OSI Group Adds Meatless Burgers to Its Product Processing Line

OSI Group began butchering and selling meats in the United States in 1909 as a small marketplace. Over the years, the family-owned business grew and began processing beef patties, sausages, chicken, bacon, pork, dough, and sauces. The company’s specialty is the famous McDonald’s hamburger patties which gained popularity among Americans in the 1950s. Recently, OSI added meatless burgers to its production product line to help Impossible Foods meet its customers’ demand.

Impossible Foods manufactures and distributes a healthier choice of meatless burger to consumers looking for alternative food items. OSI Group will work with the company until the end of this year in several of its processing plants. The partnership agreement entailed further processing services into 2020 with no expiration date. The Silicon Valley-based company produces patties and dairy products from natural plants. Impossible began its production in 2011 and continues to grow nationally to the point of forming a partnership with OSI.

OSI Group is thankful for the opportunity of adding a healthy food to its meat processing production. Impossible Foods is among other companies including Burger King, Subway, Pizza Hut, and McDonald’s relying on OSI processing services. McDonald’s is a longtime partner for almost 60 years and continues to use its services at restaurants in the US, UK, Europe, Asia, and India.

Otto Kolschowsky found the family business and years later named it after his two sons, Otto & Sons. When the company expanded further into global markets, the name and ownership changed to OSI Industries. Another name change came about in the mid-1970s after the Otto family built a plant in Utah and expanded to Germany. Prior to starting a meat market, he came to the US as a German immigrant. To open a business in his home country was a great accomplishment.

Today, OSI Group is the parent company of OSI Industries and OSI Food Solutions in Austria, UK, Germany, Poland, and Hungary. Sheldon Lavin serves as CEO and has a history with the largest international meat processor for nearly 50 years. What inspired Impossible Foods to OSI processing services is the company’s long history of producing quality meats and food items.

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