. Grace Farms community center plays host to many non-profit organizations.
Grace farms is a new and innovative community center where like-minded groups work towards improving the environment and the lives of people of all ages on a global scale.

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 Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Revolutionizing the Phases of Orthopedic Surgeries in the U.S

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is one of the few experienced orthopedic experts in the U.S. Apart from being a renowned orthopedic surgeon; he also plays an active role in public education on rapid advances in the medical field.

As the director of Orthopedics at Bronxcare Health System, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum performs regularly surgeries on patients while working in cooperation with other orthopedic surgeons with specialization in this medical area.

With expertise in the field, Dr. Kirschenbaum is a graduate from Brown University with a medical degree from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He has also earned various credentials at the Philadelphia Rothman Institute. He underwent specialized training for joint replacement surgeries and is an active member of the multiple associations. Related to clinical topics, he also writes and lectures on related information technology, process re-engineering, and process management in the medical area.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a professional with in-depth knowledge and skills in performing less invasive surgical procedures. The surgery is gaining massive popularity thanks to its smaller incision and recovery time for patients. The smaller incisions tend to be easier in terms of medical personnel for management, thus safer for patients while reducing the risk of infection.

The technique was invented back in the 80s, and it has rapidly transformed with the computer-assisted surgeries.

As the head at the Orthopaedics Bronxcare Health System, his practice majorly specializes in joints, shoulder, bones with knee, hip replacement surgeries. He also specializes explicitly in correcting various problems born with patients while performing several operations on college, professional and high school sports players with the New York State.

Kirschenbaum also hails as the founder and executive director of Medasape Orthopedics, which is web-based. He is also fully accredited by all relevant boards, including organization and government agencies. In addition, he is a member of the Orthopedics Research Society.

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Recent News about Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos is a successful business woman from Angola. She was born in 1 April 1973. Do you know who the first Africa’s billionaire woman was? Well, it was Isabel dos Santos. She also has a vast experience in leadership and owns a satellite television called ZAP.

In the recent news, ZAP made an announcement to reduce the prices of its services by june 1. Furthermore, it assures that the price will be reduced by up to 13 as of August 1. This deliberate action was taken because of agreement reached with INACOM which has a sole duty to end any dispute that occurs.

She is also the owner of the Urbinveste and Landscape companies. Recently she was accused of over invoicing in the scope of the work which was mainly about constructing the Marginal da Corimba in Luanda. She responded to the claims that were made about her saying the accusations lack transparency and they are false and unfounded.

Apparently the woman entrepreneur regrets that one of her companies, Urbinveste, is the only company to go out of the original consortium of construction of a brand Marginal in the capital of the country. She rejected the grounds represented by the Executive.

In 2009. She received 125 million euros as a loan from CaixaGeral de Depositos. She says that out of the 125 million euros, 60% has been amortized, the rest of the payments are current. But the loan was granted for the acquisition of shares only in a company called NOS as it was written in the Portuguese newspaper.

The loan was given up to a period of seven years according to the daily. This was to be done with a three-year fund shortage and payment of interest at the six-month Euribor rate. The guarantors are to cooperate in order to repay the loan.

In conclusion, Isabel dos Santos has passed through a lot in her life. The article shows about the challenges faced in the life if doing business. Isabel dos Santos remains to be a successful business woman in Africa.

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Unwavering Support and Understanding Sets Herdsman Apart

Entrepreneur and successful businessman Paul Herdsman works as COO of a Jamaican based nearshore customer service company, Nice Global. In an in-depth article from, the business guru provides his experiences and knowledge that have catapulted him and his company to success.

Herdsman believes that his success is largely credited to his personnel that work with him at Nice Global. Because of that he always aims to provide unwavering support and understanding to his colleagues. He believes that this allows his employees to not have a limit on what they can offer and achieve at the company. He prides himself on the relationship that he has with his employees and believes that unlike most employers, he provides a strong relationship that enables growth and ensures employee retention.

In order to make sure employees are on board with Herdsman and Nice Global’s ideologies, the company provides employees with extensive training. Employees are cost-trained to ensure that all staff are fully equipped to provide optimum service and to prepare themselves to take on any growth opportunities within the company.

Herdsman started Nice Global in 2013. The company provides human resources, customer service, technical support services, inbound sales, data entry, and live chat services to its clients. Although these services are done through his company’s outsourcing programs, Nice Global utilizes Herdsman’s years of expertise and success in making sure that stellar service is delivered.

While Paul Herdsman Nice Global is a young company there are plans already underway for expansion. Hersdman and his team are looking at second location in Jamaica, as well as considering expansion into another country.

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How Richard Liu Qiangdong Became The Richest Man In China

Over the past decade or so, Richard Liu Qiangdong has been on his way to becoming the wealthiest man in China. This was chiefly because of the growth of his e-commerce platform, which has become the single largest online retailer in the country. Throughout this time, the company has grown to have 100 million monthly users, selling hundreds of millions of products every year. has grown to be so big that Forbes recently estimated that it was worth $12 billion, although its worth has continued to grow since then. However, every business has its beginnings, and for Richard Liu these beginnings were relatively humble.

Qiangdong managed to earn his way through the People’s University of China, graduating with a degree in Sociology. However, soon realizing he wouldn’t be able to make a significant living with the position, Richard Liu Qiangdong changed direction and began studying Computer Science. With this, he was able to begin a career as a freelance computer coder, which led him to a position with Japan Life, one of the largest natural supplement providers in the area. Richard Liu was able to quickly climb the ladder at the company and steadily grew to be the company’s Director of Computers, which was quite a feat at a young age. However, Qiangdong had long desired to start his own business; once he was financially able to, he took the risk and established a small store named Jiangdong.

While Jiangdong only sold a limited range of products, it quickly became known for Richard Liu Qiangdong’s customer service skills. This prompted the business to grow steadily, eventually expanding to include over a dozen more stores across Beijing city. However, this growth was halted when a SARS outbreak in China made contact with customers difficult. Because of this, Richard Liu was forced to move more and more of his business online, and eventually closed each of the stores. Despite this, the business continued to grow, which attracted the attention of more product developers. With that, partnerships soon began to be formed, with Qiangdong rebranding the website as and an increasing amount of goods being added to the e-commerce platform almost daily.

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Lincolnshire Management, Inc. Sells Holley Performance Products

Lincolnshire Management, Inc has sold Holly Performance Products to a company affiliated to Sentinel Capital Partners who partnered with Driven Performance Brands with Holley. However, the terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Established in 1903, Holly is a leading designer, producer, and market of branded goods. The company serves the stable and increasing performance automotive aftermarket. With more than 100 years of experience, product knowledge, and performance skills, the company is a foundation brand that seems to be tantamount with American performance car tradition. Additionally, the firm has formed a stable of industry-leading, complementary brands such as Hooker, Edge, NOS, Weiand, Superchips and many more.

The company has been serving the lifestyle market, and its goal is to bring more value and excitement to enthusiasts’ cars to drive their automotive passion.

T.J Maloney, CEO, and chairman of Lincolnshire Management points out that the company prides in its brand strength, state-of-the-art product portfolio, and best management team. The combination of these things represents a compelling investment opportunity.

Holley is one of the iconic brands with proven abilities to drive innovation via focused product creation and cultivate authentic connections with enthusiast clients within the industry. The management has done a great job circumnavigating changes in technology and client preference. For this reason, the company has tripled its profits and quadruple incomes during the investment duration.

Lincolnshire Management has exhibited excellent knowledge of the market, products, and clients since its inception.

About Lincolnshire Management, Inc

Lincolnshire Management was formed in 1986 and serves as a private company that focuses on investing and acquiring developing middle-sized companies in various industries. Based in New York, the company invests in the purchase of private firms, recapitalizations, corporate divestitures, management buyouts and development equity for private and public firms. Lincolnshire Management, Inc manages more than $ 1.7 billion of private equity finances.

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Tim Ioannides and his unique approach to dermatology

Tim Ioannides is the CEO and founder of East Coast Dermatology, a medical facility that deals in medical dermatology. However, it did not start here. His story goes way back to his childhood where he had always wanted to make an impact in the lives of people. After his high school, he made up his mind to practice medicine and this saw him enroll for a course at the University of Miami School of Medicine.

Dr. Tim Ioannides is not only loved by the community around him but also has his influence spread across borders. He is beloved for his exemplary customer care skills and his talent and passion for medical dermatology. Looking to take his chances, Tim saw the need to start up his own facility after having worked with various other dermatologists. This marked his turning point in his career, and he has never looked back since then.

Dr. Tim Ioannides took his time to research and understand all aspects related to medical dermatology. He does his practice with a personal touch, a feat that has won the hearts of most of his patients. The same can be said about his staff that regards him highly for his exemplary leadership skills.

Dr. Tim pays great attention to each client and ensures he creates a personal relationship with them. This keeps the patient comfortable and thus open up much more about their condition. This is one unique characteristic that has seen him stand tall and get an edge in an industry that is facing criticism for poor service.

Apart from his academic certifications, Dr. Tim has also received various accolades in the course of his career. He has been fully certified by the American Board of Dermatology and is a member of various notable bodies related to dermatology in America.

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