JD.com Expands with Farfetch

JD.com is the largest online retailers in China. They have recently accounted for an expansion to the companies they work within their blog. JD.com has expanded its business relationship with the Farfetch company. This will allow customers to have seamless access to the app and they will also be able to use the Premier Luxury Gateway to China to purchase luxury brands in confidence.

The Toplife company is going to merge with the Farfetch brand in China. This will allow the JD.com company to have Level 1 entry on their app. This will allow a customer to be able to make a purchase without a problem. They will be able to access over 3,000 different brands that can be found on the Fafetch network. This site has over 1,000 luxury brands and will allow a customer to have the finest items at the tip of their fingers. All they need to do is log on to the app and they will be able to shop for luxury items. This works out great for high end customers. JD.com is also one of the largest shareholders in the Farfetch company so they are expected to do well off of their deal and expansion.

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