Jeunesse Global is Gaining Ground as a Multiple Award Winning Company

Jeunesse Global has been getting a lot of well-deserved exposure lately. The company has earned 24 awards for communication and has also won awards for being a top place to work in direct selling. Jeunesse Global focuses on distributing and direct selling of health and wellness products. The Lake Mary, Florida based company is also active in the community and promotes many worthwhile causes. Wendy Lewis, a co-founder of the company is also known as a top female influencer in direct sales and marketing. Coming up on its 10-year anniversary, the company seeks to expand to all new heights and continue promoting its new products. 


The business model Jeunesse Global operates under helps not only the company but those who promote it as well. Individual distributors can purchase products at a discount and resell them. They’re also incentivized for building their own teams of distributors. This model allows for reduced costs and increased profits to both the independent distributors and the organization. People from across the globe have taken advantage of the special opportunity offered by Jeunesse Global. More information regarding their offerings can be located by visiting them online at You’ll find information on the compensation plan and videos that highlight testimonials of their success stories.

Jeunesse Global offers products such as dietary supplements, skin care, cosmetics, and more. Touching on nearly every aspect possible through health and wellness products, the company provides a one-stop shop for its customers. The Youth Enhancement System is a kit that includes many different products. A new hair care system called RVL is included in the Y.E.S. kit and has already won multiple awards. The package allows distributors to share their products and provides customers with significant savings over buying individual items. More information and testimonials regarding the items that Jeunesse Global offers can be found by visiting

Getting started with Jeunesse Global is as easy as visiting their website and completing the online registration information. You’ll also find a supportive community that offers tips and tricks to be successful both as a consumer and as a distributor. With so many good things happening with the company, it’s a good idea to check out Jeunesse Global, today!

Estate Planning Tips from HCR Wealth Advisors

HCR Wealth Advisors is a group dedicated to developing long-standing relationships with their clients as a result of high-quality service. They help their clients understand the risks and benefits associated with investing and wealth management, in order to help to ensure that clients get the best possible outcomes. On average, brokerage firms have a three-year relationship with clients, but at HCR Wealth Advisors, many clients have been with the firm for over a decade. This is a testament to the level of service provided here. HCR Wealth Advisors has been operating successfully for over 25 years, as they have used several smart strategies to adapt to changing and modernizing markets. Recently, they provided valuable advice on estate planning – a key part of wealth management.

Estate planning can be difficult for some, as it involves a direct confrontation with mortality. Estate planning is necessary, however, as without it most of an individual’s assets would become government property following their death. As noted by HCR Wealth Advisors, there are several components that serve as the foundation for an estate plan. A will, power of attorney, and advanced care directives are all parts of this plan. A will is a legally binding statement that denotes how belongings are to be distributed following a death. In addition, a will should name a responsible person to carry out these directives in case of complications or conflict; this is to ensure that assets are distributed accordingly.

HCR Wealth Advisors

Power of attorney for an estate plan refers to both the power of attorney for healthcare as well as power of attorney for finances. These grant decision-making power to a responsible individual in the unfortunate event of incapacitation before death. Thus, if the affected party is unable to dictate their final wishes for monetary or healthcare-related decisions, there is still a responsible party present to dictate what choice is to be made. For all methods of estate planning and wealth management, HCR Wealth Advisors recommends discussing matters with an attorney to ensure that wishes are represented well and in a legally binding manner. If a legal professional is not present, the estate planning documents may not be valid.



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Neurocore Strengthens People’s Minds For The Better

Studies focusing the brain have been increasing and improved over time. We can now fully analyse and document things like sound and the way it effects the brain to visually observe brain activity with devices like EEGs(electroencephalography. Conditions like ADHD and other brain related diagnosis can now be treated with more detailed and accurate methods and strategies. Neuropsychologists and other brain related practitioners now have the ability to use data like this to help them determine how exactly the brain damage or negative conditioning occurred.


Companies like Neurocore can now prosper from this helpful knowledge and help their clients with wonderful results! They especially use methods like neurofeedback to bring about even more productive results. Neurocore’s sessions are not only very accurate in measurement but they improve the brain’s strength as well! The custom 30 day session has been shown to help clients stay focused and cope with their emotions and brain activity better. This program allows clients to have a deeper understanding of just how their brain works so that they can have a clearer idea of how to feel and behave when dealing with their symptoms. Here are some conditions that Neurocore can help with that most people feel uneasy about curing.


  • Child ADHD


  • Adult ADHD


  • Teen ADHD


  • Sleep issues





Neurocore practices in many locations so that clients can access and utilize their expertise whenever they are needed. They have offices located in Boca Raton, Florida and Livonia, Michigan. Neurocore also reaches out to the community and hosts events to educate people about enhancing and training their minds! They also promote exercise and healthy eating as critical components to helping anyone improve their thinking so that they are free from mental disabilities and conditions.

Smita Shah Teaches Women in the Society Important Lessons in Life Out of Experience

Smita Shah is a successful engineer and entrepreneur and she has been instrumental in educating people on how to get on top of male-dominated industries. She also involves herself with professional female empowerment activities. Despite being an engineer and entrepreneur, she has earned a very influential position in the community.


If you would ask Smita Shah about who is, she describes herself as a lifelong nerd. She loved math and science growing up. She was grouped together with boys to solve math problems which had defeated most of her classmates. Her math skills came in handy later in her life in social events.


The successful entrepreneur embarked on a new path in 1998 when she started SPAAN Tech, Inc., a leading engineering firm in the country. The firm has been growing gradually handling complex engineering projects. While she has achieved a lot with her company, she has not seated back. Instead, she has been working to uplift other women to follow her path to success in the male-dominated professions.


According to Smita Shah, the major problem women are dealing with in the workplace today is self-image. She believes that there are not enough female role models in the world of business. Women cannot imagine themselves rising above challenges to become successful. However, there is good news. There is a paradigm shift in the recent past for the advantage of women. Women are becoming stronger and more successful with time. While there are many challenges facing women at the workplace, it is up to CEOs and female entrepreneurs to prove that they are strong enough to become highly successful. Learn more:


No woman should give up on the path to becoming a businesswoman. Smita Shah goes on to point out that there are more than 100 million female-owned businesses showing that women are getting empowered each passing day and they are excelling. While not everyone can excel in the business world, the women who are dedicated to succeeding.


Believing in yourself is a prerequisite for becoming successful in life. Develop a good self-image to overcome the recurring challenges and use the challenges as an opportunity to become a better leader. Smita Shah advises to accept yourself and give yourself the credit you accord your employees. Additionally, women need to examine their abilities thoroughly to engage yourself on a deeper level and acquire some rare positive traits that will make you outstanding.


The tech entrepreneur also suggests people exert a strong presence in the workplace. First impressions are very important in helping you to win. Take credit for the things you’ve achieved. After you have set and achieved short-term goals take credit. Smita Shah advises women in the workplace to command respect while adhering to positive cultural practices in society. Additionally, successful people in the business world tend to be good time managers.

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Maarten de Jeu: Global Market Pitfalls To Avoid

Market research is important.


It’s also something business advisor Maarten de Jeu emphasizes.


Since launching his company – SVM Business Advisor – de Jeu has established himself as a leading figure in internal business, financial services, and commercial real estate. He has proven his deep knowledge of the global financial sector.


Fortune 100 companies seek him out. Technology start-ups and Ultra High Net Worth individuals reach out to him. 


Swift decision making and effective team building have given him recognition among top businesses. 


Since his days at the University of Oxford, Maarten de Jeu has striven to be number one.


Going Global


According to US Trade statistics from 2006, 95% of the world’s consumers and 70% of the purchasing power resides outside the US. In 2018, global web sales alone made nearly $3 trillion.


Seeing this has led countless businesses to expand globally. They rush out into traffic – the tantalizing call of new customers being too much to ignore.


Only when looking up from the stretcher do they realize their mistake. 


Like looking both ways before crossing the street, it’s important for businesses to do their research before deciding to go global according to Maarten de Jeu. The global market is full of pitfalls for new businesses. Learn more:


Effective Expansion


The first thing a business should do is check if the market actually needs their product in the first place.


Despite being in demand locally, there is no guarantee that the market at large also wants your product. Consumers may have access to similar products at a cheaper price. Local businesses that sell similar products could offer more value to customers.


Customers may not even want what you’re selling in the first place.

And if they do? Local laws and regulations may end up negatively impacting you. Not just your finances but your reputation too. Maarten de Jeu believes companies should hire local business experts and legal counsel first. Tax, employment, and immigration laws need to be understood before moving forward.


Your entire business strategy will need to be adapted to fit the new landscape. The things that work for you now will need to change. 


What shouldn’t change, however, is your product. 


Your reputation hinges on being able to provide the same level of quality to foreign markets. Provide worse service than what you’re known for and you’ll regret it. 


Maarten de Jeu’s final word of advice is to check your finances. 


Don’t turn a blind eye to risks; Seek out an unbiased professional for advice before you go all in.

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HCR Wealth Advisors Shares Insight on Good Debt Versus Bad Debt

It is important to remain on top of your finances and take charge of the direction you’re taking financially. HCR Wealth Advisors have recognized the need for Americans to manage their finances better and accumulate wealth. The registered investment advisory firm based out of Los Angeles has highlighted some important issues to take note of in their Good Debt vs. Bad Debt article.

You can easily tell your net worth by ‘subtracting’ your liabilities from assets. Debts or liabilities are often overlooked as compared to assets. The way you use the funds borrowed determines whether the debt is referred to as bad or good. Therefore, debts can be powerful tools to influence your financial status.

The 28/36 rule demonstrates the appropriate levels of debt you should assume. Here is more clarification about the rule.

26/36 rule

On the lower side, you should strive to not spend more than 28% of your pretax household income in servicing your home debt. When talking about home debt, it refers to mortgage principal as well as interest, property taxes as well as homeowner’s insurance. On the other side, you should try not to spend more than 36% of your pretax household income in servicing all forms of debt, including home debt, interest, and principal on credit cards, auto loans, as well as any other debt.

Beyond this rule

Good debts are the debts that have the potential to brighten your financial future. HCR Wealth Advisors characterizes these debts as low cost debts with the potential for tax benefits, such as student loans and mortgages. The debt acquired to purchase a home can be good debt provided it sits on the 26/36 rule and it is affordable. Debt required to finance higher education can also be good debt because it should eventually enhance your career opportunities. In addition, for many people, the interest on these debts can be deducted from the homeowner’s or student’s tax return.

On the other hand, bad debts are characterized by a high cost with no potential for tax benefits. It is often incurred in the form of high-interest personal loans or credit cards. The loans are necessarily bad debts until you make discretionary purchases and fail to pay back in full.

HCR Wealth Advisors recommends paying attention to their liabilities as much as they do to assets.


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The Farrell Fellowship: Maarten De Jeu Knows The Curriculum

Whenever you’re striving to be successful, you should practice finding the solutions that you’ll need to survive in business. Quite naturally, there are successful businesses that have chosen to partake in classes and business experience. In reality, the Farrell Fellowship is an example of a program that promotes the avenue of political science. 


It caters to students and teachers. These students don’t receive college credits. However, they gain incentives through their hourly rates of $15. Students are interviewed before they enter the program.


Of course, you have to meet the deadline. Once the student enters the classroom area, they are given templates, training, tutorials, and resources that will guide them through their curriculum. Communication is important in any classroom setting.


Each class leads the students to graduate schools, bachelors schools, associate degrees, and trading courses. The courses are on a 200 and 300 level. If you are a student that is transferring from another college, you can start at a higher level. You may be required to take a test to see how well you have learned in your past classes.


Maarten de Jeu has been an advisor in these educative avenues for years. He has recognized multi-teams and placed them together. Through the teams, each student creates a sustainable ending that has been the solution they’ve needed within their education. Maarten de Jeu has earned an MBA from Oxford University.


Through the classes that Maarten teaches, students will develop the gift of financial planning. Because of his hard work and dedication, he has helped thousands of students with their educational goals. Maarten is involved with global strategies as well. Students are surprised to find out that there are thousands of colleges to choose from. They are all connected to the Farrell Fellowship program. Each student has remarkable goals achieved. It’s all due to the fact that the program is set up to go at their learning paces. Learn more:


The classes also lead them to open businesses, teaching classes, and becoming public speakers. Futuristically, some students become fascinated with how far their careers take them. Some of them end up enjoying traveling and teaching through online courses. 

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Look into the Reasons that You Ought To Purchase Video News Release

Press releases are progressing. Now, the use of video in promoting launches has come to be a significant way to increase engagement, traffic and click-through prices.


Few services make the most of the video clip press release (VNR). This is why not every person knows what it is, and how it varies from the traditional release, except that it is a video clip.


What is a video clip press release?

It is a release that offers the tale using visuals, which is various in single message releases. It intends to give the same info yet consists of noise as well as visuals. Professionals claimed that target markets that have viewed a YouTube video release are more likely to act after watching it.


What does it appear like?


The material depends on the sort of service or products. There are different ways to style it, including item demos, customer reviews, and interview with financiers or professionals. Video clips can also be added with infographics, still pictures and also support message to make it lively as possible.


You can embed the video clip in typical releases, or supply accurate details concerning your products. A link is included in an order for the audience to learn more regarding it as well as computer animated logo designs. Videos have a pleasing soundtrack that matches the web content, humor as well as engaging sound.


Is video launch effective for any service?


On the other hand, a recent study showed that video clip release has 55.4 percent new views and also 36.1 percent extra clicks than traditional releases. This indicates how compelling visuals like utilizing a YouTube video can drive web traffic, involvement, and sales.


There is a research study that showed that it could benefit any business. A variety of video clip releases got to information and media outlets and journalists. The media covered Their stories.


You can pitch your video to news magazines and also journalists straight to get attention. You can likewise choose to utilize newswire solutions that accept video clip submissions.


Why utilize this sort of news release?


If your brand isn’t leveraging on utilizing video clip on your launches, it’s time to change your strategy. You require to adjust to the transforming requirements of the audience that access news and also make purchases more in their smart devices.

It’s innovative.

Innovative video clips are eye-catching as well as attractive to the audience. If you have a YouTube video, you can make a two-minute video that provides the message to your target market. If your objective is for sharing on social media, you can create intriguing brief clips that can be shared throughout the channels.


You develop authority.


When you create video clips, you can display what you understand and also who you are in the market. It’s an instantaneous authority-builder because people learn more about you more as well as consider you as a specialist.


An excellent video clip can be working with somebody to discuss you as well as your brand. Apart from that pitch the story to reporters, blog owners, and influencers to extend your reach.

It’s an ideal platform to detail your message.


Whether you wish to advertise your brand, product, and services, guarantee that you know what’s the difference of a VNR from a commercial video clip. Consist of facts quotes from the specialists, credentials, as well as evidence. Don’t make it resemble your marketing. You can also embed video content in your plain message launch.


You develop video clips based upon video clip customer pattern.


When developing a video clip, you should have a suggestion of what and also where the consumer material is originating from and even their consumer routines. The good news is, there are online video evaluation tools that assist brand names in identifying the intake patterns of the consumers.


These tools help brand names recognize the high quality, intake patterns and also viewing experience of consumers before creating a video. Understanding these factors is essential for creating engaging video web content that is created the target customers.


You can share it on social media sites.


Using social networks platforms can magnify the reach of your story. Video clips are appealing content that people love to share on the network. Videos can be shared throughout different platforms, consisting of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube.


When making use of PR distribution service, ask if they offer social media sharing. Allow individuals to share your video throughout various social networks channels. They need to be very easy to download additionally.


If you intend to create video clip web content, make sure that you recognize the message that you intend to share and the demands of the consumers. Nowadays, it is now less complicated than ever to create video clips in different applications and also devices offered online.


Paul Saunders from James River Capital Gives Tips on Business Funding

Are you searching for services in investment management and advisory or commodity trading? The James River Capital is just the company for you. James River Company has set the bar high in the investment industry. The company has been ranked amongst the top websites globally generating a revenue of over twenty million dollars annually. James River Capital is located in Richmond Virginia and was founded in 1986 with the main objective being to be the managing corporation for KP Future. The company also served as the alternative investment manager for Kidder, Peabody & Co. The firm proceeded to become an independent investment firm in 1995 when the two managing directors acquired it from Kidder.


Paul Saunders, the founder of James River Capital is no doubt the go-to expert in matters of entrepreneurship and finances. In a recent interview, he gave tips on how entrepreneurs can fund their upcoming businesses. When an entrepreneur gets a business idea, the first major huddle in their implementation is usually funding for the business. In the business world today, funding can be hard to get because it doesn’t matter how good your idea is you have to prove that it can work in the real world. In his article, Paul Saunders gives entrepreneurs strategies that can come in handy when looking for funding.


Who is Paul Saunders?


Paul Saunders in the founder, chairman, and Chief executive officer of James River Capital Corporation and its affiliated companies. Throughout his childhood, he had a passion for finance which led him to pursue a B.A in the field. Throughout his career, Saunders has occupied roles in investment banking and trading. He held positions at Warburg Paribas Becker and A.G Becker. He was also appointed as director of managed accounts and commodity funds at Kidder and Peabody before being appointed as President of KP Futures Management. He later changed the name to James River Capital


Tips for entrepreneurs on funding startups


The term bootstrapping refers to funding your business using your own personal savings and borrowing from your family and friends. This is the best place to start sourcing for funds. This method may not be able to fund the whole business but it should the most crucial parts of the business. Crowd funding is a new method of raising funds that involves getting a large group of people to donate funds towards the betterment of your business. This method of funding mostly happens online.


Angel investors are also a way to fund your business idea. Angel investors will, however, identify you instead of you going out to look for them. Getting business loans and personal loans is also a way to fund a business. This method, however, puts a strain on the business to perform. Starting a business is no walk in the park but with these strategies, you are sure to become a success. Learn more:


Cassio Audi Takes Over Brazil’s Financial Scene

Cassio Audi is a musician who has always had the zeal for his talent. At a tender age, he knew that he had a unique penchant for music. Therefore, Audi worked for it. That’s why he was prompted to pursue it. He made creative music that spoke a lot regarding the challenges that most individuals were facing in reality. That was a significant part of the roll ‘n’ roll music that was played in the 80s’. Audi persistently worked on his passion into the 90s too. He co-founded Viper, a revolutionary rock band. It created heavy rock metal rhymes. Read more about Cassio Audi at

Cassio Audi Group

Viper started to function in the late 80s when Ives, Pit, and Machado joined Cassio Audi. They took various roles including being the lead guitar, vocalist, salesperson, and guitarist. Audi was the drummer. He also handled lead guitar alongside bass and vocals. The team worked on a significant number of demos before launching their first album, Soldiers of Sunrise, in 1987. Read more about Cassio Audi at Medium.

Many Brazilians compared the tracks to those of Iron Maiden. Their music did well in the local scene. Audi’s drumming ability was apparent and useful in music production. But in 1989, he left the music landscape to join a university for formal education. Audi studied Business Administration at the Pontifical Catholic University. He started working in the corporate sector in 1990.

Before advancing his education, he had served in several marketing agencies as well as corporations including being the CFO of Brookfield Brazil Real Estate Partners as well as Morgan Chase. He also served as the stock analyst for Proctor and Gamble, a leading manufacturer for market leading brands such as Gillette and Duracell. Today, Cassio Audi is the serving CFO of a private equity firm, Peninsula. He coordinates various responsibilities in different areas such as accounting, financial management, treasury, mergers and acquisitions, and the implementation of different policies to govern shared service centers.