For a long time now Sussex Healthcare has been at the top of its game in providing elder care. When the company opened in 1985, it solely specialized in providing senior general care, but over the years it has expanded and now provides care for people with disabilities and also those with neurological diseases. Sussex Healthcare has numerous facility which are all based in different parts of Sussex. The facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that is used in caring for the residents. Apart from this equipment, Sussex Healthcare also has a team of dedicated staff members that are trained and well learned. The staff provides the patients with everything they need and are friendly to the people. Some of the Sussex Healthcare home include;

  • Upper Mead- located in Henfield, the home is among the top in its category. This Sussex Healthcare home has a total of 48 rooms; 37 of them are for senior citizens above the age of 65, and the remaining 11 are for patients who require special attention. Upper Mead is located in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by an expansive courtyard. The home mainly consists of single rooms apart from one place that is shared. The bathroom facilities are private and are equipped with heating. During meals, the residents enjoy the scenery outside as the dining room faces a beautiful garden. The residents meet with their family and friends in several lounges.
  • The Granary – The home is located in Broadbridge Heath and care for neurological diseases is their specialty. They care for people with illnesses ranging from cerebral palsy to multiple sclerosis. The staff is specially trained for these diseases, and the facility is fully equipped with modern technology and equipment. For people with neurological disorders that require long term care and help in day-to-day life, this is the ideal home to visit. To balance the physical and mental health of its residents, The Granary has therapeutic activities in place. These include salt caves and therapy pools.
  • Sycamore Lodge – The home is small compared to other Sussex homes, but it is well equipped. For younger people suffering from various diseases like Huntington’s disease, this is the place. Visit:

Cassio Audi Takes Over Brazil’s Financial Scene

Cassio Audi is a musician who has always had the zeal for his talent. At a tender age, he knew that he had a unique penchant for music. Therefore, Audi worked for it. That’s why he was prompted to pursue it. He made creative music that spoke a lot regarding the challenges that most individuals were facing in reality. That was a significant part of the roll ‘n’ roll music that was played in the 80s’. Audi persistently worked on his passion into the 90s too. He co-founded Viper, a revolutionary rock band. It created heavy rock metal rhymes. Read more about Cassio Audi at

Cassio Audi Group

Viper started to function in the late 80s when Ives, Pit, and Machado joined Cassio Audi. They took various roles including being the lead guitar, vocalist, salesperson, and guitarist. Audi was the drummer. He also handled lead guitar alongside bass and vocals. The team worked on a significant number of demos before launching their first album, Soldiers of Sunrise, in 1987. Read more about Cassio Audi at Medium.

Many Brazilians compared the tracks to those of Iron Maiden. Their music did well in the local scene. Audi’s drumming ability was apparent and useful in music production. But in 1989, he left the music landscape to join a university for formal education. Audi studied Business Administration at the Pontifical Catholic University. He started working in the corporate sector in 1990.

Before advancing his education, he had served in several marketing agencies as well as corporations including being the CFO of Brookfield Brazil Real Estate Partners as well as Morgan Chase. He also served as the stock analyst for Proctor and Gamble, a leading manufacturer for market leading brands such as Gillette and Duracell. Today, Cassio Audi is the serving CFO of a private equity firm, Peninsula. He coordinates various responsibilities in different areas such as accounting, financial management, treasury, mergers and acquisitions, and the implementation of different policies to govern shared service centers.


Highlighting some Developments at the US Money Reserve

The organization has earned the trust of its customers over the years. It specializes in the distribution of gold coins that have been issued by the federal government. It has been ranked first in the industry in terms of its trading volumes. Customer service is one of the core values of the company.

The management team at the U.S. Reserve has strived to develop customer-oriented policies, and that has had a positive impact on its customer base. It provides its clients with unique gold coins, and that has earned it a competitive advantage over the other market players.

Over the years, the U.S. Reserve has ensured that only professional individuals join its workforce. The employees of the company are tasked with helping the clients to make informed decisions when choosing precious metals for their businesses. Insights from the professionals at the company have helped businesses to achieve their financial goals in the long run.

Hundreds of thousands of people have sought the services of the U.S. Money Reserve. Other than Gold, the firm also deals with metals such as silver and platinum. It has complied with all legal requirements set by the government in all its operations.

The U.S Money Reserve offers internship opportunities for students in the country to acquire practical skills in their careers. Currently, the application process for vacancies during the summer is open. The initiative was launched in early 2016 where a marketing intern joined the company.

The gold coins distributor is currently celebrating due to the success of this program and its positive growth since it began. Students who qualify to work as interns get an opportunity to work with a team of professionals and this helps them to develop excellent interpersonal communication skills. Read more: US Money Reserve | Ispot and US Money Reserve | Biz Journals

The vice president of the company in charge of marketing and communication has been championing this program since it was initiated. In 2016, he hired Mallory Burgess. The two individuals had interacted before in another firm. Students were encouraged to take advantage of the available internship opportunities at the U.S Money Reserve as they would have a positive impact on their careers.

According to Mallory Burgess, the chance to work as an intern at the company helped to improve her marketing skills. She was hired as a marketing coordinator and was in charge of the internship program and performed well. She was promoted to her current position as the media buyer.

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Mark Holyoake to Set Aside from ISI Board

The Iceland Seafood International board is undergoing some serious changes in the coming months. ISI’s leader and CEO Benedikt Sveinsson will be stepping down from the company’s board. Other major shakeups are currently focused on the board of ISI as they prepare for a continuation of last year’s successful endeavors. Among the other people departing from the board is Mark Holyoake, a prominent British businessman, and real estate investor. Holyoake and Sveinsson figure to both be quickly replaced.

A shareholder meeting in February will be held at Reykjavik for ISI. Magnus Bjarnason, one of the leading partners at MAR Advisors, is being considered for one of the newly vacant slots. Bjarnason has a diverse background with experience at the M&A advisory firm as well as his work as the CEO of Icelandic Group dating back from 2012 to 2014.

ISI has been in the news of late, due primarily to all the shakeups going on at the top of corporate ladder. ISI recently announced that Bjarni Armannsson will be replacing CEO Helgi Anton Eiriksson at the head of the company. Armannsson was quick to release a memo and to reach out to press publications in order to talk about his work at ISI. Armannsson pointed to last year’s acquisition of Solo Seafood as evidence of ISI’s rapidly growing supply chain in Iceland. Armannsson was also confident in his demand that ISI becomes a mark market listing at some point in 2019. Armannsson closed out his mission statement by advocating for more successes in 2019 that will come as a natural result of their work over the past several years.

Holyoake is a prominent investor who purchased into ISI back in 2010 via his own investment firm, International Seafood Holdings. Mark Holyoake was grateful for his time working with ISI as well as his continued friendship with Benedikt Sveinsson, who is also stepping down. Holyoake studied at the University of Reading and has been working in real estate since the 1990s. His largest-ever project was the Grosvenor Gardens House building, and he currently has his eyes set on investing in the former Espirito Santo estate.

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The rise of a successful investor; Mike Nierenberg

What is his Net worth?

Mike Nierenberg doubles up as the Chairman of the board and the President at the New Residential Investment. He is also at the company’s executive position. Mike Nierenberg owns over 60,000 units of the New Residential Investment stock whose net worth is over 16 million dollars, putting him in the category of the most active insider traders at New Residential Investment. Recently, he bought 60,000 units of the NRZ stock valued at 990,000 dollars. Mike is also reported to have made over four trades of the New Resident Investment stock since 2016. His net worth is estimated at around 16.5 million dollars.

Work Experience

Mike Nierenberg worked for several companies holding a range of leadership positions prior to joining New Residential Investment. He worked for Lehman Brothers for seven years where he pioneered the adjustable rate mortgage business. His hard work and skills earned him an appointment as a director at the company. He, later on, worked at Bear Stearns Company for 14 years. During his time there, Mike Nierenberg was the head of interest rate and foreign exchange trading operation as well as the co-head of mortgage-backed securities trading.

He also worked at JP Morgan where he was the head of Global Securitised products as well as a member of the management committee. In 2008, Mike Nierenberg served as the Managing Director and head of Global Mortgages and Securitised products at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He was in charge of all sale and trade activities at the bank.

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Edwin Miranda Pushes Performance Marketing To The Next Level.

Edwin Miranda is the founder and CEO of KOI IXS which is a marketing agency that helps brands get the most out of their share of the market. In such a crowded field, it can be easy for companies like KOI IXS to get lost in the crowd. Miranda has worked for years in order to turn his marketing firm into a performance-driven machine and now he is sharing with the world what has made his work so successful.

When Edwin Miranda works with a company, he lives by his mantra that the only thing that matters is delivering results. Companies looking to extend their reach into the global market cannot afford to simply take things easy. The marketing world changes by the minute and that means that Miranda needs to always be on top of his game. In order to do that, Miranda starts every single day at 5:30 AM when he starts sifting through his curated feed of breaking news and client messages. After a quick breakfast, Miranda is off to a workout before spending some time taking his children to school.

At KOI, Edwin Miranda believes that his company has thrived due to the passion that he brings to the table with the rest of his staff. According to Miranda, passion is one of the most important ingredients that a successful business person can have. Miranda goes on to point out that in order to succeed with your passion, you’ll need to have a team of equally passionate people at your side.

As Edwin Miranda is incredibly driven by results, it stands to reason that he is a big fan of potential changes in marketing. Right now, Miranda is sighting up Predictive Marketing as the next big breakthrough in his industry. Miranda will utilize this growing technology at KOI IXS as he seeks to grow his brand further into the future.

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Ashley Lightspeed: Creating Industry Advancements and Successful Projects

Ashley Lightspeed’s hardworking, innovative and creative approach to business has allowed her to quickly excel in the ranks at her enterprise. Ashley Lightspeed has been qualified as one of the top businesswomen in her industry. Ashley Lightspeed was hired for her successful approach to business management. Business management is a division of overall business that serves a crucial function in the industry. Directors and managers are figures in the financial movement. The financial movement is taking place in today’s market. Ashley Brasier previously studied at Stanford. Learn more about Ashley at

Stanford University is headquartered in California. The university is well-known and popular in the state of California. Many college students aspire to participate in the university. Many college students apply to Stanford University but are not allowed access. Students must have high qualifications in order to study at the college. Every college in the United States determines their rules for acceptance. Expensive colleges tend to have difficult criteria that must be met in order to become a student. Criteria can range from high grades to quality recommendations.

Many colleges require that their students participate in some type of community service. There are many different types of community service that students can participate in. High school students often create groups with their peers to perform community service during the calendar school year. Performing community service serves many functions for young adults. Not only does assisting another person broaden one’s perspective, it also shows responsibility for college applicants. A college applicant is defined by an individual who applies for college in order to receive a degree in return. College degrees are administered by college officials proceeding the completion of a college course. A college course must be completed in order for an individual to receive proper compensation. Degrees are used as a form of official certification.

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Financial Guru Gareth Henry Helps Many Types of Clients

Gareth Henry is a jolly, knowledgeable, self-professed math geek hailing from the UK who has a love for helping other people safely grow their wealth. His alma mater is the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, which is actually one of the world’s most preeminent mathematics schools. In Edinburgh, Gareth learned just how the actuarial models used in the insurance and finance industries work. Yet instead of purely working from a theoretical perspective for the sake of learning, Gareth learned these complex models so that he would have a complete top-to-bottom understanding of capital markets and the mathematical models upon which they are based. For if one learns these complex foundations, they are much more comfortable with handling large sums of money and in turn, are able to grow wealth much better than others.

Gareth Henry’s confidence in actuarial models and flexibility to work at various global firms helped him to finally achieve the role of Global Head of Investor Relations at Fortress Capital: a billion-dollar firm which has offices in London, New York, and beyond. Gareth has so far worked in various financial organizations like Philadelphia’s SEI, London’s Watson Wyatt, and London’s Schroders to name a few.

The specialty knowledge in terms of financial products which Gareth holds include the likes of private credit, hedge funds, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, and fixed income. “I believe that I can’t truly serve you as my client unless I have a complete understanding of your needs, as well as the needs of the organization I’m working to help grow”, Gareth Henry says. “With that in mind, I make a minimum of 8-10 calls to clients per day, plus at least two face-to-face client meetings.” Gareth Henry also specializes in Mezzanine loans, Senior Loans, Distressed Credit, and various other types of Capital Appreciation strategies.

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“Marc Beer: Investing In Women’s Health “

Nowadays, most diseases are curable if detected in time. Modern medicine and technology have pooled their capacities and made it much easier for us to answer any questions we might have about our health. The early diagnostics is the key factor in treating many diseases. Today’s advanced technology makes it possible for such diagnostics to be more available and therefore more accessible to patients. Medical and technological innovation represents a major step forward in the detection and treatment of diseases.


We still have a lack of knowledge about pelvic floor diseases in women. For this particular reason, the diagnostics, but also education, are of essential importance in the prevention and treatment of this widespread disorder.


What Does Renovia Inc. Deals With?

The company Renovia Inc., which is headed by the CEO Marc Beer, has stepped forward with new products related to the pelvic floor disorder.


This medical-technological company from Boston deals with the development of diagnostics and diagnostic agents. These exact things are used for therapeutic purposes with pelvic floor and urinary incontinence diseases. Researchers claim that these types of diseases affect more than 250 million women all over the world.


Renovia’s Innovations And Its Investors

The first product that Renovia Inc. presented on the medical market is the Leva, which was officially approved by the FDA in April 2018.


Renovia Inc. has attracted plenty of investors, including The Longwood Fund. It is an investment company with a focus on health care. It was this company that invested in Renova, joining Perceptive Advisors from New York and Ascension Ventures from Missouri. Their funds will be directed to the testing and development of four diagnostic devices, including the new generation of Leva devices.


The management of Renovia Inc. and its CEO Marc Beer are more than satisfied with the support they received from the leading investors. They consider it a joint victory because they share the same vision of better health care and prevention. Their mutual view is that together they will improve the treatment and quality of life of a huge number of women suffering from pelvic floor disease and disorders.


Marc Beer’s Innovative Ideas

Renovia’s CEO, Marc Beer, recently spoke about combining innovative sensor technology with a digital health platform. This will give patients very valuable data and information about the possibilities of new treatments, medical procedure and general understanding of the pelvic floor disorder itself. Nevertheless, the company has not yet made a statement about investments and new product lines.


Marc Beer’s venture in Renovia started in 2015. Before that, he was well-known for his work in some other medical companies. CEO and co-founder of Renovia Inc brought with himself more than 25 years of his experience of developing in biotechnology, pharmacy, diagnostics, and medical devices. Marc Beer was one of the Renovia founders who closed a series of financing with leading capital funds. Learn more:


Neurocore: What You Should Know

Neurocore was founded in 2004. It specializes in offering brain-based assessments; data-driven as well as training programs to assist adults and children improve sleep, concentration, and also manage stress. Neurocore has turned out to be a national authority when it comes to applied neuroscience. It has several Brain Performance Centers in Florida and Michigan. Read more about Neurocore at

How specialists at Nerocore handle patients with anxiety

Neurocore has a well crafted drug-free anxiety program. Any person can feel anxious from time to time. It is normal to feel anxious when you face a strict deadline at work, when you are about to make a big decision, or when you are about to take a test. But you know what? Anxiety disorders can turn out to be a serious medical challenge, which can make living a normal, as well as a happy life, appear insurmountable.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers have well-crafted and innovative brain-based treatment processes for anxiety, social anxiety, and panic attacks. These treatment processes open doors to a richer, calmer, better and more fulfilling future. According to specialists at Neurocore, the most common symptoms of anxiety are Headaches, perfectionism, restlessness, Phobias, addictive behavior, and prone to angry outbursts. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

When handling anxiety issues, specialists at Neurocore made use of advanced qEEG technology in order to quantify and also identify the brain activities that could be the actual cause of anxiety. They also pay attention to the patient’s breathing as well as heart rate, which tend to affect the overall brain wellness in one way or another.

During customized treatment programs, specialists use neurofeedback sessions so as to train the patient’s brain to control and regulate itself in order to remain in a calm and focused state. These specialists understand that symptoms of ADHD are similar to those of anxiety disorder. Therefore, they are always keen when handling these situations not to provide wrong treatments to patients.