Seymour Segnit, Getting Burnt Out, And Working At A Ski Resort Photo Lab For A Summer


MAGFAST, LLC, is a relatively new tech company that is known for its eponymous line of chargers – the MAGFAST Charger family. Seymour Segnit, the Chief Executive Officer of the tech startup, who also happens to be its sole founder, filed articles of incorporation with the state of New York in late 2017.

Seymour Segnit has experienced particular success over the past two years as the leader of MAGFAST, LLC. He actually had most recently worked at another tech startup that was engaged in the development of advanced chargers that were similar to the ones currently available in the family of MAGFAST Chargers.


About Mr. Seymour Segnit

Seymour Segnit was always good in primary and secondary school, despite seemingly never having to study schoolwork. He aced his college entrance exams and managed to find acceptance in applying to Oxford University.

Mr. Segnit graduated ahead of schedule with an engineering degree, though he immediately went to work for an advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather. After leaving this company, he hit up another ad agency, Saatchi & Saatchi, where he’d spend another few-year-long stint. He was burnt out at this point and sought employment at a relaxing ski resort one summer. Get More Information Here.


Oddly Enough, a Photo Lab Taught Seymour Segnit One of the Most Important Lessons He’s Ever Picked Up On

At the ski resort, Segnit worked in the photo lab. Sometimes, he’d leave one or more small scratches on skiers’ prints. The cost of raw materials per print was about $5. Even though such mistakes are expensive, his boss told him to always make another print, then provide skiers with both prints at no additional charge. See This Page for additional information.

When customers see that you care, in Seymour Segnit’s mind, your business will reap many times more success.


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MAGFAST Charger Gives New Start to Your Devices


The recent release of the MAGFAST Charger from MAGFAST is taking the industry by storm. This is a product that may be destined to have a profound effect on the way we charge all of our various electronic devices. Thanks to the genius of Seymour Segnit, the world may be about to get a new head start on recharging their phones and PCs.

The new MAGFAST Charger comes on the scene at a time when charging our various phones, laptops, tablets, PCs, and other devices is more critical than ever. MAGFAST realized early on that a necessary change was in the cards.

The MAGFAST Charger is designed to work on a very simple premise. Instead of needing 10 outlets to charge up all of your devices on a separate basis, you can simply use one to handle them all. This is a revolutionary change whose time has come. Find More Information Here.

It’s amazing that other companies have not hit upon the simple but ingenious premise behind the MAGFAST Charger. It may be fairer to say that other rivals in the industry have tried and come up short. As a result, MAGFAST stands alone at the top of the industry.

Seymour Segnit is the founder and president of MAGFAST and the brains behind the new MAGFAST Charger. Thanks to his vision, the new charger is a reality. Seymour Segnit is rumored to have guided the company to a record breaking $250,000 in profits during its first 15 minutes of existence. Refer to This Article to learn more.

While other companies have certainly excelled in the area of building chargers, MAGFAST Charger has appeared to take the crown. The entrepreneurial spirit and vision of Seymour Segnit seems destined to guide MAGFAST to new heights of acclaim and global profitability. This is one company that is pulling away from the rest of the pack.


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Some Distinguishing Achievements of Randal Nardone

Although Mr Randal A. Nardone is popularly known for being the Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group, a position that he assumed in 1998, he currently holds executive positions in many other notable organizations at the same time.

To fully understand the kind of responsibilities Randal Nardone has, take a look at the summary of his current positions right below.

Summary of Randal Nardone’s current positions

  • He became a Director in Eurocastle Investment Ltd since 2006
  • He has been the Chief Executive Officer of FMA LLC since 2006
  • He is the Co-Founder of FIG LLC (Private Equity) and he also became the CEO of the organization in 1998
  • He is also the current CEO of FM Falstaff Advisors LLC, a company that he co-founded in 1998
  • He is the current Chief Executive Officer of FIG LLC (Credit Opportunities),a positioned he assumed in 1998
  • In the same 1998, he was appointed the COO and Secretary of Impac Commercial Holdings Inc.
  • He is a director in Seacastle Inc., a position he assumed also in 1998
  • He became a director in Florida East Coast Railway Corp. in 2008
  • The management of Newcastle Investment Holdings Corp. appointed him as the secretary and Vice President in 1998
  • He became a director in Springleaf REIT, Inc. in 2011

Before co-founding Fortress Investment Group in 1998, Mr. Nardone was the Managing Director of UBS from May 1997 to May 1998. Long before then, he was a partner and member of executive committee at Thacher Proffitt & Wood, a notable law firm. After that, he joined BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. as a principal.

Considering his highly remarkable career, you will want to know his academic background. Nardone got his B.A in English and Biology from the University of Connecticut and he got his J.D. from Boston University School of Law.

His popularity soared higher when he made the list of Forbes’ Magazine’s World Billionaires in 2007 at the age of 55. Then, his net worth was estimated to be $1.8 billion. In addition to being the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Fortress Investment Group, he began serving as a member of their board of directors since November 2006.

In February 2017, SoftBank concluded plans to acquire Fortress Investment Group at the $3.3 billion to add additional investment expertise to the Conglomerate. Due to his business acumen and his expertise in the finance sector, SoftBank still allowed Nardone to be in charge of the affairs at Fortress Investment Group even after they have acquired it.

Wes Edens: Corporate Achievements and Philanthropic Acts

Wes Edens is a well-known entrepreneur in the United States. One of his most notable contributions is the co-founding of Fortress Investment Group and the National Basketball Association’s Milwaukee Bucks. His contributions to the corporate world have greatly influenced sizeable industries as well as people’s lives. On a global scale, his businesses and charitable acts have been revolutionary.

After establishing the Fortress Investment Group in 1998, Wes Edens has built his reputation as a finance expert and innovative capitalist. Fortress has grown from a small-size hedge fund to an international financier with over $42 billion in assets. The company runs the global properties in place of a few of the world’s greatest investors. Over the years, Fortress has integrated several companies that have made revolutionary changes in areas such as media, infrastructure, financial services, real estate, healthcare, and energy.

One of the critical financial transactions by Fortress is the Brightline traveler rail, which functions in an alliance under the Virgin Group and now known as Virgin Trains USA. The Virgin Trains USA is the first privately financed train system to operate between cities in nearly 100 years. Since the Miami to West Palm Beach route is already in use, the firm is looking to expand the Florida line to Orlando and Tampa. Also, a traveler path from southern California and Las Vegas.

Wes Edens is also behind the development of New Fortress Energy, which aims at providing state-of-the-art infrastructure proposals to establish dependable energy. The need to change the energy footprint in one of Fortress’ portfolio firms was the inspiration behind New Fortress Energy. With the aim of transforming the existing cargo rail to consume economical, Edens created a liquid natural gas (LNG) manufacturing amenity in Miami.

Background Information

Wes Edens, with his wife, Lynn have been benevolent donors to numerous charitable organizations such as the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation, Autism Speaks, Environmental Advocates of New York, and Ronald McDonald House of New York. Other institutions that have benefited from their generosity include the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Open Land Foundation, the University of Florida Foundation, and Student Sponsor Partners.

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Business with Richard Liu

Richard Liu is the founder of the site This is the most popular retail site in China and is one of the largest retail sites in the world. This company is backed by Walmart and Alphabet. So far the sales at have surpassed $22 billion, Richard Liu is looking for ways to improve the company and looking for ways to further increase his profits.

Richard Liu Qiangdong is developing global partners to continue to grow this business and boost their sales. The company has an impressive second quarter of the year and they have seen an increase in sales. The company is seeing an increase in sales in a very competitive area. They are looking for ways to use modern technology and different logistics to continue to improve the efficiency of the company and lead to better customer experience. They are also looking to break into the United States market to get some of the customer bases and make additional sales.

Richard Liu is pointing out some of the highlights from and how they are gaining in business. In 2019, they have expanded in the areas of women’s fashion, luxury items, and they are seeing more first time customers. Most of these customers are females and they are making around 80 percent of their purchases online. The company is looking to further retail customers by delivering the products the same day to most areas. The company has also seen an increase in fresh food and is now working in the tons. is only progressing from this point on up.

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Maarten de Jeu on Why Commercial Real Estate is an Attractive Investment Opportunity

Maarten de Jeu has spent the majority of his career consulting Fortune 100 companies and enterprising individuals looking to diversify their investments or take their business to international markets. Whether he’s handling long-term or short-term investments, he has an informed opinion of what it takes to get a return worth the effort, which is why he thinks more investors ought to consider commercial real estate as an investment worth their time.


Commercial real estate is becoming more of an accessible investment opportunity in recent years, changing the kinds of people who can invest. But this is still considered an expensive venture, one that may require several investors to pool their resources together in order to acquire a property. But unlike residential properties, commercial real estate, like offices, apartment buildings, industrial parks, manufacturing sites, etc, have benefits that can bring investors together.


De Jeu notes that some of the advantages of commercial real estate are that it’s something of a steady investment. Stock market volatility isn’t really much of a factor to consider. Property values are instead impacted by things like its condition and the value of surrounding property. But investors can jump right in without turning to a financial advisor, meaning there are no management fees or any other to consider when eyeing a property.


In order to keep commercial property values, or to restore one to such condition, de Jeu notes that it will take the capital. Luckily, this is an area where there is some protection from inflation, keeping costs down. While stocks may or may not appreciate in value over time, their value will be impacted by market inflation. That can be hard to predict, but commercial property investors by; ass this because they appreciate faster than stocks, at a lower rate of risk, over the same stretch of time. Investors also hold the option to boost rent at fixed intervals, passing off the cost of maintenance and renovation on to tenants rather than investors taking on the risk.


No matter the type of investment, de Jeu says that investors will always have a need to keep cash on hand. While the long-term investment of increased property value may be the ultimate goal. rent can be a source of revenue to cover the costs of owning property. But an even bigger advantage may come in the form of tax deductions and incentives. Depreciation can be deducted from the overall value when filing by accounting for maintenance and repairs. Learn more:


For Maarten de Jeu, the benefits that come with owning commercial property makes it an ideal fit for investors looking to diversify their portfolio while accessing returns on their investment in the short term and the long term.


About Maarten de Jeu:


Maarten de Jeu holds an MBA from the University of Oxford, which he used to get his start at Aviva PLC as their Director of Strategy & Corporate Development. Working with wealthy individuals and large corporations, helping them break ground in new markets, provided de Jeu with the experience and skill to found the SVM Business Advisory, helping smaller businesses establish a sure international footing from their headquarters in Chicago.

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Isabel Dos Santos Keen on Empowering African Entrepreneurs and Pushing For Gender Equality

For the past couple of decades, Africa has been trying to catch up with the rest of the world. Despite the efforts made by governments and businesses, there hasn’t been much fruit as entrepreneurs in the continent face numerous challenges. Moreover, there is a huge corporate gender equality gap that hinders holistic growth. Isabel dos Santos, Africa’s richest billionaire woman, is looking to take a new approach and change all these.

The Angolan businesswoman seeks to help Africa become better by empowering entrepreneurs and pushing for gender equality in the corporate sector. Here is how Isabel is going about achieving this goal.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Unemployment is a massive problem in Africa and the best way of solving this issue is by empowering entrepreneurs to create more employment opportunities. Isabel dos Santos has been working on projects that help entrepreneurs from the continent to unlock their potential. She has provided educational scholarships to numerous young entrepreneurs and also funded their start-ups.

Besides this, through her company Unitel, the primary telecom service provider in Angola, she has expanded communication infrastructure into rural areas. This has allowed entrepreneurs in the village to grow their businesses.

Pushing For Gender Equality

Globally, the gender equality situation in the corporate world is wanting, but it’s much worse in Africa. Isabel dos Santos is pushing for gender equality in the corporate sector, especially in African from the grassroots level. She has been working with charity organizations that help in the education of girls to make her dream come true.

Apart from providing educational scholarships to girls from rural areas, she also funds women empowerment organizations in marginalized areas. Isabel believes that by providing women in rural areas with a stable source of income, they can be able to take their daughters to school.

About Isabel

The Angolan businesswoman and billionaire studied for her Electrical Engineering degree in London’s King’s College. Isabel dos Santos went into entrepreneurship soon after her graduation, and has over the years built her multi-billion empire. Besides Africa, she also supports civil and community projects in the U.K. and Portugal and was recently part of the World Economic Forum on Africa.


Positive Effects of Prevagen

Some people do not let age get into their way. When properly taken care of the body and the mind can stand up to the test of time.

Research has found that to stay mentally and physically healthy in old age it is important to exercise and have good nutrition at all stages of life. There is also a supplement called Prevagen to help support the brain and enhance brain functioning as a person ages.

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The supplement Prevagen has been studied by researchers to tests its effectiveness. In a double-blind study, one group was given Prevagen and the other group was given a placebo. The group that was given the Prevagen were shown to have higher cognitive functioning over the 90 days.

This group also has shown improvement in their memory. This supplement is also said to help a person have clearer thinking. Prevagen contains the ingredient apoaequorin which is natural and was discovered in a jellyfish.

Studies have shown that it can help support brain functioning in humans and assist in improving their memory as they age.

There have been several studies done on Prevegan and there has been a link between mental and physical fitness.

Before taking exams and other creative projects, physical activity can increase brain functioning. Fitness will also help keep the brain active and help prevent age-related memory loss.

Studies have also shown that exercise can help a person focus on a given task. All it takes is 10 minutes of physical activity and the brain can concentrate and retain more information than those that were not exercising. Exercise can also help with balance, coordination, and help keep the body in shape.

Exercise can improve mood and to get a bigger benefit it is important to socialize with others while exercising.

Dance classes, yoga classes, or even going for a walk with a friend can help increase the blood flow to the brain and help improve overall brain health. This will also help a person improve their mood.

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Stress can have negative effects on a person’s health including the health of the brain. Stress can raise anxiety levels and make the heart race. To help control stress levels activities such as yoga can be performed to help the body and the brain relax.

Also with physical activity and a balanced diet Prevagen can help improve memory and the functioning of the brain as a person ages.

This supplement will help keep a person sharp and will help an elder person remain independent for a longer time.

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The Goals of Barbara Stokes

I had just finished reading a couple of articles about a woman named Barbara Stokes. I had realized after reading those articles, a couple of observations. Read this article at

Number one, Mrs. Stokes is, in her own right, a savvy businesswoman, with a long history in her hometown. Second, Barbra Stokes loves to meet the needs of the community. She is, what I would call a servant for the people. She thinks less about herself and more about meeting the needs others. I will go ahead and do a brief of each observation.


Barbara Stokes hails from Huntsville, AL. Before her mark as a successful Entrepreneur, she had gone to school to pursue engineering and physics. She then started working in those fields for awhile and then decided to run her own business. This involved contracts with the government regarding commercial and housing development. Her business, being around for years, has led her to different projects, where there were strong contributions to disaster relief. For instance, Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC, where Barbara Stokes is the CEO, was involved in humanitarian efforts during the Hurricane Harvey disaster. It brought about temporary housing for many residents affected. Barbara Stokes is indeed a force to be reckoned with. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Affiliatedork.

Jason Hope Sees the Next Wave of the Future to be IoT

SENS Foundation

The SENS Foundation was established in March 2009 by Aubrey de Grey, a graduating Professor from Cambridge in Biotechnology. The foundation has devoted itself to a term called senescence which is the progress into sickness, but the critical name DeGrey associates with the SENS foundation is another term “negligible” senescence, which he says is more like the life of the rockfish which shows no trace of aging and seems to remain the same from year to year. The foundation researches the processes which can be traced to the path to aging and what can be done to slow the progress of aging. Jason Hope has been a charitable supporter of the SENS Foundation since its beginning in 20009 by Aubrey de Grey. Jason Hope, at one time, made a pledge of $ half a million then later continued to donate to the foundation to be used for laboratories and other needs of the foundation.

Anti Aging Collaborations

The relationship of Mr. Hope with the SENS foundation has to do with how Mr. Hope sees the importance of working in the field of anti-aging and sees it as a step into what the future will bring. Mr. Hope sees that the work in anti-aging is not so much a work toward finding a solution to not aging, but in a slow progression of the aging process.

Jason Hope Biography

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, scientist, technologist, and business person. Hope became wealthy through the field of technology. He received his MA and MBA from Arizona State University and in Tempe, where he was born and raised.

Jason Hope and the Internet of Things

Hope has an interest in the Internet of Things because he sees it as a way into the future. He sees the IoT as the way the future is going, and he predicts that within five years, the world with be significantly influenced by the internet of things and the technology that allows it to connect the home with the power that comes from the internet. The IoT has the potential to become future for modern society, according to Hope and over a thousand high tech professionals who all believe the IoT will be the net wave of technology to move the world.

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