OSI Group McDonalds: How Hamburgers are Made

Over the years as we become more conscientious of what we eat, the public generally has become skeptical of what we choose to eat. Today the average consumer is faced with more choices than ever on what we want to eat. We are learning to be concerned about what are the ingredients in the food we consume and what effect these ingredients have on our health.

OSI Group, the global food supply company is one of the biggest suppliers to McDonald’s and runs one of its largest factories located in Gunzburg, Germany. The Gunzburg factory is genuinely a massive factory that devotes 90 percent of its production to that of McDonalds hamburgers. The OSI Group factory has stringent regulations regarding hygiene, as all employees must be protective clothing and required to wash hands before they can enter the factory. Sick employees are not allowed entry to the factory. Despite popular belief, there are no preservatives in the beef used to make McDonald’s hamburgers, so the strict hygienic protocols in place are needed. There is also no loose jewelry allowed or anything that can fall and contaminate the beef.

The initial step in the production of McDonald’s beef is a thorough inspection of bones in the large pieces of meat entering the factory. The massive beef cuts from the farms are requested purposefully, as the more massive cuts statistically reduce the odds of contamination compared to smaller cuts with more surface areas for possible contamination.

Next, the beef is packaged in large containers, each containing about 1,100 pounds or 500 kilograms. On average one cow produces 100 kilograms of meat, meaning each packet has the contents of multiple cows. The packaged meat is taken to a large blender where the beef is then minced. As part of this process the removal of additional bones and other unwanted elements are extracted. Now the minced meat is 100 percent bone free, is it ready to be turned into McDonalds beef patties. Patties must be at a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, so frozen beef is mixed with the newly processed meat to achieve that optimal temperature to form the patty shape.

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