JD.com is the largest online Chinese retailer and also the country’s largest company on the internet in terms of the revenue it generates. JD.com has an annual customer base of over 300 million of which all are active, over 550 warehouses, with over 80% of its total orders placed over the mobile phone. JD.com net revenue in the year 2018 was at US$67.2 billion. JD.com sets a high standard by being committed to authenticity, quality, and having a diverse range of products from cosmetics, electronics to fresh food. Its delivery of goods to consumers on the same day or the next one is unmatched by any other company worldwide.

JD.com offers all sizes of businesses, a more natural way to procure the supplies they need. JD.com improves the efficiency of procurement by 50% and alternatively brings down the cost by 15%. JD.com helps over seven million business clients in procurement. Unlike past procurement where everything was covered and required one to have a relationship with the provider of the goods, JD.com offers a platform where businesses can access different ranges of goods in a clear manner.

JD.com works with big companies whose number is over 5,000. JD.com also works with more than 80% of the Fortune 500 companies in China. They include Volvo, Siemens, Bosch, and Southwest Cement.

JD.com also partners with Rockit Global Limited and Zespri, companies that deal with horticultural crops from New Zealand, to bring kiwifruits to the Chinese market. The partnership with JD.com is a significant success with sales to over 300 million consumers with an 80% growth of New Zealand’s food sales on JD.com platform.

For imported wine lovers, JD.com offers a variety of Hungarian wines due to the partnership between Grand Tokaj of Hungary and JD.com. The partnership marks Grand Tokaj first entry into the Chinese market. The wines were well received with sales of 1000 bottles of the wine within 10 hours of the brand launch in China.

With a 99% nationwide coverage of Chinas total population and the quality services with partnerships, JD.com bridges the gap existing between global brands and the Chinese market.

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