The Right School: Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University is located off New Montgomery St. in San Francisco, CA. The exceptional school is home of some of the world’s amazing artists. They offer different area of studies as well as online courses for a student’s convenience. The opportunity to blend online and on-site classes makes getting a good education in the Art field a breeze. The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929, and is family owned. The institute can boast that they are the largest private art and design university in the nation.


Sam Bear is a first-year student at AAU. Sam did an amazing job in offering us all an insight into his life as a student at the Academy of Art University. Choosing the right school can be a daunting feat to accomplish. Picking the school that is a great fit is key to thriving. Bear provides the awareness that is needed to confirm the Academy of Art University is a great fit for a student who is into the art world and wants it as their career.


Sam shares him waking up, hanging with his friends, the places he frequents, and his classes. The University provides state of the art studios, lounges, classrooms, equipment, and libraries. He states within his blog and video that he is glad he made the choice to attend AAU and he does not regret it at all. From the good vibes and student culture it is safe to say that the Academy of Art University is a great choice.

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The Role of The Greyhound Diaries

Doug Levitt is known for being the founder of the Greyhound Diaries. However, Levitt was a communicator based in London. He was broadcasting from Iran, Bosnia, and Iran for broadcasting companies like ABC, NBC, and CNN. Doug Levitt had the opportunity of getting a Fulbright Scholarship because he worked so hard and made a success. Levitt is also a songwriter as well as a musician. He achieved a master’s degree from the London School of Economics in Ethnic and also a degree in nationalism from the same college. He is a dedicated man to what he does. Learn more about Doug.

The objective of the Greyhound Diaries is to use their music to pass a message that will change peoples’ lives in a good way. The individuals who receive this message are mostly in bad shape in their lives. They have access to the Greyhound buses to use as their means of transport to pass the information. The success of this project includes making a travel of 120,000 kilometers for more than 10 years. Apart from using music, there are also different stories and images.

The Greyhound Diaries is helped by WPA-era, this is a network that is able to display their work. The WPA-era network displays the whole structure of the US through the Greyhound Diaries. Moreover, the Greyhound Diaries needs to show their work in various places so that their message can be passed on more. These places include; colleges, Southern Law Center and Woody Guthrie Center. Moreover, this work is also shown on TV channels and newspapers such as CNN, Reuters, and Fox News.

These stories through the music inspire many people to have a better change and overcome their challenges. On the other hand, people are also able to see this project on web series and photo exhibits. Doug Levitt is always impressed with the work of the Greyhound Diaries because the music is a very important tool in passing motivating information. The society has nowadays been facing conflict now and then; therefore the Greyhound Diaries help people to overcome such challenges. Many have testified how much this project has helped them live a better life. His blog:

CEO and Chairman Andy Wirth Helps Airport and Tahoe Resorts

Squaw Valley Ski Holdings is listed as one best with Andy Wirth, CEO working to help rebuild the reputation. He is helping to raise funds for charities such as the wounded warriors and the Navy Seal Foundation. He did his time as the Undercover Boss and was followed on television. As the undercover boss, Andy Wirth did his best to help change several of the departments that were in need of upgrades or changes. He did this by going undercover and working in each department in his very own company. Andy vowed to listen to the employees and take to heart all of the information and concerns they discuss while he was undercover. He did just that as well as helping the employees that took the time to help him see the changes he needed to make.

Andy Wirth is such a good man. He took on recent additional job position as Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Airport authority. Andy feels like he can help with the marketing and bringing new innovation to the Airport. The marketing ideas may help the Reno gambling and casinos and the Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts.

Lake Tahoe houses many wonderful things for tourist to do with they visit. During the summer the tourist can enjoy boating or spend time at the Lake. They can also take part in the Ironman and several other large activities that are scheduled. During the winter, the public can enjoy snow skiing, snowboarding, tubing, riding the ski lifts, sitting by the fireplace, and shopping in the city. The Lake Tahoe area is full of beautiful nature scenes and wonderful atmosphere.

Andy Wirth is hoping to encourage others to visit the Lake Tahoe area. He invites people to come enjoy the Squaw Valley resort or the Alpine Meadows resort by securing one ticket for both. He spent many days enjoying the snow and season with his wife. They reside in Truckee and are very happy to be together. Andy almost lost his life when he landed on a post in the vineyard. He was skydiving and fell causing himself to have surgery and rehab. Andy took his accident as a sign that he needed to help others so he is doing his best to be involved in the Airport, the Resorts, and the charities.