The Cancer Treatment Centers of America and the Value to Patients

Cancer Treatment Centers of America believes that each and every person who comes down with cancer requires a specialized treatment plan. Each of these individuals reacts differently to the disease and to the treatment that is required.

That is why the Cancer Treatment Centers of America treats no other diseases except cancer. For over 30 years Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been treating cancer patients using their unique personal approach and advanced technology in order to achieve the best results. All of the doctors at Cancer Treatment Centers of America are specialists in their own right who can specialize in the different forms of cancer and the treatment that is required.

When a patient comes to Cancer Treatment Centers of America the medical staff will take the time to get to know you and to understand the unique situation that you have in regard to your cancer. You will receive a full battery of physicals and tests in order to determine the specific treatments that will do the best job of arresting the particular type of cancer that you have.

Each patient is assigned a multidisciplinary care team that is specific to the patient’s needs, while all the time continually examining therapies that are all backed-up by evidence, while keeping up the patient’s energy throughout the treatment. An important aspect of the treatment is also the management of side effects during and after the treatment.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has five hospitals located in strategic locations in the United States for easy access and minimum travel. Hospitals are located in Atlanta, Georgia, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Phoenix, Arizona, and Chicago, Illinois.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses what they call the Integrative Care approach where they combine traditional treatment methods such as chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. But they also use more non-traditional methods such as naturopathy, acupuncture, vitamin therapy, natural herbal medication, and other natural methods to treat the whole patient and manage side effects.

The Future of NuoDB Cloud Database

Over that last decade or so, cloud databases have become very popular; they make it very easy to access files and software from basically anywhere. The NuoDB cloud database is an elastic database that is considered a new structured query language database, or elastic NewSQL.
NuoDB has come a long way since 2008 and is said to be the future of cloud storage since it offers the space needed for entire applications and software. NuoDB is now also used by several large corporations such as Dassault Systemes and a recent addition known as Causesquare. This partnership is not only beneficial to both businesses but also to the individuals using Causesquare to raise money as it connects more people and charities with donors.
The technology world grows and changes every day and NuoDB is doing an amazing job to not only keep up with the fast-paced changes, but also prepare for the upcoming changes in the future.