How Peter Briger Will Usher Fortress Investment Group Forward

While Peter Briger may currently work with Fortress Investment Group on the Board of Directors as a co-chairman and a principal, he did not ascend to this position overnight. He has spent his entire career building a sterling reputation for himself and his experience level more than speaks for itself.Before joining Fortress Investment Group, he worked as a partner with the Goldman Sachs firm. He has also worked with Princeton University Investment Company and this is where he has performed some of his most important philanthropic works. Briger also offered his support for the Central Park Conservancy.As a member of the Silicon Valley Council, he would ensure that funding was properly distributed to needy children. Since there are a number of needy children in the world who are in need of quality services, Peter Briger has taken it upon himself to make sure that all of their needs going forward.

Now that he has joined up with Fortress Investment Group, he is able to use his past experiences to push the company forward. As a new overseer for Fortress’ credit business, he is a unique position to assist the company in the future. In the wake of the massive Fortress Investment Group sale to SoftBank, Briger will have plenty of opportunities to capitalize on his past experiences. SoftBank made their purchase with the idea of providing the company with a well moneyed partner who could tap into their many resources. Briger is one of these valuable resources. When SoftBank referred to the human capital that is present, Briger is exactly who they were speaking of.

Now that this partnership has been forged, it is time for Fortress to continue their expansions in the world of senior housing. They have also made a number of advances when it comes to general infrastructure.The company’s railways are going to be utilized as part of their infrastructure in the years to come and Briger is expected to be a major part of these advancements. When SoftBank made their $3.3 billion purchase, Briger’s past connection with Goldman Sachs played into their decision. Fortress’ track record more than speaks for itself and so does Briger’s. Briger has also agreed to invest at least 50 percent of his total proceeds after taxes. The money will be placed back into the company’s coffers and SoftBank will also receive a portion of these funds in the form of stock related investments.